Lakme Fashion Week

India’s premier fashion event, the Lakme Fashion Week took place right at the beginning of the year to give us all a glimpse into what to expect for the season going forward. Some of us have that intuitive sixth sense regarding what to do regarding fashion while some of us need to watch the creative mind of the designer at work to know what to do. Whatever the taste, watching the work of the best designers walk down the runway gives us a sense of exhilaration, not frequently matched. The sense of endless possibilities and the creative genius at work makes us believe in the beauty of the clothes we wear and what it could do for us. So, let’s have a brief look at the trends which got our hearts racing during this year’s fashion week.

  • Pastels and sheers

Once upon a time in a world far far away, pastels and sheers were meant to be for your summer silhouette. But in this world now it isn’t only meant for the summers. Get it into your winter wardrobes could very well turn into everyday staples for you during times you never thought of. We were seeing indications of this trend slowly flowing into the marriage season but now its final. Get your bridal wear redone because sheers and pastels are here to stay.

  • Layers

Layers are the easiest and best way to make something relatively mundane stylish and more fashionable. It is something the designers didn’t let go of on the ramp as the models strutted in their layered attires. So as a tip this year add dimensions to your outfits and go berserk with the variety of layers possible.

  • A discord of prints

Edgy prints are something we are used to seeing from the designers in any season but discordant prints are something which really catch they eye. This was something which we really can’t call a trend on the runway but it is something which caught the eyes of the viewers and hopefully yours too.

  • For the bride to be

There was a plethora of inspiration to take for a possible bride and her bridesmaids as designers chose to take inspiration from nature and included themes like “Songs of summer” and “A garden of flowers”. So, flowy nature inspired fashion is the order of the day if you are looking to get married soon with off shoulder blouses and capes being a choice too.

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