Most creative people fancy their chances in the fashion design industry. If you belong to this tribe a career in this industry would allow you to showcase your creativity and talent. It is no brainer as the Indian fashion industry is touching the roof with a fast growing middle class. The opportunities are many and with the right bit of instincts and passion you can go miles. You need to undergo the right kind of academic training at a reputed college. With a number of fashion institutes offering PG in fashion designing courses it isn’t difficult for you to gain knowledge and practical experience. The big challenge question is what comes after your college degree? What are the career opportunities that you can explore? At International College of Fashion we offer PG in fashion designing courses that takes you beyond the classroom.

As the leading institute in the country offering fashion design courses we have constantly strive to offer our students the edge. If you are enrolling for PG in fashion designing courses at ICF you would undergo training that takes you beyond the classroom. In an industry where you need to showcase your skills and creativity on a regular basis we offer you constant exposure to help you shape your instinct and go further with your talent. This is what separates us from other institutes as we focus on hands-on training and not rely only on classroom lectures. We regularly participate in different fashion events allowing our students to get a real life feel of the industry during their training.

Enjoy State-Of-The-Art Facility

Infrastructure is important in modern learning and we offer state-of-the-art facility to our students. Our labs are equipped with latest IT and other tools that would prepare all the challenges that you come across in the industry. Also our location in India’s fashion hub Delhi offers an advantage to our students.

Comprehensive Course Curriculum

Our Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Entrepreneurship has been conceived by a team of industry experts. The course content covers a wide area of topics right from the basic of design to marketing. This prepares you for all practical scenarios in the industry and would help you fit into various roles in any organization.

Faculty & Exposure

Our faculty members have been drawn from different segments of the industry, and also invite mentors and guest lecturers to come and share their experience with you. We also encourage and support internship programs as this allows our students to work with the leading names in the industry and benefit from this exposure.

In a short span of time we have scaled our way to become the most preferred institute for PG in fashion designing courses. We understand your dreams and aspirations and guide you on your way towards a successful career.