Welcome to the Programs section of ICF. As you continue to learn about the College, you will discover the vast opportunities ICF has to offer. Not only do we afford students a solid education in Fashion Business, ICF also provides students with important hands-on industry experience.Our students learn about the business of fashion first-hand through a unique combination of academics and practical work experience. As a result, ICF graduates are truly exceptional and are prepared for a highly competitive and the cut-throat world of fashion business.Thank you for your interest in ICF. Please let us know how we can assist you during your college exploration process. You will soon discover why ICF truly is “The College for the Business of Fashion.”

About Fashion Design/ Tech Course Details

How to go about fashion designing and fashion designing courses is a valid question that every students need to ask before taking a plunge into the world of fashion designing. There is no doubt that the field has immense opportunities provided you can create and craft designing that could appeal the world. The world of fashion designing consists of huge number of opportunities for those who are ready to do a lot of work and hard-working. The whole journey starts with courses in fashion designing & an equipped fashion designing institute that can impart quality education and important know-how about how to craft a killer design.

Career Opportunities in Fashion Design Courses

There are immense career opportunities in fashion designing these days; the reason for the same is that the world is looking for new and creative ideas almost in every sphere of life including clothing and wearing. These people are in high demand these days. Not only these people can work with various companies but they can start their own business. There are many fashion designers these days who are earning million and millions of dollars by selling their creative ideas. Only thing required is a creative bent of mind with true guidance.

Why ICF ?

With the growing number of fashion institutes in India one of the valid question that students are asking these days is Why ICF ? The institute was started with an aim to help students who want to make a career in the field of fashion designing and since then it is gaining huge recognition and applause. The institute is known for its world class infrastructure, hi-tech laboratory and well-experienced faculties. With a detailed course designed by experts it is known for quality education in the field of fashion designing courses.

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