Learn What Influences Fashion At a Reputed College of Fashion

Fashion has always been one of the most discussed topics in the world. This perhaps explains the fact that it has constantly evolved over hundreds of years. 21st century India with its majority young population is one of the biggest markets for fashion apparels and accessories in the world. In fact the industry is expected to double its volume in the next few years. We are witnessing intense competition between local brands as well as international ones for the pie. As a budding fashion designer there are unlimited opportunities and enrolling in a reputed college of fashion is the way to go.

The Influences

Every design or attire has its own influences while some follow the traditional line others tend to bring in influences from every industry and profession. Jackets with military insignia would be unimaginable about 100 years back but these are huge hits among the youth today so are t-shits with funky slogans. Similarly Bollywood has had a great influence over people’s attire in the country. This industry attracts some of the leading names in the world of fashion design who explore new ideas and creations.

To make a mark in this industry you would need to identify what are the major influences behind the clothes that Indians like to wear. Last but not the least you need to also keep in mind the fact that India has rich history of fabrics, design and colors and these are great influencing factors when it comes to women’s attire. At the fashion design college you would be enlightened on all major factors that influence the fashion design market in India.

Spot The Changing Trends

It is often said the trends in the world of fashion change at the blink of an eye. And this is where timing becomes very important. If you don’t spot the changing trends at the right time you wouldn’t be able to ride your success. Every trend has a shelf life while some tend to last only a season others tend to fare well for a few years. Irrespective of their shelf life you would need to be among the primary spotters of these trends and explore them to the fullest.

Indian fashion industry is highly influenced by the trends in the west and hence you need to keep your eyes open on what is trending in the United States and Europe. As they say in a globalized world there are no barriers and in fact it doesn’t takes months and years for a trend to reach Indian shores as was the case in the past! When you interact with leading designers during fashion shows and workshops during your course you would come across many inner secrets of this industry that would help you in your career.

It is important for you to enroll for a PG diploma in fashion designing at a reputed college in the country. Make sure the faculty at the college brings strong industry experience and the college has quality infrastructure to support your ambitions.

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