What Can You do With a Degree in Fashion Design?

In India education is often seen from the prism of the career opportunities it offers. A degree in fashion design is no different and aspirants for these courses want to know about employment prospects after completion of their course. Fashion is one of the biggest industries in the country and hence offers you numerous career options once you complete your course. Here we look at some of the careers opportunities you can explore with a degree in fashion design.

  • Fashion Designer – This is the first choice career option for many and for the uninformed the only career choice a fashion designer has. You can take to designing apparels and accessories once you complete your course. You can work with fashion labels or sell your creative work to various labels. Depending on your interest you can choose a niche.
  • Fashion merchandising – It is a big career opportunity especially in a country like India which has a large young population. Here your main role would be assessing the fashion trends in India and sourcing the in-trend products from various designers and offshore companies for your clients or the consumers at large. With the boom in ecommerce fashion merchandising has become a rewarding career option.
  • Jewellery design – For Indian women their attire is incomplete without the right set of jewellery to go along with it. Indian women love flaunting their gold and precious stone. And they just don’t do it with Indian wear but also with western outfits. With the country being the largest consumer of gold and precious stones in the world you can make your mark in jewellery designing by keeping up with the latest trends in the market.
  • Fashion marketing – As like all other products in the market fashion too has to be sold creatively. With digital channels offering unlimited marketing opportunities fashion marketing has also grown as a career. This career option is more oriented towards marketing and less to do with the nitty-gritties of designing and merchandizing. There are special management course that focus on the fashion industry and by taking up such a course you’d open up new possibilities for your career.
  • Fashion reporting – Fashion is an important beat for any media organization. And when it comes to fashion reporting the regular battle hardened journalists who cover politics and business aren’t chosen for this creative role. The responsibility often falls up people with a degree in fashion who understand the industry and are able to keep a close watch on it.

As you can see there are several career options that you can explore with a degree in fashion design. Sky is the only limit when you have a creative bent of mind.

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