A Designer Is Not Only A Designer

We all admire good designs crafted by famous fashion designers. Their ability to carve out new trends through unique and adoptable fashion sense leaves us mesmerized enough to dream of creating a brand line of our own. If given with a little sense of dressing up ourselves with grace and comfort, we too want to enter the bandwagon of ‘fashion designers’.

For a bright career in fashion designing the most important thing is to clear our fundamentals about fashion industry and the roles and responsibilities that we will share in future.

Not everyone in the fashion industry is an end designer himself or herself!

One practically needs to understand that the career in fashion designing doesn’t mean that you take up a pair of scissors and needles and start the work! First you need to scrutinize the industry closely and understand that “are designers the only people who are responsible for selling a particular design collection?”

You will find out that IF it was only for the designers, then may be the swam of a population of designers will reap in who want to display their designs in fashion shows and exhibitions.

There are whole lot of industrialists involved in promoting and showcasing the collections of a designer.

Here is the reality check! You can be a good designer but at the same time you have to be a good marketing person. Not only this, you need to have relations with big investors who can help you in laying down a studio and then subsequently help you in coming out with a stage show or exhibition display. It doesn’t end here. You will need to have either a good team of people to handle your sale and manufacturing department or you will have to ensure a channel through which the clients may reach you. In time delivery and maintenance of the quality standards at par with the clients’ expectations is possible only with a team of highly efficient and reliable people.

Now amidst fulfilling all these responsibilities it may happen that you are recognised as the brand face of your designs and not the one who is actually creating them always! Does it look like a real deal to your career in fashion designing aspirations?
If yes, then be prepared to handle and train a team of budding designers. For all these practices one thing you will need from beginning to the end is “dedication and total hard work”.

In the initial years of learning, first you need to master the skills of designing and public relations and then you will have to look after all the aspects of your business.

Also as there is a cut throat competition in the field of fashion designing, so you will have to see whether your designs are original and that your designs don’t get copied.

Overall, one can say that if you are looking for a successful career in fashion designing then one should be prepared to perform role of any type of job profile prevalent in the industry. So, next time when you watch a brand line, don’t miss on the people who are behind the back doors and are ensuring that everything works as planned.

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