How to choose your personal style

Everything is beautiful. By this, I know I really sound a bit weird, but it makes sense. Coming to fashion, it’s a fast growing sector in the world. Everyone has their own personal style. Wait, are you getting curious to know what your style is? Let me help you!

To build a personal style, you must be comfortable with your own skin and body. Yes, this is a must. You must not feel shy or uncomfortable when you’re in the fashion game. It’s time to experiment with everything you find new.

Secondly, know your skin complexion and body type. You must be fully aware of this, because it’s going to be a key factor.

Now, know your mindset. For example, if you’re a girly girl, you would mostly like ethnic, floral prints or something embroidered. If you’re a ‘not so girly girl‘, probably you’ll like boyfriend jeans, loose tees, and sneakers. If you’re a mix of both, VOILA!!! You can literally wear anything.

According to your skin complexion, pastel colours would be your saviour if you’re fair. Choose an ethnic or a casual piece, and you’re good to go. For medium, dusky and wheatish complexions, bright colors may look better on you. To be honest, every kind of jewellery looks good on you. Remember, not to go over the top as it makes you look weird. For dark complexions, you can mix up such things like, a kurti and skirt, white tee and blue jeans or something Indo Western. Go minimalistic for jewellery.

Coming to the body type! If you’re someone who’s too skinny, opt for fabric which makes you look a bit weighed. If you’re a bit fat or especially some of your body parts look fat, you should go with lighter fabrics and minimal jewellery. If you’re someone in between, choose one piece clothing, a statement jewellery item, and you’re good to go.

Over and above all this, remember to have confidence in yourself because no one can be you and you cannot be anyone. Always be comfortable in whatever you wear. Keep smiling to maintain an aura wherever you step in. Because these two, will always make you stand unique.

Rishitha Jahnavi
BBA-FE (2018-21)

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