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In the week of fashion’s orientation, the students are really excited to learn more and more! And like every year, ICF here gave it’s students a warm welcome. On the Monday of our orientation’s week, all the students went to Delhi Haat to learn, explore and find out what their stream of interest is. Students were really enthusiastic and curious to know about the product from the scratch till its final version. The outing was totally filled with explorations, observation and not to miss the shopping and food.


As they are the last generation of the 90s, they were supposed to give a presentation of their role models in fashion and were supposed to dress up like 90s. The fun part in the air of ICF was the appearance of students in 90s. They were literally in their role.


Manu Sachdeva

On Day 1, our newcomers met two renowned designers Manu Sachdeva and Bharti Mishra. Manu Sachdeva shared the journey of his designing career till now. The journey enlightened a lot about the struggle, hard work and the tasks the students will have to perform in their everyday life to grow in the fashion world. The session was really helpful for our students and even encouraged them a lot. Bharti Mishra, who is specialized in textiles, told them about the fabrics by relating the culture of India with the techniques and colors of our country.


Kriti Mehta

The second day was really enthusiastic and fun. Students met their own reality that how creative can they become and what can they do with their skills. Ms. Kriti Mehta, faculty of ICF, helped out the students to open up and to feel free with their ideas by a game named ‘GO ON’. The game was about to make something and hide it partially so that the second person continues it by creating something else. At the end of the day, they met a designer Mona Kapoor again with an interesting story.


Day 3 was fun to go out. Our newcomers went to the Doll Museum to explore the art in their surroundings with faculty with a heart of ‘let’s look something for fun’, Mrs. Sunita Chauhan. Apart from this, the guest speaker for the day was Ms. Oshana Kewal, Photographer and Multidisciplinary Designer. She graduated from NIFT Delhi in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in fashion communication. Ms. Kewal addressed the class with her experiences and gave a lot of tips regarding fashion.



Day 4 it was! This day was somewhere more special, as it was started by our Prof. Gulbash Duggal, again with a fun activity. The day went forward with a guest speaker  Mr. Mayank Sehgal, an ex-Pearlite, who has his own designer label. He explained a lot of interesting elements of the struggle of a designer’s life. The day ended well with a small talk by Mr. Vinod Kaul. He is a really experienced man in the industry and has worked with a lot of known brands like Louise Phillipe, FDCI, Benetton and more.

Day 5


The last day of the orientation week came up with a sunshine as the students got addressed by designers Ms. Sneha and Ms. Ankita. These designers ended up the orientation week with a bag full of knowledge for our newcomers.

We wish our newcomers all the very best for their journey with ICF and hope that they make the most out of the opportunities that they’re going to get in here and make ICF proud.

Ritika Raj
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virasat the heritage
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Virasat- the heritage

‘Virasat- the heritage’, was held on 14th September 2018 at the FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of commerce and industry) auditorium. It was an honour to be a part of the Global Skill Summit. As the name suggests, this event was all about the heritage and culture and how the culture has developed into an empowerment by providing a number of jobs to the poor people and by utilising their creative skills and dedication towards the work. Mrs. Shobha Mishra inaugurated the event with her informative speech.

Further recognising the importance of creating more livelihood opportunities, FICCI skill development committee under the leadership of Mr.T.V. Mohandas Pai, chairman FICCI skill development committee, and Chairman Manipal Global education took the initiative to study select clusters in India and presented a report on Cluster-based models of job creation. After that, the theme and concept of the whole programme were elucidated by Ms. Pritha Dutt (director of empower Pragati) and Ms. Meghna Mishra (CEO, rubber skill development council), both the dignitaries pivoted the topic Cluster Development. We were briefed about how to set aspirational distinctions benchmarks to make a Poverty Element Tool that can create jobs. Likewise, other cluster leaders shared their experiences which were really motivating and inspiring for us. There was an exhibition as well wherein they presented different art and craft work by different states like ‘Kolhapuri chappals‘, ‘Madhubani paintings’, ‘Bamboo jewelry’

Reputed designers like Rahul Mishra and the member from the house of Anita Dongree shared their presentation on the powerful topics like manufacturing process getting diluted and providing employment to the needy and poor population of the rural areas respectively. Rahul Mishra also focused on how hand embroidery is different from machine embroidery and handloom v/s power loom.  Further up, Mr. Asad Kamal Iraqi carried on by telling us about the fast-growing leather industry which has one of the youngest workforce along with modernised manufacturing units which gives strong and eco-sustainable training case.


The event was also attended by other delegates from industry, service providers, international partners, multilateral and bilateral agencies and all key stakeholders.

The active participation of listeners and speakers was really informative and with distinguished speakers and guests like Mr. Bijay Sahoo, President HR, Reliance industries, it was an ocean of exposure, learning, and knowledge for us. Towards the end, a heart touching, soulful performance given by Sufi singers of Shadaj band was the icing on the cake.

Renuka Sharma and Akansha Chhokar
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ur textile faculty from ICF Ms. Bharti Mishra took the onus of taking the entire batch of MBA and BBA to a fascinating art of block printing. The session took place at Sarai Kale Khan where a team of artisans were performing this art for ages. We were briefed by artisans on how to do this art.

Further, we were separated into groups to do practical.

Materials we needed were:

  •  A few bowls or trays
  • Sponges (washing up sponges or ones used for car washing will do)
  • Table for printing
  • Carpet underlay or foam
  • Felt
  • Fabric – for natural dyes, use natural fabrics such as cotton, silk. For synthetic dyes, you can use any fabrics. Wool is not an ideal fabric for printing on as it does not produce a crisp outline
  • Textile paints or natural dyes mixed with the thickener

Artisans  directions :

  1. You need a table to pin your fabric to for printing. I used a simple wooden table to which I then stapled a piece of carpet underlay, a piece of baize felt (any felt will probably do), and a piece of calico cotton over the top.  Make sure each layer is tightly stretched over the table. This construction allows for an even, firm printing surface that you can tightly pin your fabric to.
  2. Pin your piece of fabric onto the covered table making sure the fabric is ironed and pinned flat.
  3. Squeeze out a blob of fabric paint or dye into a tray and dab the sponge into it ensuring the dye covers the sponge. You could also paint the dye over the sponge with a brush to ensure it is completely covered and soaks into the sponge.
  4. Press the block firmly into the sponge as many times as needed to ensure the colour covers the block completely.
  5. Press the block firmly onto the fabric with even pressure. Hold for a few seconds and carefully remove.
  6. Continue to print in a variety of colours, compositions, and repeats letting your creativity run away with you.
  7. Fixing the print will depend on the manufacturer. A common method is to iron on the reverse. For natural dyes, iron on the reverse, and then rinse in alternating temperatures of water with detergent.
  8. Clean the blocks by rinsing them in warm water and scrubbing with a bristle brush or toothbrush.

By keeping all the directions in mind, we choose different colors and blocks and made our own samples.



We  thank Ms. Bharti Mishra ma’am for giving us throughout support. It was fun and learning at the same time.

Waiting for many further sessions to explore more …… !

Ananya Singh
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Institute of Fashion Designing (ICF) Celebrates,Tarang-“The Fest for Young and Dynamic Mind”

Institute of Fashion Designing (ICF) is the institute that not only teaches course curriculum to students but also believes that it is very important to nurture and nourish the hidden creativity that every individual carries with themselves. Moving on the same line the institute held a fest last week to boost the morale and confidence of these students which was named as “Tarang” a fest that was aimed at nurturing and nourishing creativity of students. Such fests are even more important for artists and craft-workers because it help them think from a different dimension so that they can use their own creativity in their products.

“Tarang- the Annual Cultural Fest & Young Achievers Award 2014” was held at the heart of New Delhi ICCR, Azad Bhawan, I.P. Estate which was joined and enjoyed by students, alumni and other industry experts. However, the main point of attention was the presence of acclaimed designer duo Shantanu & Nikhil Mehra who was the chief guest of the occasion. The designer duos were known for their contribution in the field of fashion designing and handicrafts.

The fest commenced with glittering lighting of the lamp by Ms. Vani Bajaj, Chief Mentor, ICF & ICOFP who welcomed the chief guests, Shantanu and Nikhil Mehra. While speaking to the crowd the designer duo said “We feel honored to receive this special award and we are pleased to be a part of ICF that not only teaches their students the “business of fashion” but also encourages them to display their creative talents. We really appreciate such an initiative that concentrates on overall development of students by turning them into successful entrepreneurs in the fashion industry”.

While giving a note of thank to the acclaimed designers for bestowing their bless to the students  Ms. Vani Bajaj, Chief Mentor, ICF & ICOFP said, “TARANG” the Annual Cultural Fest and Young Achievers Awards are designed to honor our institutes’ exceptional youth. Through this nationally recognized platform, we help our students to showcase their talent, encourage and prepare them for leadership and excellence in various sectors of the Fashion and Finance industry.”

Some of the awardees of the fest were:
Professional Achiever FE – Saumya Sharma
Professional Achiever FE – Rashmi Shankar

Some other important awards those were awarded by the designer duos were:
Professional Achiever FP – Anant Sharma, Product Head at SMC Global
Contribution to ICOFP FP – Mr. Gagandeep Singh, Senior Analyst with Citicorp Services India Ltd

Best Faculty of the Year awarded to:
Best Faculty (2013-2014) FP – Mr. Kishan Sachdeva>
Best Faculty (2013-2014) FA – Mr. Vinmre Anand
Best Faculty (2013-2014) FE  -Ms. Sunita Chauhan

Life Time Achievement Award

Mr. I.C. Dhingra

Students of the Year

FP – Rahul Kumar

FE – Riya Goel & Vidushi Gulati

In the final note Ms Vani Bajaj said celebration of such fest is important to take out most from each student and we are doing that only. It is important for us to create a conducive environment where students can think comprehensively and meticulously and she thanked everyone for their grand contribution.

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