Fashion Trends for guys 2018

Dressing up for college can either be a simple procedure for guys out there or can be a nerve-racking process depending on your preferences. On one hand you have those who’s daily choice of clothing depends on what is on the top of the shelf or in some scenarios what is the item which smells the least. On the other hand, you have those who put it a lot of effort into their clothing because they want their clothing to portray their identity. It not needs to be an attire but a statement.

Now why does the person in the first scenario not put in any effort in dressing and why does the person in the second scenario put in so much effort? These are not questions we are trying to answer here. We believe that no matter what everyone should have a chance to express themselves through their attires and should have a good time doing it.

So here are a few tips to make it easier for you dress up on days when you don’t want to think a lot about your dressing and at the same time make the statement you want to be making:-

  • Class it up

The next time you reach for you daily t-shirt wait for a minute and ask yourself whether this is what you want to be your statement. In place of the t-shirt try and reach out to the polo shirt right beside it as could be a classier option with its clean cuts and form fitting shape.

  • Dark denims (clean)

There was once a time when jeans which were extremely distressed in terms of fabric and the rips were the order of the day. Luckily (or not) those days are past us. Today the statement you should be making is clean, calm and composed and it is a bit difficult to do that wearing jeans in which your knees are popping out. So, get yourself a pair of dark denims which will go well with almost everything in your wardrobe.

  • Statement socks

The simplest way to make your ankles look pretty. Before you say anything, yes, they do need to look pretty. Statement socks are catching on fast and it isn’t something we can complain about. So, ditch your basic drab socks and jazz up your ankles.

  • A slick watch

Checking your phone for the time is so not cool anymore. Watches speak a lot about the wearer and it is something you should be paying attention to. Your choice of options too are many. Smart watches, fitness watches, chronographs there is a choice for every person.

  • Shoes

Most often the most ignored article of clothing but it does say a lot about you. Ditch those lazy sneakers with everything and start wearing specific clothing with specific looks. Well designed shoes will go a long way.

So, the next time you don’t want to think a lot before dressing yourself maybe take a few hints from the list above and make the statement you want to make in college.

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