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Selecting A College of Fashion and Design? Checkout Why ICF Is the Best Choice

The fashion designing industry is booming, and it is not just a job but a passion that many dreams of pursuing as their career. The fashion industry is one of the most popular industries in the world, with fashion designing colleges producing thousands of designers every year.

Fashion designing has seen a paradigm shift in the Indian market just in the last few years. A field that was rare and sought after in the past decade has now become the most desired field for the majority Indian millennial generation. The Indian fashion design industry, which allowed only a few to flourish, has now opened its doors for all fashion designers to tap into their creativity and become successful. And so, it becomes inevitable for the designing students to choose the best fashion designing institute to polish their skills and groom themselves to stand out from the rest and get to work with the top brands and designers.

This popularity has also made it one of the most competitive industries, where one needs to stand out among others to clinch that much-coveted job.

The best fashion design colleges not only offer you the right tools but will also allow you to explore all your creativity and showcase your talent. Make sure the college you choose offers you a variety of courses like pattern drafting, textile design and development, sketching and more so that you get all the required knowledge and can experiment with your creativity simultaneously.

Choosing the right fashion design college is vital to your success. Here are some things to consider before you make a decision.

Selecting  The Fashion Design College to Match Persona

One of the most significant decisions you will face after high school is choosing the right college or university. Choosing the right program that fits well with your personality, skills and goals is essential. There are a lot of schools that offer fashion design courses, and while they vary in quality, not all of them are created equal. Read on to get tips on choosing the right fashion design school for you.

A Question of Quality

In addition to choosing the right fashion program, it is also essential that you choose a college or university of good quality which maintains high standards as well as an active involvement amongst its students. In addition, the location and ranking of a school can also affect your perspective on it.

The Reputation of the Institute

It would help if you researched the institute in question online. You may also visit the institute in person and converse with its ex-students to learn more about their own experiences, the institute’s pros and cons, and so on. It will help you come to an informed decision.

Infrastructure and Environment

Any institute you select should present the latest learning techniques and an infrastructure supportive of self-learning and research.

Course Curriculum

Today, several fashion styling institutes spread across different parts of the country offer numerous courses in fashion styling. Some of the essential aspects that you should take into consideration before selecting your institute would be to see whether their curriculum matches your needs of studying or not. You should also know if they cover all the latest aspects of fashion styling, get acquainted with the latest industry trends, and prepare you for the challenges you may encounter once you step into the real world.

After-course Guidance

It is highly relevant as any good fashion styling institute will offer you plenty of exposure to live projects. Be it through internships and placements with established fashion companies around. Also, it is beneficial if the fashion styling institute offers after-course guidance and support.

You were deciding what and where to study is one of the most critical decisions..

The fashion industry is continually changing. It is important to recognize that while pursuing a career in fashion design is a glamorous job path, you must be prepared for the challenges that the position demands. Hence, if you believe you are up to the challenge and qualify as a fashion designer, your next step would be to apply to one of the best fashion design schools in Delhi.

International College of Fashion is home to state-of-the-art facilities, and the students have access to leading industry figures, including mentors, educationalists, guest speakers, collaborators, and visitors from the industry.

You will learn from the most advanced creative practitioners, encouraging you to develop your potential and create successful careers nationally and internationally.

ICF’s new Fashion Entrepreneurship program, developed under the guidance of leading industry figures, creates a 21st Century provision, combining excellent physical resources and strong commercial connections to deliver a world-class learning experience in association with IIT-Delhi, NID- Ahmadabad and NIESBUD, for developing the curricula and as the training partners with ICF in sync with the Fashion Industry.

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