ICF – The Numero Uno Fashion Designing Institute in Delhi

Education isn’t merely a function of degree and distinction but to enhance a person’s odds in employability and guide him/her towards success. This is truer in a field such as fashion designing where the competition is extremely high and little room for mediocrity. At International College of Fashion we have always believed in this philosophy and this has helped us become the most coveted fashion designing institute in Delhi. Over the last few years we have helped individuals excel in the field of fashion designing and marketing and create a name in the industry.

Beyond Books & Assignments
If you are wondering what makes us the best fashion designing institute in Delhi it is our faculty members. We don’t see fashion design studies as something that is restricted within classroom lectures and assignments. We have handpicked a team that goes beyond the traditional mind-set of teaching. They bring in diverse industry experience where they have worked in various roles which give them deep insight into how the industry functions. They are constantly encouraging the students to look and think beyond of the obvious.

Be in The Thick of Action
Yes there is a number of fashion designing institutes in different parts of the country offering various courses to the students. But what they fail to provide is industry exposure to their students which is so important when it comes an industry full of glamour and creativity. This is a plus for any fashion designing institute in Delhi but we have been able to take this advantage a little forward. We constantly take part in different fashion events that take place in Delhi and other parts of NCR. This offers immense exposure to our students who are able to learn many new things about how the industry functions and does business.

Along with this we also make sure that every student goes through a quality internship program. Here the students work with the top names in the country and this is where Delhi offers students the edge. It is home to the top labels and designers and thus students get first-hand experience in working in a competitive market. They get numerous opportunities to learn both the design and the marketing aspects of the industry. Here they also see different kinds of crisis situations and challenges crop up and how they are dealt with. All these help in polishing skills and giving them the edge.

What’s Next?
This is surely one of the questions that are making the rounds of your mind. The opportunities for you to explore are many and everyday new roles are being created. Here are some of the common roles that you may find yourself in –

  • Fashion designer
  • Marketing Consultant
  • E-Commerce Marketer
  • Fashion Illustrator
  • Jewellery Designer
  • Fashion Editor
  • Costume Designerand many more…

At International College of Fashion we firmly believe everybody has the creativity and skills to name a name in the fashion industry. What they lack is technical knowledge and exposure in the market and we are here to fill in this gap between you and success.

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