ICF Taking The Lead Among Fashion Designing Colleges in Delhi

Are you planning to pursue a career in fashion designing industry? The next big question – have you done research on the institute that you are planning to join? Thousands of careers in India are shattered when they end up joining an institution that neither enjoys good reputation within the industry nor does it help students develop skills required in this competitive yet rewarding industry. The reality is that lots of colleges have sprouted around the country, that promise students the ‘moon’ and in the end only have disappointment on offer. At International College of Fashion we don’t make any tall claims but only enrich your skills and knowledge that help you in staying ahead of the competition. If you do some background research on the top  fashion designing college in Delhi, you would surely find our name.

Thorough Knowledge

As an institute one of our key goals is to instil thorough knowledge in each of our students. From fundamentals of fashion designing to different theories and concepts about marketing these are the small bricks upon which your career would be built. Our trainers are always willing to walk that extra mile to ensure that all our students have thorough knowledge about the industry and how it is evolving with the demands in the market.

Knowledge beyond Books and Lecture

As an institution we have taken a leap forward from other Colleges of Fashion designing and are offering students the perfect Launchpad for their careers. In fashion studies whether it is to do with designing or marketing, mere classroom lectures and text book knowledge isn’t going to take the students forward. You will need to think above the ordinary, come out with ideas instantly and should always be willing to improvise upon some ideas that are flowing in the market. This isn’t easy and requires you to constantly think and act. That’s what you will do at the best fashion designing college in Delhi.

We will push you through the process where you develop the skills and the confidence to face all the challenges that comes your way in the industry. Whether its internships with the leading brands in the market, preparing marketing models or working on case studies we will keep you engaged in the process completely.

Be A Leader

In the world of fashion, victory always belongs to people who are willing to take the first calls. The way to the top is always a challenge as you have to go past the most creative people in the country. What you need is leadership skills, the ability to take the risk, suggest the craziest of ideas and willing to listen to your gut feeling.  While this may be true for every profession to an extent, in the fashion industry it is the unwritten code. Our faculty members and mentors help you in building leaderships skills. It doesn’t matter whether you are an introvert or shy in nature, we will help you open up and gain the confidence to take lead.

We shape your career and give you the wings to fly. Our past record is the best testimony to our claims.

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