The fashion industry in India is among the fastest growing in the world offering great opportunities to youngsters in a number of positions. The industry in India is a vibrant combination of traditional and modern designs and fabrics and allows young designers to exercise their creativity and set new trends in the market. If you are planning to make a sizzling start to your career in the fashion industry, BBA in fashion designing is cut for you. This three year degree course takes you through a detailed training and orientation in the fashion industry. You would be taught the basic as well as the advanced courses of the fashion industry. At International College of Fashion our BBA in fashion designing helps young designers developing the skills and knowledge that is required to sail in this competitive industry.

Our BBA in fashion designing course have been developed in conjunction with experts from the National Institute of Design, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi and the National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business. This has ensured that we have created a comprehensive program that would help our students irrespective of the segment they choose in the industry. The course content addresses all aspects of the industry right from procurement of raw materials to marketing the finished products. The course contents are regularly review to ensure they are relevant and in line with the contemporary trends in the market. The course program has been well-paced to ensure students get the right mix of academic and hands-on training.

Entrepreneurial Training The Indian fashion industry is still at its high growth phase and this creates a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities. At ICF we encourage students to work in an independent manner. We take them through a series of individual projects which center on managing a business, researching marketplace, judging the future needs of the industry and managing events. These individual tasks help in building leadership qualities and helping them thing out of the box in trying circumstances. These individual tasks also prepare students for a number of challenges that they would face all throughout their careers. Many of our students have walked the entrepreneurial very early in their career and this is a perfect testimony to the skills and training that we impart.

Our BBA in Fashion Designing Covers

  • Designing
  • Brand Development
  • Marketing (Online & Offline)
  • Event Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Supply Chain Management

At International College of Fashion, we help you in making a sizzling start to your career. Join our BBA in Fashion Designing program and make start to an illustrious career.