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Why Fashion Designing Is A Good Career?

It is a good time to be a student and yet not limit yourself to studying traditional humanities, science or commerce subjects. Among the numerous career-oriented courses that have become popular in the recent past, fashion designing is one of them. It is a course that not only hones your creative abilities but also paves the way for you to make a mark for yourself in the fashion industry. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why fashion designing in a good career choice for you.

Hones Your Creativity
The main reason why you should think about a career in fashion designing is because you have the creative edge that others may lack. If you understand fashion in a more wholesome manner, a course in fashion designing will allow you to hone that creativity. You can better your skills so that all the rough edges of your abilities are sharpened.

Be Part of a Dynamic Industry
Fashion designing is a dynamic industry with constant challenges. A fashion designing course gives you an insider’s view of things preparing you for your years in the competitive industry. By enrolling in a properly designed course you will be prepared to a large extent about how the fashion industry works.

Have the Choice to Specialize
Fashion designing is a broad course that covers many subjects such as traditional wear, women’s wear, kid’s wear, men’s wear etc. Once you enroll in a fashion designing course you will understand in detail the difference between all of them. You can then specialize in what your heart wants, knowing fully the requirements of the niche and how you can make your mark.

Internship Opportunities
A fashion designing course allows you to complete an internship with some of the best names in the industry. You get the chance not only to rub shoulders with leading fashion designers but also learn a lot from their experience. Moreover working in the industry and experiencing the pressures that come from being a fashion designer gives you an understanding of how demanding the industry can be.

Opportunities to Work Independently
Once you complete a course in fashion designing you need not necessarily seek employment. There are ample opportunities for fashion designers to go solo and make their distinctive mark. You can showcase your designs in fashion shows as an independent designer, launch your label, open a storefront and do more. The options are limitless.

If you are contemplating on doing a fashion designing course and know that you have the creative ability then let nothing stop you from fulfilling your dreams. Enroll in a fashion designing course that lets you learn, lets you design and allows you to create fashion that is meant for the future.

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Top Fashion Designing Colleges in India

A career in fashion designing surely sounds good, doesn’t it? There are few other career options that would let you explore as much with creativity as this one. There are no rules to limit you; there are no barriers that would prevent you from taking an entrepreneurial role. It isn’t surprising that thousands of youngsters join fashion designing courses every year. However you must be careful when it comes to choosing a college as not every institution will offer you the same kind of knowledge and training as far as these courses are concerned. Here we list the top fashion designing colleges in India that can add wings to your career –

  • National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi – It is one of the oldest and surely the first-choice among government fashion designing colleges in the country. There are several UG, PG and short-term courses being offered at this institution and the kind of hands-on training offered makes them popular among the students.
  • International College of Fashion – Based in Delhi it is one of the top colleges for fashion designing in the country. Boasting of a seasoned faculty team ICF offers a wide choice of short and long term courses that are in sync with the development in the industry. Apart from designing their course programs also focus on marketing and entrepreneurship which are as important in this industry.
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai – Like its cousin it Delhi the one in India’s tinsel town has established itself as one of the premier institutions for fashion studies in India. It offers several under-graduate, post-graduate and continuing education programs and offers great exposure to its students.
  • Pearl Academy, Delhi – Since its establishment in 1993 it has slowly risen up in the ranks to be ranked as one of the top fashion designing college in country which is known for offering several courses at Under Graduate level and Post Graduate levels to its students. The institution is known to offer hands-on training to its students.
  • Amity School of Fashion Technology, Noida – Part of the Amity University this institute has gained immense popularity in the recent years offering great placements to its students and exposure to the industry.

To conclude the choice of a fashion designing college would determine the success in your career. If you are able to make it to one of these institutes you will sow the perfect seeds for your career.

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The Best Institute for Fashion Designing

When it comes to choosing an institute for fashion designing there are two things that every aspirant must focus on. The first is of course the obvious – the institute should harness your creativity and offer you exposure that will help you grow your ideas. At International College of Fashion (ICF) we create the most conducive environment for you to express your creativity and fine tune it for the competitive market outside. What separates us from other institutes is ‘second’ thing that we inculcate in every student i.e. in-depth understanding of the business side or economics of this industry.

If you take a close look at our course program and compare with some of the other colleges for fashion designing in India you’d see that we have created the perfect balance between designing and business side of the industry. As you’d already know without in-depth knowledge in either of these you won’t be able to achieve success in this career path. With competition having grown at a tremendous pace over the last decade or so with the entry of several foreign brands and labels into the Indian market your success is often determined by how well you understand the business of fashion.

Develop skills to meet competition
Our core aim has always been to develop the right kind of skills in our students to help them face competition that one is expected to find in the industry. From spotting the trends to developing problem solving skills we focus on overall skill development for our students.

Fostering innovation… 
While every fashion designing college claims of boosting your creativity and innovation the truth is they tie you up with a fixed course curriculum. This is where we offer great room for flexibility in our course program to help you shape the dreams that you bring along and add bigger wings to them.

A step into global world of fashion…
We are an Indian fashion designing college with a global frame of mind. Our aim isn’t merely to help our students find employment in India or start with their entrepreneurial venture but also to make sure they have one foot into the global fashion business. Many of our students have moved abroad and have been able to establish their footprint in this industry.

Come and join us. We shall lay the perfect platform for your success in this competitive industry and write the first chapter in your career’s success.

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The Best College to Start Your Career in Fashion Designing

There is something about the fashion industry that separates it from all others and it is your ability to express your creativity in true sense. There is no other career path that would allow you to lead a creative live day in and day out. But where creativity meets strong business acumen you can expect to see great competition. Naturally you will have to build strong foundations for your career and need to choose the best college in the country. If you are looking for one in Delhi, International College of Fashion (ICF) would be a good choice. It is the first choice among several students and has over the years we have helped our students succeed.

Why Join Us?

  • Because we are part of the evolution – The fashion industry is in a constant churn. It is not only the styles and designs that change but also how a product is sold in the market. As one of the premier institute of fashion designing and entrepreneurship we are part of this evolution. Our courses are prepared by leading names in the fashion industry and it undergoes regular change to keep you updated on the latest trends in the industry.
  • Because we give you the exposure you need – You won’t become a successful designer or an entrepreneur merely completing your course work and reading case studies. This is one career option where you need to gain hands-on training. You need to undertake real assignments to polish your skills and rise above competition. By inviting leading designers to interact with you and offering you the desired internship opportunities we at International College of Fashion provide you the exposure you are looking for.
  • Because we prepare you for the challenges – If you thought fashion industry was all about glitz and glamour, you are wrong. It is one of the toughest career options that you have selected but at the same time it is also very rewarding. This is where we prepare you for all the challenges that you are likely to come across in your career. From helping you find the best placements to letting you see the challenges from up close we do everything it takes to make you succeed in this industry.

Your dream to make a mark in the fashion industry is all set to begin. Come onboard and it will be one of the best decisions you will ever take in your life.

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Short term Courses in Fashion Designing

If you are in the fashion industry you’d be aware of the pace at which this industry undergoes change. It thus becomes important for you to stay updated with the latest changes that are taking place. This is where joining short term courses in fashion designing will help you ride over competition. We at International College of Fashion (ICF) have been at the forefront of fashion designing and entrepreneurship in India and bring to you courses that help you build strengths and competitive edge in this fast changing industry. Here are some of the benefits of enrolling into our short term courses in fashion designing –

  • They are convenientShort term courses are popular as they are very convenient. You don’t have to invest lot of money to join these courses and neither quit your regular job. Few weeks of break from your regular life is all that’s required to learn about the new things in the industry and acquire skills that would help you push your career forward.
  • They refresh your knowledge – You will need to constantly update your skills and knowledge to stay ahead of the curve in the industry. You may have been employed with a big fashion label or running your own business but you need to constantly acquire new knowledge on a constant basis and this is where these courses help you.
  • They offer specialized training – If you are into merchandising you may wish to learn only about this and not spend your time leaning about other concepts in fashion designing. This is where these courses by helping you acquire specialized skills.
  • They offer insight into upcoming trends – Success is the fashion industry belongs to those who are aware of the upcoming trends in the market. How do you spot for these trends? How do you filter out the dozens of signs and signals that you come across in the market.
  • They prepare you for challenges – As with any business that is undergoing constant change there are also new challenges that emerge. What worked for your business or career in the past may not work in the future. To survive in this market you will need to know about these challenges beforehand and deal with them.

By joining our short term courses in fashion designing you will lend a new dimension to your career. You must bear in mind that in this industry things around you are constantly changing and you need to keep these things in mind and choose a short term.

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Part-time Fashion Designing Courses in Delhi

Should you or shouldn’t you? This is one dilemma that most people face when they hear about part-time fashion designing course. After all these courses tend to teach you things in a nutshell compared to a full-time course. At International College of Fashion (ICF) we believe that the very idea of comparing these courses with full-time courses is wrong and both full-time and part-time courses have their own place in helping you shape your career. So who should enroll into part-time fashion designing courses in Delhi? Let’s find out –

  • Boost skills mid-career – You may already be in the fashion industry and have achieved considerable success in your career so far. But as times change and the industry goes through an evolution you may have to add new skills to stay ahead of the curve. This is where part-time fashion designing courses in Delhi can help you. By acquiring new skills you will be able to compete with youngsters who are entering the industry with the latest skills and knowledge and not face a mid-career crisis as many people face with new trends and business models emerging in the market.
  • Add value to your business – There are thousands of proprietary businesses that are being run by people who have no formal training the in fashion business. While you may have run your business successfully so far lack of advanced knowledge in the business especially with the advent of ecommerce and other technological developments might restrict your growth. You can’t go back to the college and enroll into a full-time course and this is where part-time courses would be your perfect resort.
  • No sacrificing on source of income – There are many people whose dreams of becoming a fashion designer may have been cut short due to responsibilities. While you would definitely want to chase your dream but at the same time you can’t afford to take a break from your career and stop the primary source of income. If this is the exact situation you find yourself in, you can sign up for part-time courses that let you add to your skills as per your own convenience.

At International College of Fashion  ( we have been able to shape several careers with our part-time fashion designing courses in Delhi. We regularly update these course programs to keep them in sync with the latest trends and developments in this fast changing industry and keep you ahead of the curve.

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Leading Fashion Designing College to Boost Your Career

Talk of a career in fashion designing and your eyes open wide thinking about all the gloss and glamour in this career path. After all most of us think of fashion designers as superstars who design the most stunning outfits and grace the ramp after showing their new collection. In reality you will have to rise up a pyramid to reach those levels as a designer. In fact it is one of the toughest career options where there is hardly any room for average designers. Either you are good at it or you will end up with a degree and no career.

To build a flourishing career in this competitive industry you will need to sow the right seeds for your career. You need to prepare for the challenges as you work through your diploma or degree and the college you choose would make or break your career. A good college such as International College of Fashion ( would take you closer to your dreams and help you choose the right career path. It will prepare you all that awaits you in this rewarding yet competitive career path.

Learning the tricks of this trade…            
If fashion designing was all about creativity the best painters and artists would have made the best designers. On the other hand if it was only about sourcing raw materials and turning them into wonderful clothes and accessories, anybody on the streets could have become a fashion designer or an entrepreneur. But to be successful in this business you need to mix creativity with good business senses and most importantly know where to look for the upcoming trends in the market. That’s where a leading fashion designing college would make the difference in terms of teaching you the tricks of this trade.

Preparing for the challenges…  
How do you prepare for the challenges that lay ahead? While reading case studies may help a bit they would never come close to training on how to approach problems and solve them. You will have to work in the industry to gain experience and that’s where internship comes to your help. Few weeks of internship will help you experience the industry across its different verticals from up-close and you’d know what to expect when you start your career in the industry.

And before we conclude the kind of exposure you’d get at a leading fashioning designing college is incomparable. They not only help you find a good job but boost your career by laying a strong foundation for you to build on.

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How to Choose a Fashion Designing College?

If you have set your eyes on a career in fashion designing your first aim should be to choose the right college for the course. Like all other courses that require hands-on training the choice of the college can determine your success (or failure). With so many colleges out there it isn’t the easiest of things to decide upon. Here we shall take a look at few things you should bear in mind when it comes to choosing a fashion designing college –

  • Location – You aren’t taking up a course in English literature but one where location of your college would have a very important role to play. If you join a college in Delhi you will have more exposure with the industry than studying in a college in the hinterland. Colleges in Delhi and Mumbai bring in people from the industry to share their experience with the students. This opens your eyes to the challenges and opportunities in the industry.
  • Course Program – This is the most important thing that you need to take note of while choosing a college. The course program should cover all major aspects of the industry from designing to promoting the products. The best fashion designing colleges keep updating their courses to keep it in sync with the changes in the industry. They also offer you a choice between short-term and long-term courses.
  • Internships – Internships are a crucial part of any fashion designing course. In fact you will learn as much during your internship as you will during your course work. Which brands and labels are the current students in the institute interning with? How many of these internships have turned into actual placements? You need to figure out all that before you choose a college.
  • Placements – Last but not the least you need to take note of the placement record that the institute has. Even if you wish to tread the entrepreneurial role in future you shouldn’t ignore this fact. Good placement record is a testimony to the quality of education and training that a fashion designing college offers. Don’t just look at the numbers but take note of the fashion labels and brands that have recruited in the past from the college.

When you keep these things in mind you will be able to choose the right fashion designing college and prepare yourself for the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead of you in this glamorous industry.

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5 Skills Required for a Fashion Designer

If you have always aspired to be a fashion designer or one who is seriously giving this career option a thought, you must keep in mind that it isn’t a career for everyone. If you don’t bring in the right skills to the table you aren’t likely to find your way into the top colleges for fashion designing. No matter how closely you follow this industry or how passionate you are, you need to have these five skills to become a fashion designer –

  1. Creativity – If ‘creativity’ as a word has never been associated with you, you should give the idea of becoming a fashion designer a second thought. Without creativity you won’t go anywhere. From how you dress to how you can make use of pen and paper you need to have creative skills. It is like knowing math for an engineer or human anatomy for a doctor.
  2. Eye for detail – As a fashion designer every day is a learning opportunity. From visiting a museum looking at royal attire of the past to watching the latest Hollywood flick you should be able to study the finer points of a design and be able to recall when you need it.
  3. Visualization – Whether it is understanding clients’ demand or planning a design in your mind you need to have strong visualization skills. You need to see things before you show it to others. Strong visualization skills will help you imagine what will work and what won’t beforehand and help you take the right course of action when it comes to designing a clothing or accessory.
  4. Drawing Skills – You don’t have to draw a Mona Lisa but at the same time you can’t be a complete mug as far as drawing skills are concerned. While computer tools are pretty common you still need to have good drawing skills to put your idea into a piece of paper anytime and anywhere.
  5. Logic & Numbers – People often think of fashion as being an expression of creativity. But if you are poor with numbers or logic you aren’t likely to succeed. It is important to be good in fundamentally playing with numbers and secondly having business acumen at the start of the course will keep you ahead of the curve.

If you have these skills in you, it is time for you to search for the top colleges for fashion designing and get your career in this industry rolling.

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What it takes to be a Super Successful Fashion Designer?

Imagine you’re a renowned Fashion Designer, just like Sabyasachi, JJ Valaya, or Manish Malhotra. Your label outfit is a prized possession for a shopper. Bollywood and even Hollywood celebrities vie for your designer creations. Your runway shows are success-prone. Fame and money are synonymic to your name and brand. Sounds like a dream?

No, it isn’t! Turn it into a beautiful reality by honing the below-mentioned skills and techniques. But first earn a degree or diploma of fashion designing, because it’s a prerequisite for all. Plus, it’ll be easier for you to get a placement or start your label. Now wondering what else makes a super-successful fashion designer? Scroll down to know the science behind it:


A fashion designer has to think out of the box. You have to be in the habit of coming up with something creative and classy all the time (or say most of the time). Creative thinking sets the designers apart. They have to push the envelope every time an idea is conceptualized. The unique cuts, patterns, and styles give way to a unique collection.

The sense of colours, textures, and styles

Designing requires a keen sense of colours, textures, and styles. It’s essential for you to understand which colours blend well. You need to know what kinds of fabric will good on different silhouettes. Whether cotton works well for an ensemble or silk is an ideal choice. They must know what sort of embellishment or embroideries look fascinating on a garment.

Sketching or Drawing Skills

God is in the details. To envision these details, you have to draw or sketch the outfit you’re conceptualizing. It’s this artistic skill that gives birth to your idea on paper. It helps in clarity for a designer and other stakeholders.  Strong drawing skills are essential for a fashion designer. Whether it’s lehengas, gowns, or anything, so whatever a designer is envisioning he has to draw then get it constructed.

Unconditional Love for Fashion

Do you drool when you see the latest collection launching on fashion runways? You have a penchant for neon and sparkles. Or nothing fashionable is bizarre for you. Sounds “So You”? Great! One day, you’ll be revered as one excellent fashion designer in the industry.

Solid Visualization Skills

An ingenious designer must have powerful visualization skills: the better your visualization skills, the better clarity for your production team and clients.

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