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People belonging to ‘art world’ like doodlers, designers, artists, etc. have their own dimensions yet have so many similarities. These people have the abilities to mold themselves in any situation and they can express it in a tangible form. Creating a journal for everything makes them a ‘tourist’ as they create reminiscences and then note […]

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 We ladies can never get tired of shopping! It’s so ironical that one moment we think about not spending a penny   and   very   next moment we realize that we do not have money even for a cab. We face such stories in our lives   everyday which   is   hilariously ironical in it’s own. When we realize […]

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Part-time Fashion Designing Courses in Delhi

Should you or shouldn’t you? This is one dilemma that most people face when they hear about part-time fashion designing course. After all these courses tend to teach you things in a nutshell compared to a full-time course. At International College of Fashion (ICF) we believe that the very idea of comparing these courses with full-time […]


Retail Analysis of Party Denim: Men & Young Men 2019

For men both young and those in their teens, denims are the backbone of their wardrobe. Talk of party wear and few men can think anything other than wearing denims. For the uninformed men’s denims might look all the same. This notion isn’t fully misplaced though as all you see is variations of blue all […]

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The fashion industry today is a multi billion dollar business which is affecting everyone around the world in some way! Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, following right after oil. Due to speedy production and over consumption, the fashion industry has landed itself on an environmentally damaging path, much different than […]