Fashion Institute of TechnologyStudying at ICF, is one of its kind. The best thing about this institution is, the more emphasis is given on practical knowledge rather than theroticalone. With their excellent placement assistance, I have been placed with the brand name called “Indian Aura” getting the package of 11 lacs. ICF has equipped me completely to outshine my talent in the world of fashion. 

International college for design, technology in Delhi, IndiaThe amalgamation of Fashion Designing, Fashion management.and Fashion Business taught in this course is just amazing, providing us with more career options in the world of Fashion. The NID teaching has helped me allot in brushing up my designing skills and with their excellent placement assistance, I am now working with brand name called “Indian Aura” getting the package of 8 lacs.


Placement after successful completion of fashion designing degree in DelhiFor everyone who dreams to launch their own label and be their own boss, this course provides you the platform to develop your skills. PGD in Fashion Entrepreneurship is an innovative course and would pave way for aspiring students or professionals who want to take the plunge in the world of Fashion.
Design Research and Illustration hone and develop your own style while management and entrepreneurship give you the confidence and understanding to take the bold step of making your own label.

Leading fashion design education instituteThis program started by ICOFP on a very strong ground by taking best faculty and teaching students all aspects to take out own natural skills to make own signature and define themselves in a class where they stand with their creativity and skills. Design research and Illustration making as more and stronger to defined own creativity and skills.

We are happy to be a part of first batch and looking forward to use all the knowledge gained here in our future business too.

The Post Graduate diploma in Fashion Entrepreneurship TM is a 1 year course and it’s the first of its own kind of a program started to help and teach people who want to start up something of their own,like their own label.
The faculties are good and learned and help us understand the basics of the fashion designing. The course covers basic designing skills, Illustration and Entrepreneurial skills. The course content covers all aspects required to start up one’s own label.

This is the first fashion related course which is combined with the business aspect. This course provides the students a good blend of fashion and business. Not only that course structure is designed by the faculty members of highly reputed colleges, i.e. NIFT, NID, IIT Delhi, etc.
Also, this course is giving an opportunity to the student to study at Italy, which is a one of the fashion centers of the world, in which the student will get to learn the Industry experience out there.
In short, this course is offered by the Institute which is best in the education Industry, to offer a blend of Fashion and business to the students.

ICF is truly an epitome of “Perfectionism” and studying here has infused in me the skills and knowledge required to be a successful Entrepreneur.
Getting the right push has encouraged me to start up my own new venture named F3 (Feast F Fashion). The course is specially designed in a way, that helps the student to gain more of practical knowledge, which ultimately helps them achieve their prospective goals.


Studying at ICF is a once in a life time opportunity, Which I have utilized to the fullest. I am grateful to ICF for giving me the chance to study at IIT, imbibing designing skills from NID and working with the experienced professionals of NIESBUD. Now I am working on my own label named “Namrata”.



I find ICF to be a very positive, nurturing learning environment. The faculty are supportive and passionate about helping to find the right direction to each n every individual student for their own label. My favorite part of studying at ICF was the one month module at IITD on business marketing as it was so inspirational to be given insight into their experiences in the top roles of the Industry. I am proud to have met so many great friends and faculties as a part of ICF’s fashion family and would recommend it to anyone looking for a great flexible College where people always remember your name!

ICF is the “gateway to success”. It is the first step towards achieving your dreams that is being an entrepreneur; it’s about launching your own label.
The institute helps me to explore my hidden talents. It is the place where our dreams can come true! I am grateful to all the faculty of ICF.
I would end my comments with a thought for about experience:
if you smile at life, life will always smile at you.

After studying from ICF only I found the inbuilt capabilities I have, the faculty is very experienced and helping, the environment is so positive and motivational. ICF has made my dream come true of launching my own label.
I Shyam is launching his own label of Funk wear named “I am Stupid”.



college of fashion design technology in DelhiInternational College of fashion is one of the best fashion colleges I have come across with. The exposure we are getting in this college is amazing. I really like few of the visiting faculty here.
The program it is providing us with, is really good. The IIT module, the NIESBUD, MSME all are highly knowledgeable and helpful for a person who wants to be an entrepreneur.
Experience at IIT, DELHI was the best time. It was the most exciting module and we gained a lot of knowledge about marketing, branding and many other things.
Overall ICF is a great college to be in for gaining the entrepreneurial knowledge and how to start your own label, what all difficulties one can face and how to overcome such situations.
Although it’s a new college but I am sure its going to do wonders in coming years.