People belonging to ‘art world’ like doodlers, designers, artists, etc. have their own dimensions yet have so many similarities. These people have the abilities to mold themselves in any situation and they can express it in a tangible form. Creating a journal for everything makes them a ‘tourist’ as they create reminiscences and then note them as memories. These memories always have some thought and a spirit to get remembered. For a designer, journals are their printed sheets and their eyes are their cameras with their minds as the printers.

journal2A to-do list is always there to get filled. To make reports, create forecasts, designs, a collection, a doodle art, a landscape or portrait art, a journal is always present there to join all the points with each other and then come up with something new and original. This originality defines an individual’s thoughts and his work. A self-made, self-believed thing has got a more powerful spirit than the captured and printed one. The cycle always runs alike, somewhere somehow it is not highlighted much to create a journal in the fashion industry but you need to collect all of it what you have got because that’s how successful ones have worked.

journal3It could be anything as it’s said it is a Journal thing! To match all the points, link them and create something different from everything is the daily task for every creative person out here. People are journalizing everywhere every second to create a trend report for others.

journal4That is why it is all observed and processed every time to run the fashion world because it can trickle up or trickle down the story anytime.

For a designer, it’s a die-hard thing not maintaining a journal and to gather all research creatively in just one scarp book. Every scrap out there has some emotion, research, thought, idea and knowledge with a beautiful story behind it and only a journal can spell it out loud.

Whether it’s a doodler, graphic artists or someone else journal teaches the following to them:
-to express
-to compile
-to place
-to clear everything out
-to create
-and always to get to the result!

Shubhi Goel


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