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There are no two thoughts to the fact that India is one of the fastest growing markets in the global fashion industry. Over the last two decades the industry has posted double digit growth year on year and yet it hasn’t lost its steam. In fact this industry is slated to grow briskly for the next decade. Fashion technology colleges in India keep nurturing an enormous pool of designers and marketers who believe in creative and ingenious thinking. These young designers have set new trends and brought in vibrancy to the industry. With dozens of fashion technology colleges in the country as an aspiring entrant into the industry you need to join a college that holds a strong reputation in the market.

International College of Fashion, Delhi ranks among the top fashion technology colleges in India and we have successfully set the benchmark high for other institutions to follow. As one of the leading institutions in the country for fashion entrepreneurship we have drawn in experienced faculty members who bring in years of experience to the table. Some of them have worked with top fashion technology colleges while others come directly from the industry. From teaching the basics of fashion to helping enhance their creativity our faculty constantly motivate the students to bring the best out of them. They help students identify their strengths and strengthen them further to offer them the competitive edge.

Why International College of Fashion?
In our short journey we have earned the prestigious titles of being one of the most sought after fashion technology colleges in the country and offer super specialized qualification in Fashion Entrepreneurship and Design. Our unique curriculum prepares you as a designer as well as a marketer that gives you the edge when you are faced with competition. We offer a number of short and long term courses with Post Graduation Diploma in Fashion Designing/Entrepreneurship, BBA in Fashion Entrepreneurship and Masters in Fashion Entrepreneurship being the most popular. All these programs have been developed enhances your skills and put you ahead of the competition.

Our entrepreneurship programs have been co-developed by NID-Ahmadabad and IIT-Delhi meeting the needs of the industry. This also allows us to unearth the creative talent in our students and prepare future leaders for the industry. This puts us ahead of other fashion technology colleges that focus on only the design aspects of grooming talent and often limiting their career opportunities. We strive to offer you a strong foundation that grooms your managerial skills and allows you effectively take important decisions. We harness your talent in such a way that you would be able to wear multiple hats including that of designers, suppliers and contractors apart from walking the entrepreneurial path on your own.

At ICF we don’t claim to do different things like other fashion technology colleges, we just do it differently. We help you carve a niche for yourself in the highly competitive and opportune industry.

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