The Options at Hand after Fashion Technology Courses

Fashion design and technology courses are very popular with the students in India. The economic boom of the last two decades coupled with huge urban migration has fuelled the growth of the fashion design industry in the country. This industry has been doubling itself every few months and is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country. Fashion technology courses can open an ocean an opportunities and find you ready employment. Many students also like walking the entrepreneurial path after completing their courses. Let us now give you a preview into some of the options at hand after completing a fashion courses.

  • Designer Clothing – This is one of the most sought after career options for any designer. Here you target a very niche market and come out with unique outfits and accessories based on the demands of the client. On most occasions such as weddings and anniversaries these are pre-ordered and a designer works as per the client’s instructions.

  • Garment and Manufacturing – These industries cater to the clothing needs of the masses in the country. Most garment and manufacturing companies have their design house where you would be responsible for creating news styles and trends that would go into mass production. This industry requires you to know the pulse of the market where you need to know about the styling trends in the market.

  • Entertainment Industry – The entertainment industry is the trend setter as far as fashion designing in India is concerned. What is seen on the big screen or the small screen often becomes the fashion trend in the street. Designers find their way into these industry designing outfits for films, TV shows and daily soaps. It is a highly competitive sector but can be very rewarding for people who are driven by passion.

  • Leather Design – Bags, belts and footwear, any western wear would be so incomplete without them. Leather design offers you an excellent opportunity to come out with designer bags, belts, hats and footwear that adds to a person’s style quotient. India also has a sizable share in the international leather market and hence you have many options to explore in this sector.

  • Jewelry Design and Technology – India’s relationship with jewelry is as old as the civilization. It isn’t just an accessory but holds a lot of symbolic and cultural value. These days leading jewelers employ fashion designers to come out with new designs for jewelry. Here designers strike a perfect balance between traditional styles and contemporary designs and work with diamond, platinum apart from gold.

There are many fashion institutes in Delhi that are catering to the needs of the students. These colleges offer you a wide choice of options in terms of the courses they offer. You need to choose one that would complement your creative skills and let you realize your dreams in the industry. The course should offer you insights into the different sectors of the industry and keep your options open. It should have experience faculty who help you understand the latest trends in the industry.

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