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Why Career In Fashion Designing Would Be A Great Choice For The Future?

Has the thought of becoming a fashion designer crossed your mind? Most youngsters today are exposed to the glitz and glamour of this industry through various mediums including the social media and want to become a part of this industry. It would be a smart career move as the industry has been growing at a fast pace and has created millions of opportunities in the last two decades. If you want to make it big in this industry you need to start by selecting a good fashion designing college in India. It will lay the seeds for your future success and put you ahead of others.

India’s Growth Story
As the global economy is showing signs of slowing down, India is a boom story and investment is pouring into all industries in India including fashion from different parts of the world. The average age for an Indian is 27 which is among the lowest in the world and more than 60% of the population is below the age of 35 in India and the most potent market for the fashion industry. All these factors have led to a scenario where the fashion industry in India has grown year after year since the economy opened up in the early 90s. The trend is expected to continue in the years to come and thus create a great opportunity for you.

The Crave for Fashion    
One of the direct consequences of this growth in the industry has been India’s growing desire for fashionable clothes and accessories. Unlike the 70s and the 80s Indian men and women aren’t happy with the limited line of choice that they once had. From Mumbai to Mangalore and Delhi to Dimapur young people in the country are willing to experiment with new designs and styles. As brands establish a strong foothold in the market the young population doesn’t mind giving chance to unknown labels if they add to their style quotient.

Export Market   
While we had always relied on import for the best pair of denims and ladies accessories, Indian labels are finally creating a name for themselves in the International market. From Brazil to France and the United States many India labels have opened up their exclusive outlets where they are offering a wide selection of clothing and accessories to the customers. The product line isn’t restricted to traditional Indian fabric and styles alone as these brands are offering everything from Western Formals to the best denim in the world. With the government’s initiative to boost the manufacturing sector in the country we may see further consolidation of the international market by the Indian brands.

All these factors make fashion designing and marketing one of the most lucrative career options for any youngster in India. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is to zero in on a good fashion designing college in India that offers you comprehensive training and the required exposure to excel in this industry. Delhi would be a good choice as the city is the educational hub of the country and also has some of the leading institutes in fashion studies in the country.

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Benefits Of Studying Fashion Designing Course At Leading College

Fashion designing is one of the topmost and highly preferred fields that gain more popularity among young students because of its unbelievable growth. The most favorite and specialized industry helps young population to know about the latest fashion accessories and apparels in the present world. Along with this, it also brings students excellent career as well as employment opportunities.  For this reason, most of the students want to pursue the most outstanding and superior fashion designing course. There are many designing programs available, so you can choose the best one carefully. If you do not have enough idea regarding fashion designing courses, you can hire the best college of fashion, known as ICF. The most reliable and effective educational institution offers several study programs which make your learning task much simpler.  The best fashion designing course helps you to know all the fundamental concepts of fashion designing and its importance. These are the most essential skills that help you to build your career in this fashion designing field easily.

Popularity Of Fashion Designing

The valid certification not only brings you some useful benefits, but also allows you to get job opportunities in leading organizations. If you want to enjoy the convenience, you can choose the best college of fashion. There are lots of educational institutions offer fashions designing courses, but few of them do not satisfy your requirements. In order to avoid the inappropriate one, you can do internet surfing. It is a smart way to find out the most reputed and leading educational institute, which is popularly known as International College of Fashion( If you want to gather lots of interesting information regarding the best fashion design college, you can instantly visit the unique and reliable official portal, where you can gather useful details and understand the importance of choosing best fashion designing college. Along with this, you can check the fees, course duration and other information. These are the important aspects that let you to choose the best study program easily.

Build your career in fashion designing

The best and effective fashion designing course not only improves your creative skills and knowledge, but also allows you to know about the changing trends. These are the most useful and significant skills that help you to obtain a bright future in this fashion designing industry. If you like to obtain the benefits, you can study at the best college of fashion .  The most outstanding educational institute not only bring you peaceful and exceptional learning atmosphere, but also bring you an excellent chance to increase your innovative skills. The superior knowledge allows you to innovative lots of new designs in this fashion designing field. These additional skills help you to reach your individual goal within short time duration. Apart from that, you can also enjoy lots of profitable employment opportunities with good salary packages. These kinds of unbelievable benefits encourage several students to build their career in this ever growing fashioning designing industry. Therefore, choosing the best educational institution is a smart way to complete your fashion designing courses successfully and properly.

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Improve Your Creative Skills By Choosing Best Designing Institute In Delhi

At present, most of the students interested to choose the fashion designing courses from the reputed colleges. It is really important to enhance their career in the fashion designing. The study of Fashion Designing provides innovative as well as integrated approach that also combines creativity with applied technical proficiency. Once you successfully complete the fashion designing courses then you can start developing your individual styles as well as identities.  In order to get new opportunities you need to find the best designing institute in delhi, because it is really important to understand the right techniques. Even it is always essential to become the top fashion designer. The institutes also help to guide the students to get real-life fashion experience.

Fashion Designing Courses:

Now most of them prefer the fashion designing courses to get real-world opportunities, this field offers both experience and employment. The fashion design programmes, will enable you to receive specialized and practical education in the field of fashion technology.  During the course period you can get great skills and knowledge by Interacting with a dedicated Fashion & Design professional faculty. At the same time, it helps to learn some new trends and successful business models.

Why choose best fashion designing institute?

In order to make a career in fashion designing you need to acquire qualifications from a well reputed as well as recognized fashion institute. In general, the fashion designing institutes in Delhi offer two types of courses such as full time and part time certificate courses. So students can choose the suitable courses based on their needs. The student who needs to start their career in the fashion designing industry they need to enroll for these courses after their 12th class completion.  Most of the institutes also offer some short term certificate courses that help to enhance your creative skills. Now you can easily choose the best and leading designing institute in delhi through online, along with this you can easily check the course details and course period to select the best options.

Industry Exposure:

Obviously, the top rate fashion design college always collaborated with the top brands in fashion, so choosing the best institutes help to get in-depth exposure into the industry. By taking courses from the leading institutes you can interact with the top names in the fashion industry, by the way you can easily develop close relationship with popular fashion labels and brands. Even these exposures also support to start successful career in the fashion industry.

Job opportunities:

Fashion designing students have chances to take the following positions such as

  • Merchandisers
  • Fashion designers
  • Pattern maker
  • Production managers
  • Production managers
  • Store managers
  • Fashion journalist etc
  • Fashion coordinators
  • Stylists
  • Textile analysts

If you need to find the best fashion designing institute in Delhi you may consider International College of Fashion. It is the leading institute that offers professional courses.  The dedicated team of staff members is available to teach you and they also offer the right platform to the student.

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Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Fashion Design College in India

Are you planning to join a fashion design college in India? It is a big career decision and would have a bearing on your future prospects. While there is no dearth of colleges that are offering these courses making the wrong choice can cast a spell of doom on your career. A large number of students make mistakes at this crucial juncture and jeopardize their future prospects. Here we take a look at some mistakes that you must avoid while choosing a college for learning fashion designing.

Rushing In
Have you done considerable background search on the institution? What are the courses it offers? What about its placement record? Till you know all these making a choice would be suicidal. You need to understand that finding the right college takes time and effort on your side. So if you have decided to study fashion designing it would be worth doing a background research on the college before zeroing on it. It is advisable that you give this process about three months’ time to make a wise decision.

Being A Follower
In India many students end up studying in a college or opting for a course program just following their friends. This is equivalent to eating based on someone else’s preferences. You have your own career goals, passion and interest and shouldn’t follow someone’s decision until it fits your interests in toto. Whether you join an engineering or fashion design college in India, the decision should come from within and shouldn’t be influenced by the choice others make.

Studying About Anywhere
Let’s put the point straight, fashion designing and marketing are very practical oriented courses. So you will need to be constantly in touch with the industry. You need to regularly attend different events and undergo internship programs to polish your skills and knowledge. This isn’t quite possible if you are studying in a remote corner of the country. While you may develop good academic knowledge you would lack in terms of hands-on experience. Enrolling in a college in Delhi or any other big city in India can add to your career prospects.

Choice Based on Course Fee
If you lack adequate financial resources it is common for you to choose a college where the fee for the program seems to be low and attractive. But what you are taught and how much you learn during the course would decide your future in the competitive industry. Never compromise on the reputation or the course program merely based on the fee structure.  Public and private sector banks offer loans at attractive interest rates and you should make the most out of them.

Making Assumptions
If you have had average grades all throughout you often don’t apply to the top fashion design college in India assuming you won’t get admission. This is a big mistake as most colleges tend to take in students based on their own tests and personal interviews. Your past academic record is of little significance if you have the minimum qualifying marks.

You must avoid these mistakes at every cost while enrolling in a fashion designing college.

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Join Fashion Designing College and Earn Big Bucks & Fame

For anybody in his or her 20s there are two things that matter as far as choice of career is concerned – its fame and money. The opening up of the Indian society and increased exposure to the world has made Indian youth highly aspirational. Many of them are breaking the norms in order to create a mark for themselves in the society. Here fashion designing has emerged as one of the most sought after career option for many youngsters in India. Once thought to be the forte of the ultra-rich, today these courses attract students from average middle-class families. With hundreds of career options to choose from, the choice of fashion designing college in India plays a deciding role in your success.

Strong Foundation
As mentioned above there are various roles that you would be able to fit in after completing your course in fashion designing and technology. Apart from designing clothes you would also have the opportunity to work in jewellery designing, footwear designing and other accessories. Besides these there is also equally big demand for marketers, writers and reviewers which you can explore. Thus it becomes important for you to know about the basic fundamentals of the industry and this is where a good fashion designing college in India would offer you. They would offer you insights into various segments of the industry and allow you to stay ahead of the others.

Earn Big Bucks
With a degree from a reputable fashion designing college you will be able to earn big bucks in this fast growing industry. India’s middle class is growing at a brisk pace and so is the club of millionaires. With lots of business activity happening all around the country the living standards has vastly improved in the last two decades. We are slowly moving towards consumerism and clothing and apparel tops the list. This has made the fashion designing industry monetarily rewarding. Top designers and marketers in the industry are earning at par as other top professionals in the field of engineering, management and medicine if not more. The start may be slow as you would have to prove your talent and skills but once you have settled in you would definitely keep your bankers happy.

Online Marketing
Ecommerce is the big story in the fashion industry. On the customer’s side it allows them to shop for products they like irrespective of their own location. This revolution has made top brands accessible even in the remote areas of the country. For small designers it is a god send opportunity to sell their products and create a strong brand identity without having to incur much of capital expenditure. Online marketing and ecommerce are today major subjects that are taught in the fashion designing schools. These cover all aspects of ecommerce right from listing the products on the top online store to managing the supply chain. This revolution has given the perfect platform for small entrepreneurs to launch their own labels and be counted in the industry.

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Benefits Of Fashion Designing College In India

Those who have a passion for designing and giving creative inputs at the daily wear or the items of day to day use are often most suitable for the profession of fashion designing. They should seek admission into a good Fashion Designing College in India and enhance their skills to make a successful career in this field. They will get to see an altogether new dimension of the fashion world and will get to learn those aspects that are not taught in real life.

What are the benefits of taking admission into a Fashion Designing College in India?

  • Acquisition of new skills: As the Indian fashion industry has seen an applauded response from all over the world, there is a wide scope for the upcoming designers to carry forward the legacy and showcase their talent on the world stage. The students at a Fashion Designing College in India will be benefited by this new development and have an opportunity to acquire those skills that are used in the field of designing. The skills such as using of software to draw sketches, the ideas for the patterns and themes of designing, mixing of colours and their effects, cutting, drawing and sewing various patterns etc are all a part of learning in a fashion college. They also get to learn about the historical and traditional pattern to get inspired for coming up with their original new creations.
  • Knowledge of the raw materials used: Fashion designing has several dimensions such as jewellery, textiles, interiors, leather accessories, metallic accessories, shoes and footwear etc. For each of these fields the format of working is very different because the raw materials used in them have to be handled in entirely different ways. In a fashion designing college the student opts for their preferred career path by choosing any of these dimensions and learns all that need to come up with the final products. The raw materials such as fabric for textiles; glass or metal (gold, silver, artificial) for jewellery; decor and paint items for interiors etc should be well known to the designing expert.
  • Interaction with the prominent celebrities and established senior designers: With the exposure to various fashion shows, events and stage shows, the students of fashion designing colleges get to interact with many influential celebrities and experienced designers. They get feedback and genuine responses on their work as well as generate good industrial relations.
  • Learning about various options in the field of fashion designing: A student of fashion designing does not have to be limited to a state, region or a country! There are options such that being an entrepreneur, working with a brand house or a design house, opting for fields other than designing such as marketing, fashion spokesperson, writer, merchandiser etc. They get to learn about these options at the Fashion Designing College in India.
  • Placement: Just like any other degree or professional college, the fashion designing college also arranges for the placements of its students. This serves as a good opportunity for the students to get onto a fulfilling career path. Once the students complete their training part from fashion designing college, they have options to work with top fashion designers, fashion house, export houses etc. Also they can operate their own boutique and become an entrepreneur where they sell their own design with his/her own label. This is the beauty of the a fashion designing course.


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Treading a New Career Path Through the Fashion Designing Colleges

For various years the college culture of the country was ruled by the popular streams such as arts, commerce, science and engineering colleges. With the scope of jobs increasing and exposure to modernization and the globalization, a few other streams have also caught up the attention of the youth such as fashion designing.

Fashion designing was considered to be a hobby earlier, now it is a professional course where the students study various aspects of the fashion designing industry. The course is available in a number of formats in different fashion designing colleges.

Not only these courses have been able to catch up the attention and interests of the students, the education industry has seen a flood of fashion designing colleges in India lately.

The most popular fashion designing colleges in India face tough entrance examinations or other scrutinising process such as marks in previous degree etc. These colleges offer courses for fulfilling a range of educational needs of the students. For example some students may want to take up fashion designing as a career directly after 10+ 2 while other may decide it a little later. Some of these fashion designing colleges offer short term certification courses for learning the useful software such as CAD, Corel draw etc. After completing their graduation in fashion designing, the students are provided with the options for higher studies where they learn the maximum details of the fashion markets and fashion merchandising. The students are given hands on experience at the training and market exposure and they even get an opportunity to work with the known designers as interns.

The fashion designing colleges in India are meeting the international standards these days by organizing in-house fashion shows for giving maximum market exposure to its students. They even take their students to the foreign tours and make them understand the demands and availability of various fashion trends all over the world.

The fashion designing colleges also train their students about the understanding of the local markets and its customers. They are made aware of the various popular marketing techniques that help them to establish their business or brand line after the completion of the course.

The students are made to learn via theory as well as practical classes. Fashion designing is more of a practical subject, so the emphasis majorly lies on the practical work. There are fully equipped labs where they learn digital sketching and other techniques. Though the theoretical work is also important as it helps them to gain the knowledge of the background of each and every fabric, brand recognition, ongoing trends etc but their core competence lies in the practical part. They learn to create their independent designs.

The students who perform well during the course are given opportunities to take part in various events or stage shows outside the college. Thus, the exposure gained during the college duration is considered to be a stepping stone of success in a student’s life.

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Different Roles Of A Fashion Professional

Fashion that seems to be a day to day thing is no more a cake walk! It’s a vogue for not only people at large, but aspiring young professionals too. Anyone who wants to pursue a career in fashion designing should have a clear knowledge of latest trends, latest happenings and a perspective to give innovative ideas.

Most of the fashion designing colleges prepare their students to meet these challenges in the industry. There are various roles for which the students are prepared when they opt for this career:-

Fashion Designer:As a fashion designer you design outfits for a segment of people. For every outfit one has to define its customer, for e.g. –

– is this design suitable for girls or boys?

– the age group for this outfit

– the class of the people as per their disposable income, culture, tradition, region

– which season outfit is it? (Summer, winters etc.)

– fabrics to be used

– color combinations

Having all these factors in mind, one comes out with a unique design for their customers.

Merchandiser If as a fashion professional you have a knack of being a marketer too, then being a merchandiser in a garment house or an export house is a suitable profile. A merchandiser deals with various garment houses or export houses and becomes a channel in between the designer and the retailer. In some cases, the merchandiser performs the role of retailer to the local customers and supplier material and takes orders from the foreign clients as per their demands.

Fashion consultant: In this kind of profile one associates with various big brand houses or retail chains and gives them consultation for the following:-

– how to make or maintain their brand image

– what should be their target market

– What kind of materials or designs should they buy from the designers?

– who are the fashion designers that can fulfil the needs of the brand or the store

– also, directly dealing with the customers to give them a solution as per their fashion needs from the bouquet of the brand’s collections

Individual designer with own brand name: For a career in fashion designing, this type of profile is generally a dream profile. Designers may prefer to work on a small scale but they tend to design and sell their own creations without any otherintermediator. They make a brand name and do its marketing.

Fashion writer: If one has a full-fledged knowledge of ‘all about fashion’, then there is an option for making such a career in fashion designing that one doesn’t have to necessarily be a designer. Or, being a designer too one can always become a fashion writer. People want to learn about new fashion and new trends and the best preferred sources to reach such segment of people is by becoming a fashion writer for magazines or newspaper columns.

Production manager, Quality controller, fabric manager:

  • In a good fashion designing college, these profiles of fashion professionals must be clearly explained.
  • Production manager must be responsible for ensuring timely production of the given orders.
  • Quality controller will determine the best quality fabric to be used and a best class outcome from the factory.
  • Fabric manager can be understood as someone who checks the supply and demand of various quality fabrics and its logistics.

Thus, a career in fashion designing is not merely designing, it’s more of an industrial job!

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Create A Bright Future in The Fashion Industry With The Right Course Program

Have you completed your schooling or graduation? These are crucial junctures in your career when you need to think of the right path ahead of you. While there are a number of career options that galore you need to choose a path that you are passionate about. The fashion design industry offers a career of opportunities to people who have a passion for design and style. To create a bright future in the fashion design industry you would need to choose the right fashion designing college. This is where a fashion designing college in Delhi would be your perfect choice. As the hub of higher education in India, it has some of the leading colleges of fashion studies and offers you the right exposure to set up a bright career.

A career in the fashion designing industry offers you many choices which you can choose based on their demands and your passion. Apart from designing clothes you can also explore into jewelry designing, footwear designing and fashion marketing. In fact marketing fashion products is one of the most promising careers in this industry. The traditional model of sales through retail stores is facing stiff competition from the virtual world. The social media and the Internet have brought down the entry barriers. You can easily explore the option of venturing into your own label and catering to a niche section of the audience which the top brands have failed to cater so far.

Why Choose Fashion Designing College in Delhi?

  • A well-established college of fashion designing would not only impart conceptual lessons in fashion designing but also help you develop practical knowledge about the industry. Their hands-on course program focuses on offering you practical knowledge side-by-side with your classroom sessions. This helps you grasp the concepts faster and in a better way and employ them in the future.
  • Being in the heart of the fashion industry, fashion designing colleges in Delhi regularly invite the leading designers and marketers as guest lecturers. These people offer you insights into the fashion industry and talk about the latest trends in designing that helps you gauge the mood of the industry. You would also be able to learn about the new marketing and promotional ideas that fetch returns in this highly competitive industry.
  • These colleges would offer you great amounts of exposure during your course program. They would organize regular seminars, exhibitions and workshops that allow you to interact with the leading names in the industry. These are also a great opportunity to showcase your designs and business ideas to others and create future opportunities in the industry. Apart from organizing events these colleges would also regularly take part in fashion shows and other events which are help you see the fashion industry up-close.
  • At a good college you would easily get the opportunity to intern with the leading fashion brands and design houses. This isn’t merely a part of your training program but also allows you create contacts within the industry and opens up scope for future employment.
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Be a Part of the Change at a Fashion Designing College in Delhi

It is famously said “fashion is about dreaming and making other people dream.” If you want to be a part of this industry you need to be a part of the changing trends. Spotting the trends early and catering to the customers is what makes any designer or label stand out in this competitive industry. As a student of fashion design and marketing this is where it becomes very important for you to enroll in a fashion designing college that offers you comprehensive training on the different aspects of the industry and imparts skills that help you gauge the emerging trends in the market. A fashion designing college in Delhi would be the perfect choice for any designer being in the heart of the fashion design and marketing industry in India.

In-depth Study of the Industry

When we talk of fashion designing and marketing we are usually talking about the complete process that includes forecasting, illustration, designing, product development, marketing and supply chain management. The expanding horizon of the fashion design industry has immensely benefited the customers in a big way in the recent years offering them never ending choices to choose from. As a designer or marketer this has also made the industry very competitive with a number of international brands coming.

A good fashion designing college would impart lessons in maintaining your competitive edge. You would learn how to gauge the opportunities in the market and also to beat your competition. This is also helped when you intern with the leading names in the industry. Here you would get the opportunity to work in real projects on the design side where you get a chance to experiment with your creativity. And since you would get the chance to brush with the leading designers the opportunity for learning are huge and these lay the foundation stone in your career.

Sharpen Your Marketing Skills

Marketing is as important as the finished product, if not more. A good finished product can fail if it isn’t marketed through the right channels. This is the reason fashion design institutes today focus on teaching you marketing skills along the fundamentals of design. You would be working on different marketing models as a part of your training program and this would help you understand the fashion marketing and retail industry and the pace at which they change. Experienced faculty members would guide you in preparing these marketing models and also clear all your doubts and confusions. This would automatically tune your mind to the changes that are happening in the world of fashion marketing.

You would learn to use the right channels to market your finished products as well as promote them on the online and offline media. This calls for identifying your target customers, their wants and aspirations and also the best ways to reach them in a cost effective way. This complete understanding of the trade keeps you ready for any kind of situation that you would face in the industry.

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