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shopaholic1 We ladies can never get tired of shopping! It’s so ironical that one moment we think about not spending a penny   and   very   next moment we realize that we do not have money even for a cab. We face such stories in our lives   everyday which   is   hilariously ironical in it’s own.

When we realize that the season is about to change, we feel a different kind of excitement to spend. We,   shopaholics   start   doing our routine scroll on every shopping website and page to make a list in our mind, start   taking screenshots to   save   them until we spend on them, we plan every gift for every occasion in advance and   what not.

The time from Christmas week till the whole New Year’s month can never be ignored. This time of the year   brings  a   very   enthusiastic spirit in the whole environment around us. It’s the time to ‘SHOP’ and just shop,   unconditionally and   unpredictably.

Being a shopaholic, the need never matters. The one thing that matters is what we like. We’re always like ‘oh! that is so good, I want that because I don’t have that’. This happens even if we want the same product but in different colors. Once a shopaholic likes something, it’s going to be in their wardrobe on the other day itself.


Talking about the shopaholics how can we forget the Deals? If you provide the deals, shopaholics are going to buy almost whole of it for sure as you can see. Many brands provide deals in different aspects and different ways and then the mind game starts to grab the best one. Our mind processes 24/7 because of that in various aspects like:

-will it look good on me?
-is it worth it?
-should I buy this instead of that?
-in how many ways I can use it?
-do I have one already similar to it?
-is it in trend?
-why should I take it from here if the other platform has the better deal?
-Can reuse it through DIY ideas?
-and more…


No matter what and no matter how, it’s always going to be the same for us. Whether technology becomes good enough or we get better at something else, shopaholic world is going to be the same every time because it’s a different world in itself.

‘Only we can understand the

It’s our way to be happy and only a shopaholic can understand this vibe!’happiness we get every time we shop!

Simran Dhingra


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partners in crime3
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Partners in Crime

It’s time to stop overbuying and instead choose stuff you love, and invest in it. We believe there is a better way.

partners in crimeThis time it’s an alert for shopaholics! Where we girls spend so much to buy our clothes now there is a better way to do the wardrobe makeover. Partners in Crime(P.i.C) style is a place where you can recreate your outfit by just having some of them. These people has emerged with a thought and applied it as well in a very appropriate manner.

P.i.C Style was born out of an obsession to do fashion in the right manner. Simply put, people want to know where their clothes come from and who makes them. As they say,

‘Buying with us gives you more. Our P.i.C collection is rotatable and interchangeable, giving you more flexibility than a lifetime of downward dogs. You can create over 50 clean looks from just eight beautiful pieces.’

We people always think to mix and match but at last it just end up with our general taste and does not look that much appealing or different but according to P.i.C style we can create 50 looks from just eight pieces.



It’s always hard to balance things like- to spend or to save or to get better in less, to be different in the same. All these things just create a fact in our mind to let go off the things but now it’s possible to care yet look elegant by spending less but getting more. Even if you people are not able to buy stuff, there are plenty of videos available of various tutorials to create new styles.

Join us. Rebel.
Be part of the slow fashion revolution.

partners in crime1

P.i.C style travelled around the word to explore more and find out the people that match there ethos after starting their setup in London. The partners they have with them are- MVDT, Mud Jeans, SUITE 13, MIRABELLE and more. Together these all creates a family to save the planet by keeping fashion in mind.

The category named ‘Capsule Wardrobe’ have the styles and their different ways to put on so if you guys ever wish to spend less yet want more, just roll over the website and see how creatively it is possible in fashion world to roll with few outfits.


Simran Dhingra

BBA-FE (2017-2020)

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Sunglasses were earlier used for the purpose of protecting eyes from harmful UV rays, bright sunlight and the harsh weather outside. But nowadays, it has become a style statement and is used to accessories the eyes. Numerous types of glasses are available in the market according to different face cut people have. Despite of this, protection of eyes from the UV rays will always remain the primary and prominent function of sunglasses.  One should always choose glasses that are marked as blocking 100% of UV rays. Some manufacturer call it as UV absorption up to 400nm, having same meaning as of protection from UV rays.


SUNGLASSES FOR HEART SHAPE FACES: People with a wider forehead and the rest of the face narrows to the chin heart shaped face. The best frames for such faces are “CAT-EYE SUNGLASSES or ROUND FRAMES”.


SUNGLASSES FOR OVAL SHAPE FACES: An oval shaped face is slightly longer in the lower half and has a bit of rounded jaw. If someone’s face is oval shaped then the person should prefer soft and angular frames like ”AVIATOR SUNGLASSES”.


SUNGLASSES FOR ROUND FACES: If someone’s face is wide and have a more rounded jawline, then it is a round face. To balance out less angular features add a pair of wide “RECTANGULAR SUNGLASSES”.


SUNGLASSES FOR SQUARE SHAPED FACES: If someone’s forehead, cheekbones and jaw are about equal width and have a strong jaw, then it is a square-shaped face. To compliment with this kind of face shape, go for “ROUND FRAMES, OVAL-SHAPED SHADES OR CAT-EYE SUNGLASSES”.


SUNGLASSES FOR OBLONG SHAPED FACES: If the bottom half of the face is longer than top half, then it is a oblong face. This kind of faces are suitable for all the frames but the “OVERSIZED GLASSES AND WRAP STYLE GLASSES” will give it the best look.


  • Pair up the OVERSIZED GLASSES with the knitted dress and a woollen jacket over it. To accessorise, pair it up with knee length boots.
  • Pair up the rose gold AVIATORS with a long fur coat and a black ripped jeans and accessorise it with fringed bag and sneakers.
  • Pair up the CAT-EYE glasses with a white fur coat and a skinny ankle length jeans. Accessorise it with high heel boots and a white handbag.


Shubhi Goel


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Autumn Winter wear for men 2018

Fashion is a universal commodity. Thinking about it, fashion is probably the only universal language out
there. Consider this. One look at a person and you already have formed an opinion about the person, his
tastes, his dislikes, his personality and everything. If that is the case then, shouldn’t you dress in a manner
which speaks in the way you want it to speak and nothing else? First impressions are important and you
want to make sure that you make the impression you want and nothing else. So, this autumn we bring you
the hottest new trends to choose from, to make that great first impression.

The colour brown
Okay, right off the bat, let’s agree that brown may not rate as high on the sexy scale as something
like navy blue or grey, but brown, brings to the table a whole new range of possibilities. It is a
neutral tone which doesn’t need to remain dull, as this season, you could explore the full range of
shades, brown offers, including tan and a rich mahogany. So, try adding a splash of brown to your
outfit and see it become a little more sophisticated and stand out from the crowd.

The beauty of random
In fashion it is always thought that a certain degree of thought and preparation needs to go into
the outfit. But what if the anti-thesis was true too. This is something which seems to be a big hit
this AW. This style of dressing is more popularly also known as scumbro. It is more than a bit
difficult to explain this style as it literally is the most random thing ever. The art to nailing this
look, is to throw together the most random things, accessorise it and then carry it with the utmost

Denim shirts
Rarely are there fabrics as versatile as denim, and rarely is there a piece of clothing as versatile as
a denim shirt. Depending on its cut and fit, the shirt can either be a formal shirt, which is worn
tucked in, or if its looser and hangs off your shoulders, then you should consider it for a night out
on the town. The best part? The weather makes this the perfect choice.

The 90’s are back
The 90’s are back in a big way and not the things we regret. This season sports’ wear from the
90’s has been brought back in the form of full tracksuits. A few more must haves in your closet
include some cool oversized sneakers and some fugly hats. Here’s a tip, combine all of them
together and have a very cool look which stands out like nothing before.

So, go ahead and make a statement with the hottest fashion trends this season while making the statement
you’ve always wanted to make.

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Top Boutiques in Delhi

It is the season to rejoice and enjoy life to the fullest while looking your best. We know how hard it is at times to find the perfect outfit. The outfit that you can visualise or are so close to visualising but for some reason it doesn’t seem to materialise. So, we have created the perfect list for you to go shopping in Delhi. No matter what the budget or the need be prepared to go shop your hearts out. So here is a list of a few destinations: -


  • Nappa Dori

A boutique which transports you to a different country without leaving narrow by lanes of Hauz Khaus village. Set up six years ago when the designer wanted a space to express his designs without always selling it off to other larger stores. An international clientele and a blossoming export business are credentials enough for you to pay a visit.

  • Jcraft

Bags in any form you can imagine has always been an essential accessory for most outfits. Even if not essential it has always had the capability to jazz up your outfit. So, with an accessory so important it only makes sense for you to find the perfect bag with the perfect outfit. So, head to this new boutique in Gurugram for one of the most affordable collections you shall ever find without skimping on variety or quality.

  • Six yards and more

Here is a shop which will be your one stop for all your Indian and ethnic needs. It has everything from stunning saris for different occasions to your daily needs of Kurtas and stoles. The best thing about this place is that the designer herself attends to your needs and directs you in the right direction. This gem in the Hauz Khas enclave will be your go to place very soon.

  • One Pretty Girl

This one stop shop in Shahpur Jat will satisfy all your desires for a vintage look. From an outfit to matching Juttis, to bags and even jewelry. They have an amazing collection which is vintage and chic at the same time. Not the store you should be going to for daily wear but an outfit with accessories is a must from here.

  • Play Clan

This is for the side of you which is either the dominant side while dressing or the side you guard closely, the edgy side. Their styles are atypical and eye popping to the nth power. A shop which is always ahead in its sense of style and trends it is a must visit for asymmetrical dresses, eccentric accessories and anything else you can think of. So, head on over to Meherchand Market on Lodhi road.


So, if you live in Delhi or are just passing through make sure you take a peek into one of these boutiques .


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Street Style Trends

So, it’s time for another season and it’s time to wonder what fashion is up to these days. It’s a deceptive little thing fashion, along with its partner in crime the trend it wreaks havoc through wardrobes everywhere. What colors has it decided to lean towards this time? Has it decided to be sensible this time or has it gone completely wild? Will you need to replace your entire wardrobe or are you set with a few tweaks to your existing collection. Don’t fret for we have put in the time to get you the highlights of the season as you get set to rock and roll.

  1. Sheer

         Good news for all you girls out there. Sheer skirts and sleeves are still in as top designers bring their sheer creations to run way. So, don’t forget to rock that sheer top on a night out with your friends or spice up a date with just amount of sheer. Just remember there is a thing as too much sheer.

  1. White boots

        This is something we have seen cropping up all over the place. A beautiful pair of ankle length white boots is something which is surprisingly versatile now that we see it.  From giving that dress an edgy look to bringing back retro with a pair of well crafted trousers. This is fast becoming a must have for both men and women.

  1. Warm those toes

         Praise those cold nights when you feared frostbite but braved it nevertheless because you had those amazing new heels to show off. Fret not because turns out you can pair those amazing heels with socks to stop your toes from falling off. Not only your heels but they go well with your sandals too.


  1. Colors

         It is tempting to take the demure route with some muted colors and safe colors but if the European Fashion Shows are anything to go by then the colors will be anything but be muted. Don’t be afraid to wear outfits which pop out. At the same time there should be no hesitation in going monochrome. Take one color and go wild with it. Pro note- Try it out with your fancy white boots. Keep an eye out for emerald green and yellow.

  1. It’s a ruff world

Ruffles are all the range this time. Paired with or without pleats these are two killer statements this season. So go all in if you dare.


  1. Statement bags with writing

         The reputation of a statement bag precedes itself but what about a statement bag which is actually capable of putting across who you are with a slick quote or statement  on the side. A very nice fusion of words and fashion this is something we can definitely get behind and can also see catching on in a bigger way.

  1. Checks

         An ever-lasting fashion staple, it shows no signs of quitting anytime soon. So, bring back those checks from the bottom of the wardrobe and rock it never before.

This list is not intended to be exhaustive in its scope. Fashion is limited only by your imagination and what you can think of. So this season let go of all inhibitions and have fun.

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