THE Changing Facet of Indian Fashion Industry

When we think of fashion we get into thinking of European countries’ fashion shows and markets such as Paris, Italy, France etc. These countries are considered to be the hub of the fashion world. Though on a global platform, India has also started making its own identity in the world of fashion. The Indian fashion industry is not only recognized but appreciated by the people all over the world and this is the reason that more and more youth of India has started taking keen interest into fashion industry. There are various fashion designing institute in Delhi that educate the students of the minute details and intricacies of the fashion world and enable them to stand up on a world stage. This revolution in fashion industry in India has given rise to many famous celebrities such as Ritu Beri, Manish Malhotra, SabyaSaachi, Satya Paul etc. These are just a few names who have marked their presence among the various sectors especially film industry and modeling world over the years. They serve as the idols to the young Indian fashion enthusiasts.

Since the fashion industry started benching its strong foothold in India, the fashion is no more limited to the party, functions or celebrities. It has become an integral part of everyone’s day to day life. People want to look good when they go to the office, into the gym and even at home. Realizing this importance of fashion, various brands have seen the potential in the Indian textile and accessories industry and started their business set ups in the country. They get their training from a known fashion designing institute in Delhi and take up the learning as an experience to go ahead with their dream project.

After graduating from a fashion designing college, the students prefer to work with a known designer or design house or a big brand in order to avoid the risk of failure and mistakes at the time of setting up their own business. Having spent a few years in the industry they get the advantage of not only experience but also get good contacts and establish link ups with the important people who would help them later in their own business project. This way many brands that have come up successfully have penetrated into the Indian fashion market.

Realizing the importance of fashion and awareness of looking good in India, various foreign brands have also started setting up their showrooms in the country. They hire the talented students from fashion designing institute in Delhi or any other metro city and employ them to look after their business. They even send these students for initial basic training to their head office in their home country for a period of time and make them learn about the unique selling prepositions of their products. Such opportunities have given rise to more and more jobs in the fashion industry for the younger generation and also give chance to the students to enhance their learning from the countries abroad.

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