Treading a New Career Path Through the Fashion Designing Colleges

For various years the college culture of the country was ruled by the popular streams such as arts, commerce, science and engineering colleges. With the scope of jobs increasing and exposure to modernization and the globalization, a few other streams have also caught up the attention of the youth such as fashion designing.

Fashion designing was considered to be a hobby earlier, now it is a professional course where the students study various aspects of the fashion designing industry. The course is available in a number of formats in different fashion designing colleges.

Not only these courses have been able to catch up the attention and interests of the students, the education industry has seen a flood of fashion designing colleges in India lately.

The most popular fashion designing colleges in India face tough entrance examinations or other scrutinising process such as marks in previous degree etc. These colleges offer courses for fulfilling a range of educational needs of the students. For example some students may want to take up fashion designing as a career directly after 10+ 2 while other may decide it a little later. Some of these fashion designing colleges offer short term certification courses for learning the useful software such as CAD, Corel draw etc. After completing their graduation in fashion designing, the students are provided with the options for higher studies where they learn the maximum details of the fashion markets and fashion merchandising. The students are given hands on experience at the training and market exposure and they even get an opportunity to work with the known designers as interns.

The fashion designing colleges in India are meeting the international standards these days by organizing in-house fashion shows for giving maximum market exposure to its students. They even take their students to the foreign tours and make them understand the demands and availability of various fashion trends all over the world.

The fashion designing colleges also train their students about the understanding of the local markets and its customers. They are made aware of the various popular marketing techniques that help them to establish their business or brand line after the completion of the course.

The students are made to learn via theory as well as practical classes. Fashion designing is more of a practical subject, so the emphasis majorly lies on the practical work. There are fully equipped labs where they learn digital sketching and other techniques. Though the theoretical work is also important as it helps them to gain the knowledge of the background of each and every fabric, brand recognition, ongoing trends etc but their core competence lies in the practical part. They learn to create their independent designs.

The students who perform well during the course are given opportunities to take part in various events or stage shows outside the college. Thus, the exposure gained during the college duration is considered to be a stepping stone of success in a student’s life.

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