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    1. Costing: How to Win the Garment Game Course emphasizes the importance of establishing prices that customers are willing to pay while reducing financial risks, achieving return on investments, and increasing net profitability. Reviews accounting theory applicable to the fashion business.


    1. Finance for Fashion Business This program will make you finance-savvy and improve your decision making, budgeting, expenditure justification, and ability to prove your performance. Included are critical concepts such as net sales, cost of goods sold, gross profit, operating income, net income, and earnings-per-share.


    1. Generating a Buzz for Your Brand Learn to use the newest forms of web communications to attract customers, store buyers, and press to your product lines or business.


    1. How to Style, Plan, and Merchandise an Apparel Line Start with the merchandising function, which stresses how to plan, fashion, and implement customer targeting for regional markets.


    1. How to Build a Salable Garment Collection Get a complete workout in the merchandising process and strengthen your ability to take a design concept or best seller forward.


    1. The Professional’s Guide to Thriving at Showroom Sales Get great insight, advice, and training on how to jump-start a fashion selling career. Learn up-to-the minute marketing techniques and methods appropriate for today’s market challenges, including how to respond to vendor analysis and communicate effectively with large chain executives, fashion directors, buyers, and independent specialty store owners.


    1. How to Write Garment Specs That Really Count This workshop explains how to measure and set up a spec sheet to communicate in any market and at any price point, whether you are sourcing abroad or at home. Review the techniques necessary to analyze the particular specs for cut-and-sew knits, sweater knits, and woven.


    1. Fashion Biz Sustainability and Responsibility Information imparted covers the entire pipeline right down to retail issues such as store layout, design and customer expectations, and demands in all markets and product categories.


    1. Fashion Forecasting Find out how trends are tracked from an actual forecaster. Whether you are in design or retailing, properly train your eyes to recognize fashion cycles, and see how silhouettes and colors evolve seasonally and annually.


    1. Managing Money in a Small Enterprise Cash flow management and tax planning are the foundations of this course. Make the most of your money through budgeting, smart credit policies, and legitimate business deductions. Learn to make business decisions that minimize your taxes and set up record and documentation systems to back it all up.


  1. Fundamentals of Online Retailing Learn successful strategies for selling online from the traditional rules of retailing to the specifics of merchandising a product online and optimizing a website for the best sales performance. Course includes evaluation of e-commerce business models.