Ms. Jaivani Bajaj Chief Mentor


Ms. Jaivani Bajaj represents the promoters of International College of Fashion backed with over 18 years of industry experience with 10 years in core education management. Her passion towards providing an education to students that is more valuable, than what is currently being taught in the Indian education system has been a driving force behind International College.

The development of Fashion Entrepreneurship program has been a creative exercise in itself. As the Chief Mentor, Ms. Bajaj believes that the "Brand-I" is extremely important in defining the identity of a professional and so under her guidance students put in their time to invest in building up their personal image, defying market conventions, and revolutionalising the creative machines. Innovation and introspection are the only path for students, and this is the most significant time for all things achievable.

Ms. Jaivani Bajaj strongly supports delivering creative education in a professional environment.

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