Fashion Designing: Explore the Job Options

For the fashion aspirants, the field of fashion designing offers various career paths that are different in their functionalities but are essential part of this industry. The career in fashion designing opens the door towards such jobs that are not only exciting but also give a feel of gratifying satisfaction to those who have an inclination towards the artistic aspects of life. Though the jobs can be demanding in terms of the pressure of business turnovers and intense competition that exists in this field but if one carefully chooses their profile, this environment gives them continuous motivation to perform under all the situations. Various courses in fashion designing are also available for learning these skills of fashion industry.

Learn more about these work profiles:

  • Fashion columnist: As we read the newspapers or magazines we get to learn about the latest trends in the world around. But who are these people who make the world aware of this information? There are fashion writers, journalists and columnists who keep themselves updated with the latest happening in and around them. They have a flair for writing and thus give tie inputs to the columns or articles for various publications. Generally the newspapers and the famous magazines have their hired writers but if someone wants to not to get enrolled as a full term employee, then he or she can work as a free-lance writer too. If their writing skills are good and the content is worthwhile then various publications give them opportunity to write columns for their newspapers, magazines, journals, websites etc. This type of career in fashion designing not only gives recognition but also makes them sought after advisors of fashion.
  •  Fashion Designers: There are famous institutes in India that offer courses in fashion designing to help their students learn the skills for becoming successful fashion designers. These designers are not only limited to the back of the table where they design and manufacture the outfits (or other products) but also can become fashion stylists in the long run. After gaining certain years of experience, they can open their own business unit and run independently as fashion counsellor or fashion advisor. People often seek advices from the fashion literates. The career in fashion designing can be very exciting as a designer as they get to deal with the clients, learn about their diverse needs, expectations and get rewarded if they match up the conditions.
  •  Fashion merchandiser: Those who do not intend to work on the manufacturing of the products can always opt for other courses in fashion designing such as that of fashion merchandising. In this career the person should have a complete understanding of all the aspects of fashion as they directly deal with the clients or the export houses etc. They have to explain about their product and negotiate with the client on various terms. Mostly branded designers do hire fashion merchandisers to promote their sales and business in the domestic as well as international markets. The fashion merchandiser is responsible for the inventory and placement of the output.
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