Say Hello to a Grand Career in Fashion Designing at ICF

If you aspire to become a fashion designer, there is some very bad news for you. Each year more than 50000 students enroll for different courses in fashion designing but only a few make the cut. Fashion designing isn’t like engineering where millions of positions are available to be filled up. It is a truly pyramidal structure where only a few make it to the top. Is that scaring you off your dream career option? The good news is that if you are driven by passion and have the hunger to succeed in this industry. All you need is the right academic environment and a perfect platform to launch your career in fashion designing. We at International College of Fashion are here to guide you towards your success story.

The Perfect Environment

We have created conducive environment to harness your talent and creativity. As a leading institute for fashion studies in the country we understand the fact that this stream of education isn’t about books and classroom lectures. We have created a very interactive learning environment where we encourage our students to engage in discussions with faculty members, guest speakers and also their fellow students. These interactions help in sharing practical knowledge about the industry and help you in your career. Our faculty has been drawn in from different segments in the industry and they bring in years of experience to the classrooms and don’t merely act as your teachers but guide you in making the right choices in your career.

Knowing the Pulse of the Industry

Once you step out of the institute you would have to swim through strong currents. You would need to compete against thousands of young designers aiming to prove their worth. This is where we prepare our students well to stand ahead in the race. In such a competitive environment knowing the pulse of the industry becomes crucial. Our course curriculum has been prepared by industry experts and leading academicians in this field of study. The course content is reviewed regularly to ensure it is updated with the demands of the industry. Whether you are opting for PG diploma in fashion designing or any other short-term course you would be trained as per the requirements of the industry and this offers you the competitive edge over others.

We Expose You!

As a student of fashion designing it is important for you to get the real feel of the industry and this is where take the lead in organizing workshops and seminars inviting the leading names in the industry.  Thus you will get the opportunity to brush your shoulders with top designers, marketing wizards and models who offer you deep insights about the industry. We also regularly take part in events organized by leading fashion brand as well as other institutes as this help you see the fashion industry in motion.

At International College of Fashion you bring in your passion and creativity and we shape this to offer you the competitive edge and a great brand name in your CV.

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