Retail Analysis of Party Denim: Men & Young Men 2019

For men both young and those in their teens, denims are the backbone of their wardrobe. Talk of party wear and few men can think anything other than wearing denims. For the uninformed men’s denims might look all the same. This notion isn’t fully misplaced though as all you see is variations of blue all around. But as someone in the fashion industry you can’t think like the ordinary and need to gain insights into the retail industry. After all the popularity of styles in the retail market is what matters in a competitive business like fashion. So what is selling in the retail market this season? What are the latest trends in party denim for men and young men in 2019? Let’s find out –

  • The 90’s Grey Wash – If you are millennial you’d probably not know this. But nineties was all about grey wash denims. While they never really went out of fashion they lied low for decades. But 2019 has seen a grand comeback of this trend. Retailers across the world are reporting increased demand for this style. And talk of the favorite cut – the classic looser fit seems to be making buzz in the market.
  • Double Denim – You’d probably think this has passed its expiry date but like many other denim styles it is making a strong comeback. People are picking denim shirts and jackets and wearing them all over again. What’s changed though is that men no longer stick only to the blue and black shades but are trying out different colors at will.
  • White Denims – A decade or two back few people could have imagined men wearing white denims. Well it was a style for the fairer sex and surely a no-go territory for the men in the past. But not anymore if signals from the retail business is anything to go by whites are trending in the market and people are increasingly going for them.
  • Distressed Denims – Purist never like these but if you ask the teenagers they would spend anything to buy these distressed wears. This trend has been in the market for quite many years and if sales figure from the retail market is anything to go by these definitely sell like hot cakes or rather the drinks at any bar!

If you are in the business of designing denims or selling them you got to embrace these trends because the retailers and going gaga over the business these trends are generating.

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