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Deepika Butola is an inspiring influencer and a blogger. She always is very fond of creating an attitude of healthy yet stylish life. Deepika has also done a MTV show Dating IN THE DARK’. As an influencer, it’s hard to get the right content for the audience is what she thinks which defines her mindset towards the dedication to make people […]

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The two brands, Semessta and SSS, are known for the girl boss dressing opinion. Both the brands are emerging and have their own signature thoughts and styles with their own identity. The fun fact is, these brands gives you option to select according to trends and affordability, keeping in mind the enthusiasm of the shopaholics. The  brand […]

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What Can You do With a Degree in Fashion Design?

In India education is often seen from the prism of the career opportunities it offers. A degree in fashion design is no different and aspirants for these courses want to know about employment prospects after completion of their course. Fashion is one of the biggest industries in the country and hence offers you numerous career […]

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People belonging to ‘art world’ like doodlers, designers, artists, etc. have their own dimensions yet have so many similarities. These people have the abilities to mold themselves in any situation and they can express it in a tangible form. Creating a journal for everything makes them a ‘tourist’ as they create reminiscences and then note […]

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 We ladies can never get tired of shopping! It’s so ironical that one moment we think about not spending a penny   and   very   next moment we realize that we do not have money even for a cab. We face such stories in our lives   everyday which   is   hilariously ironical in it’s own. When we realize […]