MBA in Fashion Entrepreneurship

Do your friends and family constantly encourage you to start a business to sell your handmade jewelry or clothing? You’ve clearly got talent so now it’s time to plan for your business

Beware: Even if you are able to create a beautiful product, the fashion world is fraught with tricky choices on incorporation, competitive analysis, sales, and protecting your brand.

It’s not just making a design that’s great – it’s figuring out wholesale margins, adding in the cost of packaging, shipping, taxes, tariffs, and making sure your profit margin will keep your business running.

In other words, breaking into fashion requires a lot more than just a degree in design and a talent dreaming up runway styles. It takes an MBA in Fashion Entrepreneurship from the International College Of Fashion to mentor you through launching your own fashion business.

A Fashion Entrepreneur is someone whose primary activities work within the fashion industry. For example, a Fashion Designer who uses Entrepreneurial Principles to Organize, Create, and Manage ventures within related and connected areas of the fashion industry. Fashion entrepreneurs focus on creating networks within the fashion industry and inter-connected projects with varying aims including education, profitability and profile-building.

Core business practices for fashion entrepreneurs focus on topics such as creativity and innovation, writing business plans, raising finance, sales and marketing, and the small business management skills needed to run a creative company.

MBA in Fashion Entrepreneurship at ICF emphasizes on the development of the individual and the way the individual operates both as part of a creative team and across the domain of entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurial perspective is a trait most employers find attractive in new hires. “Entrepreneurship” is a term that describes the method of introducing a new idea, process or product into a pre-existing company by organizing colleagues to create, adopt, sell and implement innovative concepts into the existing business.  It is acting like an entrepreneur within a corporation or organization. Companies and organizations benefit when employees bring innovation and creativity to the workplace. Whether you are starting your own business or working within a company structure. Entrepreneurship will broaden your perspective to recognize opportunities.

In other words, breaking into fashion requires a lot more than just a degree in design and a talent dreaming up runway styles. You need strong and experienced mentoring by some of the leading designers, at ICF, who have built their businesses from scratch, as well as faculty experts who have filled in the finer points of financial and legal sustainability to guide you through the fashion start-up process.