Become a Designer and Be a Part of the ‘Make In India’ Campaign

In the past one year, no other slogan has captured the imagination of Indians as has the government’s ‘Make in India’ campaign. After being an agricultural and services industry economy for long, India is taking huge strides into becoming a manufacturing economy.  Luckily the think-tank behind this campaign have realized the importance of ‘Textile and Garments’ as one of the sectors to focus on and have included this among the 25 sectors that would be focused to boost manufacturing, generate employment and most importantly earn foreign revenue that would boost growth and development in the country.

For any youngster a career in fashion designing thus holds a lot for the future. A number of fashion design colleges have come up in different parts of the country that are offering students specialized education in different disciplines of the fashion industry. These courses would take you through every aspect of the new demands that would be created in the industry as the initiative would benefit the Textile, Apparel &Allied Industry. It would create a value chain that would continue to pay dividends for years to come and lead to a boom in the fashion clothing and accessories manufacturing industry. A good college of fashion technology won’t only teach you to learn skills for employment but will also train you in entrepreneurial skills that help in establishing your own brand or fashion label.

Policy for Change
Manufacturing in India has always been about big ticket investment. Although a substantial part of fashion industry was cottage based they have struggled to keep themselves floating. One of the major thrusts in ‘Make in India’ has been the policy change that would help in setting up manufacturing units of all sizes. The government is also easing export norms and this would open up new opportunities in the fashion and accessories industry. Till a few years ago Indian brands would only export jewellery and leather products but now we are seeing a huge push in the readymade clothes and apparels industry. India brands are targeting emerging economies apart from the developed world. This new initiative is expected to open a number of new opportunities for the Indian fashion industry and create thousands of employment opportunities.

Ease In Financing
Financing fashion businesses have always been a challenge. In the past venture capitalists were far and few and people from small towns and cities could only dream of finding an angel investors. Banks would follow traditional philosophy while giving out loans which are based on collaterals and not on the potential of the idea or the business plan. This resulted in few aspiring individuals ever walking the entrepreneurial route. As a part of its initiative the government is also working on easing the process of getting loans from banks and other financial institution. In fact this has been one of the focus areas of this initiative. With easy options for financing more and more people are taking a plunge into the fashion industry and fuelling its growth.

So what are you waiting for, be a part of the grand ‘Make in India; campaign and explore unlimited opportunities in the market.

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