The increasing relevance of fashion in each and every aspect of social lives has lead to a huge wave of opportunities for individuals looking to make a name for them and starting a lucrative career. But the fact of the matter is that this industry calls for innovative design input as well as ideas. It thrives on latest trendsetter who can go beyond the imagination of a novice and offer highly intriguing concepts. It has been said many times that this sector is for students who have a knack for clothing and fashion accessories, however with a range of colleges of fashion opening up in India it has become easy for anyone to enter this sector. The Post Graduate in Fashion designing offered by international college of fashion (ICF) is developed in such a manner that it incorporates each and every aspect of the sector.

The study programs are carefully devised to ensure that students are made aware of trade management practices along with supply chain management. These two entities are highly vital in addition to the creative part of the programs as it helps the students to have an overview of the industry before embarking on a self made brand or label. There are various dynamics at play in the sector which is why ICF ensures that the individuals have ample knowledge base in technical profiles as well as management skills.

The global outlook of fashion changes with time which is why one has to be aware of the new trends taking shape. We delivery integrated programs that help the students to put their best efforts to build a fulfilling career. It is vital to understand that during the course of these programs such as PG in fashion designing, we nurture and uplift young talent that can offer all-round abilities potential and the commitment to become one of the greatest in this sector. After completing the degree they can then decide for themselves to undertake various options like fashion designer, fashion stylist, design managers, fashion merchandising, backend manufacturing, and retailing within domestic market and export sector.

The courses are spread across various semesters which also include vocational as well as industrial training where students get to interact with industry leaders and get vital inputs. They also get the opportunity to become a part of various fashion shows along with national as well as international fashion weeks. This exposure is highly important for them as it allows them to integrate core competencies while undertaking various projects.

From laying the basic design foundation, virtualization to drafting the overall design process students get benefit from our large array of networks within the industry. These programs like Post Graduate in Fashion designing are specifically initiated with the intent of making our students have a global knowledge of various fashion sectors so they are able to blend them with local cultures. We not only enhance the communication skills of the students to become more vibrant in their outlook but also boost them to handle stress on day to day basis and get accustomed to various challenges while undertaking projects.