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Careers in Fashion Design

Beyond the stylish lifestyle, all the glamour and fame, the fashion industry proves to be quite fiercely competitive and challenging around the corner. Studying design is challenging but also rewarding. Design degree courses equip you with an ideal combination of both practical and theoretical skills. The majority of design graduates specialize in a specific area – for example 2D or 3D-design, product or web design, fashion or textiles, or photography these courses that give a broad overview of the design process. Design degrees now recognize the diversity of the creative industry and allow students to develop strong creative skills while exploring their own desired sensibilities.

Fashion market is booming and spreading its wings beyond traditional careers. The career prospects are now cutting across communications and marketing in fashion, apart from the core work of designing and manufacturing. The industry has seen a metamorphosis in the past few decades owing to brand awareness, consumerism and increase in disposable incomes. This scenario has resulted in more and more young people opting for different streams in fashion. While there are more avenues in jobs, there is a plethora of courses available both at vocational and scholarly level. There are inventions and innovations in fashion industry which are changing the old school ways and making it an excited and fulfilling career option.

Being a designer is obviously one of the most visible roles you can have in the industry that requires talent and skills. Every designer follows a design process which includes exploration and research. The original idea is sketched on paper to begin with it. The garment construction involves understanding the art of pattern making, stitching and of course proper fittings. Modifications of designs and patterns are done with the help of mocks and toiles. The final garment is then cut out on the original fabric and thus a design is completed.

Fashion designers in a production unit can specialize in producing certain types of clothes in a wide range of styles and fabrics, e.g., jeans, jackets, children’s wear, men’s wear, women’s wear, knitwear, sportswear, etc. where production is at a large scale with low costs.

Production Management is the front line of fashion. Production managers are responsible for getting textiles and clothing made at the manufacturing level. They work with suppliers and retailers to make sure quality production is attained. This field has potential to be challenging and exciting at the same time. There is a challenge to manufacture within the given resources without any wastage keeping in mind the design aspect also. Some fashion schools offer Production Management as a degree option. The job requires some business training and one should have the inclination towards understanding how things are made.

 It’s a huge industry with multitude of jobs available for design students as per their personal interests, inclinations and fortes. Some of the most lucrative and interesting opportunities in the field of fashion today apart from the main stream designer and production jobs are Fashion Marketing, Retail & Fashion Consultant, Fashion styling and Visual Presentation, Fashion Journalism, Fashion Forecasting, Fashion Advertising etc.

Fashion Merchandising/Sales and Marketing is where design and business intersect. Designers ultimately need to get their product to the market. Merchandisers track and monitor fashion trends and consumer trends. A head for numbers and a ton of creativity are non-negotiable. There are many options that fall under the merchandising umbrella. While this is an under-appreciated career path, one can make decent money and get enough knowledge of a multitude of brands, marketing strategies, and how to manage people.

Fashion Forecasting is a global career that focuses on upcoming trends. A fashion forecaster predicts the colors, fabrics, textures, materials, prints, graphics, beauty/grooming, accessories, footwear, street style, and other styles that will be presented on the runway and in the stores for the upcoming seasons.

Fashion Advertising might be the one for those with artsy and creative minds. Fashion Advertising in today’s time is the juggernaut that never stops. There is an opportunity to work at a corporate level as well as at the retail level. Visual Presentation and Styling are although two separate but potentially overlapping professions. In terms of visibility, styling is on the rise as a profession. Besides a degree in Fashion having some understanding of numbers, business, communication, internships and networking are probably more important in styling than in the other professions. Visual presentation requires a creative, dramatic and theatrical thinking. Store windows are only one of many options for visual presentation. Museum exhibits, fashion shows, and showrooms all use this technique. There are specialty degrees at art and fashion schools specifically for visual presentation. It is about storytelling in three dimensions, creating environments that inspire, inform, and persuade.

 Fashion Journalism is combination of passion for writing and fashion. It is the perfect opportunity to report what’s happening in the world of fashion. Magazines are expanding their online presence and hiring bloggers to report up-to-the minute news. There are requirements for fashion bloggers to write for e-commerce sites, PR firms, or trade publications. Creative writing, industry insight, proper research, rhetorical & interviewing skills and capability to network with industry experts etc. are the key requirements for a successful career in the field of Fashion Journalism.

Some of the most exciting opportunities are to work in the retail sector. Fashion retail offers fashion graduates a diverse range of career paths from roles in management to jobs in purchasing, merchandising and supply/logistics. Many retailers offer graduate training programs, and offer managerial positions with a prior three-to-five years’ experience. Retailers also offer positions to graduates from many backgrounds in creative arts and design. Preferred skills that are important in the fashion retail sector are relationship management and a strong customer service ethic. It is also vital to update oneself with current trends, keep a quick check on how retailers market and sell. The basic source to derive all updates knowledge is through reading relevant blogs and magazines.

In this competitive world of fashion being creative and artistic is not enough as one is expected to be original and inventive with ideas. Sensibilities in terms of colors, silhouettes, conceptualization etc. is of utmost importance. Designers are required to equip themselves with the ability to visualize their ideas in three dimensions and to also translate into garments. Design industry demands one to be a good communicator, goal oriented, observant, persuasive, fashion conscious, resilient and also have a clear understanding of the market, customer lifestyle and business acumen.

India, today, is at the forefront of fashion manufacturing and production. The industry is catching up with all fashion brands across the globe. The future will likely see brands originating from India, manufactured in India, and being adopted by the West with added impetus from the Make in India campaign and other fashion innovations. The year 2050 will see at least two dozen fashion brands from India with well-established worldwide distribution and retail. Fashion industry is poised to be more than just about appearances. With technology and innovation, it is reaching new levels and setting higher standards subsequently.

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Why Choose Career In Fashion Designing Field

In this modern society, success is a significant aspect of everybody’s being.  The fashion designing is an art whereby that you make new clothes where folks would wear and also appear although much more beautiful. The new trend setting sector is amid one of important rapid paced industries, offering a wide-ranging job possibility to those individuals that are innovative geniuses as well as possess ability for the fashion.  While your most like game is your youth was making clothes for your lovely toys and also making innovative alters in your very own apparel, and then we imagine folks such as you are those which is destined to become a fashion designer. The career in fashion designing course has been appreciated a better deal for decades.  Have you ever imaging of doing fashion designing courses?  The industry would provide an amount of career choices in the future. The fashion designing is not limited to developing clothes, however, also provides you a break into several some other industries which can include jewellery and some other accessories.

Needs for Fashion designing courses

Everybody is familiar along with the factual where there are multiple fields within the fashion design sector. Hence, it is always superior for you to obtain a degree in any of the highly specialized streams from a high established fashion design college. If you are puzzled to select out leading colleges then just prefer International College of Fashion to obtain fashion designing courses.  Though performing course in the leading one, you will get an opportunity to safe a job in your highly preferred fashion designs studio.  Few of the broader streams that are extremely recognized within the fashion designing sector comprise marketing, accessories, costume designing, etc.  It is beneficial to get a experts degree from an accredited fashion design colleges.

Advantages of fashion designing courses

The graduating from the international college of fashion plays an important role in improving the opportunities of acquiring a job in a foremost fashion designing colleges. If you determine more than two specializations, you can club the marketing as well as merchandise to include credit to the worth of the job profile.  At the time of your course duration, you will teach efficient sketching thoughts, fitting completes garments, cutting & drawing pater as well as implementing your innovative talents to come up along with new designs.  If fact, you will able to get both experience and also knowledge through enrolling along with an experts fashion design college.  To further improve your career, then you can function as a support to the foremost designer. Through closely watching them, then you can easily adopt few talents from those professional specialized team. Once, if you have to get a degree from the leading above College them you will get an opportunity to hire by the foremost fashion designing firms is much greater.  The only major thing you need to do is just, prefer the reputed and well suitable colleges to get bright future.

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Career In Fashion Designing

Utilize the Major Benefits of Career in Fashion Designing

Designing apparel to bring to the marketplace is a more difficult procedure than some recognize and it is not the only obligation of the style dressmaker to peer the technique thru from begins to finish. Fashion designers observe layout and art principals to apparel or accessories in approaches which are imagined to make the apparel be each functional and aesthetically lovely. They commonly start by means of getting to know patron tastes and tendencies in the fashion market after which provide you with an initial idea for the design. They then both sketch that concept or they use a mannequin and place the material on the model to get a preliminary sense of what the design will appear to be and whether or not it’s going to work nicely as a completed product. India which has usually been a centre for the fabric and garment alternate is likewise developing right into a centre of innovation in garment and accessory layout. Style generation has a wide scope for deciding on a profession. The primary areas of work inside the style enterprise are market studies, designing and production of garments and textiles.

Fashion designers process:

Fashion designers typically do not serve alone due to the fact the manner of designing a concept, physically setting the sample on the article of apparel, and then putting collectively a finished product and bringing it collectively is an excessive amount of obligation for one character. That is why style designers generally work in groups with expert pattern-makers, professional sample-makers, and merchandisers to ensure that the design will look properly as garb however that it’s going to additionally promote nicely once it makes it to the marketplace. maximum anticipate that fashion designers have any smooth job and that style layout training is all about getting to know layout techniques and studying patron conduct, however the industry is a great deal greater complicated than that and to be a successful fashion designer, you may need a well-rounded schooling and knowledge of things if you are an independent style clothier who doesn’t work for a mass clothing agency.

Major features:

Style designers are taste-makers for the public and it may be surely exciting to see celebrities or everyday citizens sporting garb or styles that you designed. Turning into a style clothier isn’t always for the faint of heart and could require plenty of patience and perseverance; however, the reward on the stop makes all of it really worth it in maximum cases. Style layout is the most critical location of labor in style industry. The career in fashion designing includes developing unique designs after reading the changing trends of the market that is marketplace research. It is really a difficult subject because it requires the coordination of various jobs, in small worries, it is usually a one man show but in huge firms, the roles are specialized and allocated to exclusive people. Manufacturing involves shopping textiles and fabric required for the design and making the garment according to the master sample. Manufacturing procedure requires the employment of a big range of educated employees.

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Career, Career In Fashion Designing

Choose The Leading College To Build Your Career In Fashion Designing

Fashion designing is one of the most popular and highly preferred career options for students who want to get a bright and stunning career. The most outstanding and superior field not only bring certain benefits but also allows fashion designers to get surprising employment opportunities in their desired fashion designing company or other organizations. This most reliable includes an extensive range of employment opportunities, so you can utilize this excellent career option without any hesitation. If you want to become a professional fashion designer, you need to increase your innovative skills. There are several ways available to boost your creativity, but the specially designed fashion designing course make the process much effective. If you want to get the professional education, you can hire the most reliable and leading educational institution like International College of Fashion Designing. The trustworthy educational institution not only provides you the quality education but also brings you an excellent opportunity to get a nice career in fashion designing. If you want to get the benefits, you can immediately join the effective fashion designing college.

Surprising Career Options
Now, most of the individuals love to use fashion jewelry and accessories. Due to this, the demand for new types of fashion accessories as well as jewelry is increasing more and more. In order to satisfy the buying requirements, the fashion designing field looks for the professional and qualified fashion designer who has the capability to invent new types of fashionable products. If you want to get a fantastic chance to prove your innovative and creative skills, you can get the proper certification.The International College of Fashion Designing not only offers you professional fashion designing courses but also helps you to get a proper certification after completing the course.  The topmost fashion designing college offers lots of degree program and diploma courses, so you can choose the right one as per your own desire.

Get Your Desired Job Easily
The smart course selection lets you boost your creative knowledge in an exceptional manner. If you have some precise skills to produce the new designs, you can get a job in the leading company easily. The precise design will surely increase the profit of your company. Consequently, you can get promotion and high salary. By using this excellent way, you can speed up your career growth easily.In order to get these conveniences, you can immediately join the most effective and outstanding fashion designing college which create a strong bridge to connect the professionals to the fashion designing industry.Along with this, International College of Fashion ( Designing also offers you various types of fashion designing courses and different course timings, so you can choose the right one based on your life schedule. When you hire the leading educational institution, you can easily learn the latest concepts and techniques available in this present fashion designing industry. These are the precise and useful skills that help you to reach your goal and achieve a stunning career in this fashion designing field.

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Learn Fashion Designing Courses To Get Bright Career

Fashion design is mainly applied art devoted to the designing of outfits as well as lifestyle accessories. In fact, this art is manipulated by social & cultural attitude and has progressed over period & place.  The fashion designing has comes to a very long approach from the designer clothes worn by the royalty of the ancient globe to the haute couture brands of the present.  Nowadays, most of the young youth are highly interested in learning fashion designing courses. In fact, they also would like to shine and get a unique place on the fashion designing world.  If you are also eager to study fashion designing course and it is necessary for you to choose the reputed platform to get a bright career in fashion designing sector.  There is several numbers of fashion designing institutions are available. Apart from that, you have to pick the right one which provides you a first class fashion designing education in an excellent manner.

Skills required

  The fashion designing is one of the great appealing, exciting, lucrative and glamorous career choices in a nowadays globe. If you have a penchant for style, imagination, a career in fashion designing is the one tailor which is made for you. On one side, the fashion industry fulfills both materialistic and innovative fancies requirements of the folks. In fact, it also promises glamour, success, fame as well as high pay packages to the highly skilled individuals.  Therefore, this is also one of the demanding careers, as fashion designers require merging their managerial & creativity talents to sustain in this particular sector.  If you can make a magic along with colors, designs, and shapes and then simply get a professional course to start a successful career in the alluring globe of fashion designing.

Is it is the proper career for you?

 A career in fashion designing is the correct for you if you are skilled as well as exude style in an entire thing you perform. You should also possess the capability be original along with imaginative and also live to create folks appears good.  In addition, you should also be artistic adequate to merge shades, textures, shades & express your thoughts throughout sketches.   Of course, you should also imagine patterns, designs, accessories, garments and also enjoy functioning along with fabrics & accessories.  Thus, if you have all these things and much more in you then you can put a step forward into the arena of fashion designing world.

Employment Opportunities

 Here are the different regions of employment opportunities for career in fashion designing such as,

  • Haut couture and teaching design
  • With film productions units
  • TV, film fashion program producers
  • Costume designer and many more

You will commonly function for high street retailers or else independent fashion houses.   And also, once you have created the required skills for fashion designer and then you can also progress to positions like senior designer, design director and head of a department. Hence, apart from these, there is also much more additional career in fashion designing accessible for you to get a very good bright future.

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How And Why Should You Establish A Career In Fashion Designing?

Roll Of Fashion Designer:

From the designing table to showroom, several steps are involved in fetching clothing to the marketplace. Several skilled people have used their talents and creativity to come up with fashionable clothing that we wear every day. The team of designers, cutters, pattern makers, fabric experts, photographers and many others put their effort to make full fledged fashion clothing. However, the big part has been played by fashion designers and so, there is a great reputation for these experts in the fashion industry. These professionals work for big brands and help them to make readymade clothing and custom made clothing as per their requirements. They also work for themselves and even own their own fashion designing companies. If you want to become an expert designer, you should enroll with a fashion designing college. This helps you to pursue a successful career in fashion designing.

Enroll With Specialization Course:

Apart from apparels, the fashion designers also involve in creating accessories such as footwear, hats and purses. With right skill and adequate knowledge, you can easily hunt a job in the fashion designing company that designs dresses for red carpet celebrities. The fashion industry is multi faceted and diverse and so, you can easily establish a good career by getting specialization in any of the streams within this field. As already mentioned, the fashion industry has become extremely popular and is globalized. A fashion designing company has designers working for it in one country, the manufacturing facility in another country and selling outlet across the world. SO, if you establish a career in fashion designing, you can enjoy traveling across the world by getting placed in a fashion designing company.

Apart from regular course, enrolling with certain computer courses helps you to acquire greater job opportunities. As a designer, you will be required to sketch the basic ideas on the paper with pencil and these ideas should be fed into computer to come up with digital design. In order to accomplish this, you may be required to use CAD software that lets you to create computer designs in a wide range of shapes and colors. Then the design will be directed to the manufacturing team members who will process the order. You will be paid a big deal of salary just for using your creativeness and innovative design ideas. So, career in fashion designing is really a lucrative option for individuals who do not want to wait for a prolonged time to settle down in their life.

Career outlook:

Those who have completed graduation from a fashion design college have numerous job opportunities. If you have the right kind of training, you will be appointed by the leading design firms that have been designing clothing for retail chain stores and department stores. Having the right training and sense of creativity is the key to get hired by a leading organization. Though fashion industry is highly competitive, you can establish a career in fashion designing, especially with hard working and proper training.

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Understand The Importance Of Fashion Designing Courses

At present, the popularity of fashion designing is increasing more and more, consequently the demand of fashion designing sources is rising. The huge requirement makes fashion designing filed as a ideal career option for many aspirants. There are lots of students chose the traditional study courses in order to develop their fashion designing skills. It is important to realize that there are lots of misconceptions among the crowed related to the feasibility of the career option. Along with this, the fashion designing industry also brings qualified fashion designers lots of employment opportunities. If you want to obtain the benefits, you can choose the best and topmost fashion designing college like ICF. The most leading and effective educational institution offers lots of specialized courses in fashion designing, so you can choose the right one based on your individual requirements. The best fashion designing courses requires two types of qualification, so you can satisfy it properly. While speaking about natural qualification and acquired skills, these are the major skills that help you to shine well in the fashion designing industry.

Improve Your Fashion Designing Skills

There are many fashion designers in India are truly self made along with innovative ushering via their minds. Apart from that, they also own a stunning aesthetic knowledge of texture, fabrics and colors which let them to obtain a greater level of expertise and experienced on different fashion trends. This innovative can be beneficial because these individuals never require any precise study programs. These kinds of individuals really had the eyes for information as well as applicable knowledge in order to become an experienced fashion designer. With the modifying professionalism and time coming into this field, it has really become imperative in order to have all essential information regarding the fashion designing skills of this field. There are several courses in fashion designing, so you can pick the right one based on your individual requirements. If you do not have enough skills regarding the fashion designing field as well as accessories, you can utilize the right fashion designing course.

Choose The Best Fashion Designing College

The best and effective fashion designing course brings you an excellent chance to learn all the basics of this fashion designing industry in an easier manner. There are many fashion design institutes offers specialized courses in fashion designing in order to satisfy the needs of every student. These multiple choices help you to pick the right college and fashion designing course easily. The most outstanding study programs help you to become a skilled designer.  When you decide to choose the fashion designing course, you can enroll in the part time certification or full time course. It is one of the most common practices among aspirants to enroll in the courses as soon as after twelve. The highly effective and superior study program not only brings you huge exposure, but also brings you a wonderful opportunity to improve your creativity skills.  The specialized and unique fashion designing courses not only comes with technical skills, but also helps you to build your creative thinking effectively.

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Why Study In A Fashion Designing Institute in Delhi?

Most students in India face two crossroads in their careers, one when they have completed their Plus 2 and have to decide on a stream of study and secondly during the eve of Post-Graduation where most students make their final decision related to education. Irrespective of the crossroad where you currently stand, choosing a career in the fashion industry would be one of the best. If you have a creative bent of mind the time is ripe for you to plunge into this stream of education as the fashion industry in India is growing and will continue to grow at least for the next decade. If the choice of a designing institute is giving your nightmares opt for a fashion designing institute in Delhi. Let us take note of a few arguments in its favour.

Hub of Fashion Studies
Delhi is not only the educational hub of India; it is also the hub for fashion designing institutes in the country. There are top institutes for fashion studies in Delhi that are offering a wide selection of courses to the students. Whether you want to do a MBA in Fashion Entrepreneurship or choose a more industry specific program to specialize on your skills, colleges in Delhi would never let you down.

Learn from Buddies
When you enrol in a college in Delhi, rest assured you will be studying with students from different parts of the country. These are not only the top minds in the country but also bring in valuable information on the rich culture from different regions. Whether it is the traditional fabric, knitting techniques or design pattern you would be exposed to a lot of new things that can help you go ahead in your career.

Gain From Exposure      
As a fashion designing aspirant you would realise the importance of exposure when it comes to a creative stream such as fashion. Can a small town or city in India match the exposure that Delhi would offer you? The answer is a big ‘No’ as this city hosts some of the biggest fashion events including the biggest of all the India Fashion Week. Even attending these events will give you immense insights into the challenges and opportunities in the industry. Apart from this you will have the opportunity of interning with the leading designer brand and labels in the country and this will help you polish your raw skills and make them worthy for the industry. If you have the dream of walking the entrepreneurial route in the future, this exposure is very important for you.

As mentioned in the beginning as a wannabe designer the choice of the institute is one of the most crucial decisions you would make in your life. Hence you need to give this decision making enough time to be able to research the right college that would offer you the start you want for your career. An average college would most likely put you into a path filled with struggle while a designing institute in Delhi lets you find the right breaks.

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Become a Designer and Be a Part of the ‘Make In India’ Campaign

In the past one year, no other slogan has captured the imagination of Indians as has the government’s ‘Make in India’ campaign.After being an agricultural and services industry economy for long, India is taking huge strides into becoming a manufacturing economy.  Luckily the think-tank behind this campaign have realized the importance of ‘Textile and Garments’ as one of the sectors to focus on and have included this among the 25 sectors that would be focused to boost manufacturing, generate employment and most importantly earn foreign revenue that would boost growth and development in the country.

For any youngster a career in fashion designing thus holds a lot for the future. A number of fashion design colleges have come up in different parts of the country that are offering students specialized education in different disciplines of the fashion industry. These courses would take you through every aspect of the new demands that would be created in the industry as the initiative would benefit the Textile, Apparel &Allied Industry. It would create a value chain that would continue to pay dividends for years to come and lead to a boom in the fashion clothing and accessories manufacturing industry. A good college of fashion technology won’t only teach you to learn skills for employment but will also train you in entrepreneurial skills that help in establishing your own brand or fashion label.

Policy for Change
Manufacturing in India has always been about big ticket investment. Although a substantial part of fashion industry was cottage based they have struggled to keep themselves floating. One of the major thrusts in ‘Make in India’ has been the policy change that would help in setting up manufacturing units of all sizes. The government is also easing export norms and this would open up new opportunities in the fashion and accessories industry. Till a few years ago Indian brands would only export jewellery and leather products but now we are seeing a huge push in the readymade clothes and apparels industry. India brands are targeting emerging economies apart from the developed world. This new initiative is expected to open a number of new opportunities for the Indian fashion industry and create thousands of employment opportunities.

Ease In Financing
Financing fashion businesses have always been a challenge. In the past venture capitalists were far and few and people from small towns and cities could only dream of finding an angel investors. Banks would follow traditional philosophy while giving out loans which are based on collaterals and not on the potential of the idea or the business plan. This resulted in few aspiring individuals ever walking the entrepreneurial route. As a part of its initiative the government is also working on easing the process of getting loans from banks and other financial institution. In fact this has been one of the focus areas of this initiative. With easy options for financing more and more people are taking a plunge into the fashion industry and fuelling its growth.

So what are you waiting for, be a part of the grand ‘Make in India; campaign and explore unlimited opportunities in the market.

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Fashion Designing: Explore the Job Options

For the fashion aspirants, the field of fashion designing offers various career paths that are different in their functionalities but are essential part of this industry. The career in fashion designing opens the door towards such jobs that are not only exciting but also give a feel of gratifying satisfaction to those who have an inclination towards the artistic aspects of life. Though the jobs can be demanding in terms of the pressure of business turnovers and intense competition that exists in this field but if one carefully chooses their profile, this environment gives them continuous motivation to perform under all the situations. Various courses in fashion designing are also available for learning these skills of fashion industry.

Learn more about these work profiles:

  • Fashion columnist: As we read the newspapers or magazines we get to learn about the latest trends in the world around. But who are these people who make the world aware of this information? There are fashion writers, journalists and columnists who keep themselves updated with the latest happening in and around them. They have a flair for writing and thus give tie inputs to the columns or articles for various publications. Generally the newspapers and the famous magazines have their hired writers but if someone wants to not to get enrolled as a full term employee, then he or she can work as a free-lance writer too. If their writing skills are good and the content is worthwhile then various publications give them opportunity to write columns for their newspapers, magazines, journals, websites etc. This type of career in fashion designing not only gives recognition but also makes them sought after advisors of fashion.
  •  Fashion Designers: There are famous institutes in India that offer courses in fashion designing to help their students learn the skills for becoming successful fashion designers. These designers are not only limited to the back of the table where they design and manufacture the outfits (or other products) but also can become fashion stylists in the long run. After gaining certain years of experience, they can open their own business unit and run independently as fashion counsellor or fashion advisor. People often seek advices from the fashion literates. The career in fashion designing can be very exciting as a designer as they get to deal with the clients, learn about their diverse needs, expectations and get rewarded if they match up the conditions.
  •  Fashion merchandiser: Those who do not intend to work on the manufacturing of the products can always opt for other courses in fashion designing such as that of fashion merchandising. In this career the person should have a complete understanding of all the aspects of fashion as they directly deal with the clients or the export houses etc. They have to explain about their product and negotiate with the client on various terms. Mostly branded designers do hire fashion merchandisers to promote their sales and business in the domestic as well as international markets. The fashion merchandiser is responsible for the inventory and placement of the output.
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