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Here comes October or I should say ‘Inktober’! In 2009 Jake Parker started Inktober, a popular annual celebration of ink drawing during the month of October. In 2014′s Inktober, over 100,000 inked images were tagged on Twitter by participating artists. Inktober continues to be a popular social media phenomenon in 2018, with people appreciating the positive drawing habits and creativity that the concept of Inktober brings out.



1) Make a drawing in ink (you can do a pencil under-drawing if you want).

2) Post it online

3) Hashtag it with #inktober and #inktober2018

4) Repeat

Note: you can do it daily, or go the half-marathon route and post every other day, or just do the 5K and post once a week. Whatever you decide, just be consistent with it. Inktober is about growing and improving and forming positive habits, so the more you’re consistent the better.



Vijaya Aswani is an illustrator who belongs to Bangalore. She is a great observer yet creates a pun in her every illustrated art. This Inktober, Vijaya participated in an exhibition in Bangalore where she came up with her creations like bookmarks, stamps, cards, and many more. Vijaya has an ability to just observe the people and illustrate its funny side instead of portraying them. She has her Instagram account named @spreefirit and owns a website with 6,850 followers following her.


She says that, ‘Spreefirit is the heart child of Vijaya. She expresses feelings and emotions through her weapons of mass creation viz. pencils and E-eccentric sense of humour.

Her aesthetic celebrates our idiosyncrasies and imperfections, making quirky drawings of feelings the real portrayal of humans, free from all existential dread.’


According to Vijaya, an illustration is a way to express oneself with a pun in it that makes it attractive and expressive. People like Vijaya Aswani have taken art to another level. Inktober is a time of year where all the ‘arty’ people participates and celebrates it with the INK.

Ritika Raj


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BBA, college of fashion, Fashion, Fashion Design College, fashion designing colleges in Delhi, Fashion Designing Institute, MBA, PG in Fashion Designing


The orientation for BBA batch 2018-21 and MBA batch 2018-20 was quite an experience, A-listers from the fashion and business industry were there as guest speakers. It began with the ceremonial welcome of the guests by Mr. Vinod Kaul and Ms. Jaivani Bajaj, remembrance of Ma Saraswati, Lighting of the lamp and prayer sung by students of BBA batch sem-1st. Prof. Gulbash Duggal introduced the guests(Mr. Ashish Soni, Mr. Hemant Sagar, Ms. Rachna and Mr. Sam Baisla) and other faculty members and spoke about academics at ICF. IC- connect, our e-magazine was launched by Mr. K.K. Bajaj. The magazine provides information about both the fashion and finance world. IC-connect will give students a chance to showcase and share their knowledge and experiences at ICF. Post this, a discussion was there on “what is more important to your organization mission, core values or vision?”, Mr. Vinod Kaul, a seasoned professional with over thirty years of experience in the retail, fashion and publishing industries at senior positions, and also headed the FDCI as an executive director, started the discussion about the important things and values we need in developing our organizations and the things we have to keep in mind to have a successful organization.


Mr. Ashish Soni launched his label in 1991, followed by his own independent design studio Ikos Designs in 1993. He became the first Indian designer to hold a solo showing in Delhi. He was also the first designer to be invited to hold a runway show at Olympus fashion week, New York and, he was one of the first Indian designers to retail through Selfridges.

Mr. Hemant Sagar was born to an Indian Father and a German Mother (that explains his good looks). He went on to study design and dressmaking in Germany as a teenager. He started his career in fashion as an apprentice in Germany and then went to Paris.

Ms. Rachna is a proactive professional with a refined sense of aesthetics and perfectionism having two decades plus of experience in Luxury and Lifestyle Retail at senior management positions.

Mr. Sam Baisla is the founder & CEO of NEXEL. He’s LinkedIn influence strategist helping entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups in social branding, leadership and sales. He is also the co-founder of Viaa soul an organization, dedicated to bringing world culture together. He has trained and inspired a hundred thousand plus young leaders and loves to share his experience and ideas on leadership, entrepreneurship, branding, communication and social media.

The panel members gave their words of wisdom to the new batch, Ashish Soni spoke about the future of fashion in India and how Indian fashion scene is growing, Hemant Sagar showed the international aspects of fashion and  spoke about  the ups and downs of his career, it was all real talk,  but was so inspirational. Sam Baisla talked about entrepreneurial skills and management and how social media has influenced today’s generation. Ms. Rachna Verma explained how the economy and luxury fashion works and how India is growing in the luxury sector with brands like LV and Dior opening their stores. It ended with the wise words of our CEO, Mr.Abijit Bose and  Mr. K.K. Bajaj, the Founder Chairman and Chief Mentor of Bajaj Capital Ltd.

Looking back it was a wonderful event where everyone got to learn something and had fun.

-Aakash bharati &  Keerthi telidevara


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college of fashion, Fashion

International College of Fashion – Where Skills Are Turned Into Assets

Not too long ago the fashion industry in India was disorganized. Most of the fashion designers were either self-taught or ones who had the opportunity of being in close contact with the celebrity designers. All that has changed and today you need a degree in fashion technology to make your mark in the industry. At International College of Fashion ( we help you put the right steps ahead in so that you can stay ahead of others. We have topped the charts among fashion institutes in India and testimony to that is the fact that we attract students from every corner of the country.

Polishing Your Skills
There is creativity in every individual and not only in some people that is often believed. While some are expressive others are a little shy or reluctant to put their ideas in front of others. Whether you have good sketching skills or not you can still be a good designer. We will unearth the hidden skills in you and polish it to perfection. This has been our trade secret as year after year we have been able to shape careers of students in different fields of the fashion industry from designing to marketing and illustration.

Modern Curriculum for Modern Day      
The Fashion designing industry is constantly evolving and calls for a comprehensive training program that is designed to meet all the challenges that students would face in the careers. Our claim to fame among the top fashion institutes in Delhi is thanks to an inclusive curriculum that we have. We have prepared this along with top academics of the Indian Institute of Technology New Delhi, National Institute of Design Ahmedabad and National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business. The course curriculum has been developed with focus on the domestic and international markets that puts our students in an advantageous position when they go out hunting for jobs.

Experienced Faculty Members
Fashion studies are a creative stream where traditional styles of teaching don’t prepare the students or help in getting the best out of them. We have hand-picked a team of faculty members who will create an interactive and enthusiastic atmospheres in the classrooms or off it. The fact they have years of industry experience puts them in the right situation to guide you through the different obstacles that you are likely to face during your course.

Join our designing and entrepreneurship program and a bright career stands ahead of you.

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college of fashion

Utilize the Ultimate Benefits of Fashion Colleges

Those who have a passion for designing and giving innovative inputs at the each day put on or the objects of daily use are regularly most suitable for the profession of fashion designing. They have to search for admission into a college of fashion and decorate their skills to make a success profession in this discipline. They will get to see an altogether new size of the fashion international and could get to examine those elements that aren’t taught in real life. Because the Indian fashion enterprise has visible an applauded reaction from everywhere in the global, there’s a huge scope for the approaching designers to carry forward the legacy and exhibit their skills on the world level. The students at various fashion colleges will be benefited through this new development and have and the possibility to gather the one’s skills which might be used in the discipline of designing.

Major benefits:

The abilities which include using software to draw sketches, the thoughts for the patterns and issues of designing, blending of colors and their effects, reducing, drawing and sewing diverse patterns and many others are all a part of studying in a style university. They also get to learn about the ancient and conventional sample to get stimulated for arising with their unique new creations. Fashion designing has several dimensions along with various stylish processes. For each of those fields, the layout of working could be very specific because the raw substances used in them should be dealt with in totally one of kind methods. In a style designing college, the pupil opts for their desired profession course by way of deciding on any of these dimensions and learns all that need to give you the final products. The uncooked materials such as cloth for textiles; glass or metallic for jewelry; decor and paint items for interiors etc have to be well known to the designing professional.

Various processes:

With the exposure to various fashion shows, activities and level indicate, the scholars of favor designing schools get to have interaction with many influential celebrities and skilled designers. They get remarks and actual responses on their paintings in addition to generate good business family members. A student of fashion designing does now not must be confined to a nation, place or a rustic. There are alternatives such that being an entrepreneur, running a brand house or a design house, choosing fields apart from designing inclusive of advertising. They get to find out about these options on the college of fashion. Much like every other diploma or expert university, the style designing university additionally arranges for the placements of its students. This serves as an excellent possibility for the students to get onto a fulfilling profession path. As soon as the scholars whole their schooling element from fashion designing university, they have alternatives to work with best designers. Additionally, they could perform their very own boutique and come to be an entrepreneur where they promote their own design along with his/her personal label. That is the beauty of the style designing course.

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