The overall Indian retail industry has seen a sharp rise in the recent past and now accounts for more than 20 percent of the overall GDP. This is a staggering figure and shows the amount of penetration of fashion industry in our daily lives. Those days are gone when this sector was seen as a luxury centric. By gathering new momentum and low cost fashion becoming a reality, the overall sectors has received ample boost. The enrollment of young blood high on creativity and enthusiasm has also helped to deliver highly versatile solutions to the end users.

According to many reports it has been seen that this industry is set to grow to the tune of 200 percent year over year in the coming years. This is great news for the all students hoping to get enrolled in PG in fashion designing courses. The retail segments itself is growing at 25 percent each year and it bringing in new trends.

There are various courses offered under Masters degree in Fashion designing that are highly comprehensive and are needed to suit a set of parameters required in this sector. There is no denying the fact that Indian Fashion industry is at par with the international fashion standards. Moreover, India which is known to have a complex blend of different cultures and color defines are new paradigm in Fashion. Also the growing popularity of beauty pageants has also helped boost this industry which was already getting ample support from the wedding sector.

The overall courses are subdivided into various categories which can be chosen by students. These are merchandising and Retailing, Retail stores management, Supply Chain Management, CRM in Retail and textile manufacturing. The management aspect of Fashion undertaken in college of fashion is highly vital as it helps the students to get ample insights of the overall industry and understand related to fashion marketing, best practices involved in this sector along with fine detailing of merchandising and retailing. All these aspects help the students in the long run of developing their own brand.

Moreover the Masters degree in fashion designing also help students in attaining real life experience in the industry by developing projects on various trends and industry internships. These are highly vital as it helps them stick out of the competition and have an edge over the others.

The courses offered in International College of Fashion (ICF) are specifically designed with focus on building strong foundation. They also give enhanced insight to groom the students so that they are aware of all the nitty gritty of the industry. The biggest asset in this course is that they allow students to become future leaders who can create, manage and develop a brand of their own and grow in this highly competitive industry. It is important to understand that our courses focus on the exposure attained by the students thus enabling them to have viable growth in the future.