Fashion Is A Dream

While, I was reading this exclusive interview, of this two season strong creative director of womenswear , I just couldn’t help but nod with astonishment at each and every answer that he gives for those *made to order* complicated fashion trend questions.

For him ( and me too…!!!!) , fashion and reality have to be connected at some point to be successful in this business. Fantasy can very well be used to describe that one person , you have in mind , while you are working on your designs.

The customer you have in mind can be working or non working, çan be middle class or higher class, can be petite..full frame ,can be high on spirits , be over confident, extravagant by nature or the stark opposite. All this takes you far ahead with the colours, fabrics, silhouettes etc.  Come to think of it, just because someone is extravagant, Kohinoor need not be arranged , and just because someone is confident , a real deep cleavage or a real short dress might just spoil it.

One should not forget , that its the garments and accessories that you are working on should connect with the customers as much as it can, should depict whatever they feel about themselves and maybe enhance them even more.

It is very important to be connected with the desires and necessities of the consumers. ‘Diwali’ is one occasion celebrated in India when people want to look their ethnic best , while Christmas can be imagined with heavy overcoats, thigh high boots and cute scarfs.

We are all at a stage in fashion where there is not just over exposure but a sense of fake personalities roaming around and posing at the red carpet, well, it would be wrong to be judgemental about a tradition that has been followed since ages, nevertheless, minimalism and luxe basics deepens the entire persona.

I am forced to think , if red carpets are exaggerated or its a celebrity’s right to get a 100 pictures clicked , for publicity or to please the critics…. or…….. ummmmm….still thinking .