Embracing Technology in Fashion Industry

In the enchanting world of glamour, a fashion trend is very short-lived and changes with a blink of an eye. So is the case with technology. Technology is advancing and evolving at a pace which is hard to comprehend. For instance, not long ago, a watch had merely one function and that was to show time. Now a watch can monitor your heart rate, the steps you have taken in the entire day and even the calories that burnt during your daily activities. But you might ask, what does technology has to do with fashion?
Well, technology is changing every industry globally, and the fashion industry is no exception to this transformation.

So how exactly is technology helping revolutionize fashion? Here’s a small compilation of most the tech trends that are changing the fashion industry:

1. The smartphone mania:
A millennial has seen the rise of smartphones. Smartphones have definitely changed the way entrepreneurs approach a business. With top brands and latest fashion available at fingertips, retailers and fashion giants have changed their business strategies to cover e-commerce. This has also helped local businesses to reach out to their potential audience effectively increasing their business many folds.

2. The rise of Artificial Intelligence:
You might be seeing ads on the internet about those jeans you searched recently. Or perhaps recommendations of what you might like on your favorite shopping website? And aren’t we impressed with that? The magician behind all this is an AI engine which has, over the time, learned what kind of products you like. This has helped e-commerce websites to give personalized shopping experience to users, helping them find the right things.

3. Smart Wearables:
We are not just talking about smartwatches that connect to your phones. The possibilities are infinite. Imagine, clothes that can charge your cellphones or materials that can change color according to your mood? The possibilities are endless and are becoming a reality as we speak.

4. Virtual and Augmented reality:
AR and VR technology are transforming customer experience at retail stores and even on e-commerce websites. You can try your favorite clothes without actually trying them, and know how they will look on you. You might be familiar with putting on glasses on your face to see which frame of spectacles suit you, you were experiencing Augmented Reality.

Fashion is changing, and the industry is definitely embracing technology and the new horizons it brings with it.

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