Join Fashion Institute in Delhi and Ride on the Booming Industry in India

The fashion industry in India is worth a whopping Rs. 20,000 Crores yet considered to be at its infancy. The market has been witnessing huge growth year on year for the last two decades and this has been fuelled by the rising demand for designer clothes and accessories among the young population in the country. Indian brands contribute mere 0.8% to the global fashion market. These figures portray the potential that this industry has both at the domestic and global stage. If you have a creative bend of mind and want to excel in this industry a fashion institute in Delhi would help you ride on this boom. Delhi is the biggest center for fashion also has some of the leading fashion technology colleges in the country.  Let us share with you some of the advantages that a fashion institute in Delhi would offer you.

Be In The Thick of It
As mentioned earlier Delhi is the center of the fashion industry in India. The city is home to some of the biggest designers in the industry and also houses some of the biggest labels. It also hosts the biggest fashion event in the country, the India Fashion Week. As a student of fashion designing you cannot ask for anything more, can you? You would be in the thick of action, something which students from the hinterland can only dream of. Leading institutes in Delhi also organize their own events where you would get the chance to interact with leading designers and marketers. They offer you insights into the latest trends and what it takes to translate a creative idea into a quality fashion product.

Learn To Be A Marketer
The fashion design industry in India is a heated up space. Dozens of labels and brands are being launched every year and are competing with each other. Also in the reckoning are world’s leading brands which are making a beeline to enter the Indian markets. It isn’t a phenomenon for the big cities anymore as the Tier II and III cities are also witnessing great demands for designer clothes. It is here that you need to know the pulse of the market and wear the hat of a marketer. A good college of fashion would take you through market lessons that improve your odds of employability. Here you would be trained in different market research techniques that help you gauge the mood of the market and cater to this need.

Develop Entrepreneurial Skills
Entrepreneurial skills are a great asset in a competitive industry. This allows you to go solo in the industry and create a space for your own. But it isn’t always about starting your own brand or label but to work independently on projects and manage them from end to end. You would be trained in skills to manage procuring raw materials, turning them into finished products and marketing those using different channels. Most design houses look for individuals who have the ability to work independently and manage the entire process on their own.

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