Part-time Fashion Designing Courses in Delhi

Should you or shouldn’t you? This is one dilemma that most people face when they hear about part-time fashion designing course. After all these courses tend to teach you things in a nutshell compared to a full-time course. At International College of Fashion (ICF) we believe that the very idea of comparing these courses with full-time courses is wrong and both full-time and part-time courses have their own place in helping you shape your career. So who should enroll into part-time fashion designing courses in Delhi? Let’s find out –

  • Boost skills mid-career – You may already be in the fashion industry and have achieved considerable success in your career so far. But as times change and the industry goes through an evolution you may have to add new skills to stay ahead of the curve. This is where part-time fashion designing courses in Delhi can help you. By acquiring new skills you will be able to compete with youngsters who are entering the industry with the latest skills and knowledge and not face a mid-career crisis as many people face with new trends and business models emerging in the market.
  • Add value to your business – There are thousands of proprietary businesses that are being run by people who have no formal training the in fashion business. While you may have run your business successfully so far lack of advanced knowledge in the business especially with the advent of ecommerce and other technological developments might restrict your growth. You can’t go back to the college and enroll into a full-time course and this is where part-time courses would be your perfect resort.
  • No sacrificing on source of income – There are many people whose dreams of becoming a fashion designer may have been cut short due to responsibilities. While you would definitely want to chase your dream but at the same time you can’t afford to take a break from your career and stop the primary source of income. If this is the exact situation you find yourself in, you can sign up for part-time courses that let you add to your skills as per your own convenience.

At International College of Fashion  ( we have been able to shape several careers with our part-time fashion designing courses in Delhi. We regularly update these course programs to keep them in sync with the latest trends and developments in this fast changing industry and keep you ahead of the curve.

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