If you want to make a strong start to a career in fashion designing you need a strong academic foundation and hands-on knowledge in the fashion industry. While a school of thought sees designing skills as an in-born trait in individuals the fact is without formal training your scope in the industry would be seriously limited. In an industry as competitive as fashion designing you would need to make a grand start. Enrolling into a reputed BBA college of fashion designing would be the way to go. At International College of Fashion we are India’s top BBA College of fashion designing and lay the right foundation for your career. Located in the heart of India’s fashion designing industry, Delhi we have fostered creativity, harnessed skills and have boosted career prospects for our students.

Styles and Trends We have scaled our way to become the most reputed BBA college of fashion designing offering students insights into the latest styles and trends in the industry. Styles and trends undergo constant change in this industry and as a student you would need to keep adapting to these changes. You would need to develop the skills required to analyze the market and spot these trends early. Our comprehensive course program teaches you the skills required to keep a tab on the pulse of the market. Our course content has been prepared by experts from National Institute of Design, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi and the National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business. This is reviewed on a regular basis to make sure it is in line with the latest demand in the industry.

Know The Business Model The Indian fashion industry is among the fastest growing in the world. There are opportunities all around for you to exploit them in your favor. Unlike other BBA college of fashion designing our course isn’t focused on designing and creativity alone. We equally emphasize on the business side of the fashion industry. Our faculty members take you through different aspects of the business side that includes procurement of raw materials, managing production lines and marketing the finished products through different marketing channels. Our entrepreneurial sessions encourage students to work independently on business models. You would be put through different challenges that would prepare you for all the situations that you would face in the industry.

Infrastructure and Faculty As the leading BBA College of fashion designing we have state-of-the-art facilities that would offer you the perfect learning environment that would take your forward in the industry. Our students get opportunity to intern with some of the top designers and labels in the country that offers them exposure into the inner workings of the country. Our faculty members bring in years of experience to the table and this industry knowledge allows them to share with them insights of the industry. We also invite some of the leading names in the industry to mentor students and encourage them to walk the path to success.