Institute of Fashion Designing (ICF) Celebrates,Tarang-“The Fest for Young and Dynamic Mind”

Institute of Fashion Designing (ICF) is the institute that not only teaches course curriculum to students but also believes that it is very important to nurture and nourish the hidden creativity that every individual carries with themselves. Moving on the same line the institute held a fest last week to boost the morale and confidence of these students which was named as “Tarang” a fest that was aimed at nurturing and nourishing creativity of students. Such fests are even more important for artists and craft-workers because it help them think from a different dimension so that they can use their own creativity in their products.

“Tarang- the Annual Cultural Fest & Young Achievers Award 2014” was held at the heart of New Delhi ICCR, Azad Bhawan, I.P. Estate which was joined and enjoyed by students, alumni and other industry experts. However, the main point of attention was the presence of acclaimed designer duo Shantanu & Nikhil Mehra who was the chief guest of the occasion. The designer duos were known for their contribution in the field of fashion designing and handicrafts.

The fest commenced with glittering lighting of the lamp by Ms. Vani Bajaj, Chief Mentor, ICF & ICOFP who welcomed the chief guests, Shantanu and Nikhil Mehra. While speaking to the crowd the designer duo said “We feel honored to receive this special award and we are pleased to be a part of ICF that not only teaches their students the “business of fashion” but also encourages them to display their creative talents. We really appreciate such an initiative that concentrates on overall development of students by turning them into successful entrepreneurs in the fashion industry”.

While giving a note of thank to the acclaimed designers for bestowing their bless to the students  Ms. Vani Bajaj, Chief Mentor, ICF & ICOFP said, “TARANG” the Annual Cultural Fest and Young Achievers Awards are designed to honor our institutes’ exceptional youth. Through this nationally recognized platform, we help our students to showcase their talent, encourage and prepare them for leadership and excellence in various sectors of the Fashion and Finance industry.”

Some of the awardees of the fest were:
Professional Achiever FE – Saumya Sharma
Professional Achiever FE – Rashmi Shankar

Some other important awards those were awarded by the designer duos were:
Professional Achiever FP – Anant Sharma, Product Head at SMC Global
Contribution to ICOFP FP – Mr. Gagandeep Singh, Senior Analyst with Citicorp Services India Ltd

Best Faculty of the Year awarded to:
Best Faculty (2013-2014) FP – Mr. Kishan Sachdeva>
Best Faculty (2013-2014) FA – Mr. Vinmre Anand
Best Faculty (2013-2014) FE  -Ms. Sunita Chauhan

Life Time Achievement Award

Mr. I.C. Dhingra

Students of the Year

FP – Rahul Kumar

FE – Riya Goel & Vidushi Gulati

In the final note Ms Vani Bajaj said celebration of such fest is important to take out most from each student and we are doing that only. It is important for us to create a conducive environment where students can think comprehensively and meticulously and she thanked everyone for their grand contribution.

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