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So, it’s time for another season and it’s time to wonder what fashion is up to these days. It’s a deceptive little thing fashion, along with its partner in crime the trend it wreaks havoc through wardrobes everywhere. What colors has it decided to lean towards this time? Has it decided to be sensible this time or has it gone completely wild? Will you need to replace your entire wardrobe or are you set with a few tweaks to your existing collection. Don’t fret for we have put in the time to get you the highlights of the season as you get set to rock and roll.

  1. Sheer

         Good news for all you girls out there. Sheer skirts and sleeves are still in as top designers bring their sheer creations to run way. So, don’t forget to rock that sheer top on a night out with your friends or spice up a date with just amount of sheer. Just remember there is a thing as too much sheer.

  1. White boots

        This is something we have seen cropping up all over the place. A beautiful pair of ankle length white boots is something which is surprisingly versatile now that we see it.  From giving that dress an edgy look to bringing back retro with a pair of well crafted trousers. This is fast becoming a must have for both men and women.

  1. Warm those toes

         Praise those cold nights when you feared frostbite but braved it nevertheless because you had those amazing new heels to show off. Fret not because turns out you can pair those amazing heels with socks to stop your toes from falling off. Not only your heels but they go well with your sandals too.

  1. Colors

         It is tempting to take the demure route with some muted colors and safe colors but if the European Fashion Shows are anything to go by then the colors will be anything but be muted. Don’t be afraid to wear outfits which pop out. At the same time there should be no hesitation in going monochrome. Take one color and go wild with it. Pro note- Try it out with your fancy white boots. Keep an eye out for emerald green and yellow.

  1. It’s a ruff world

Ruffles are all the range this time. Paired with or without pleats these are two killer statements this season. So go all in if you dare.

  1. Statement bags with writing

         The reputation of a statement bag precedes itself but what about a statement bag which is actually capable of putting across who you are with a slick quote or statement  on the side. A very nice fusion of words and fashion this is something we can definitely get behind and can also see catching on in a bigger way.

  1. Checks

         An ever-lasting fashion staple, it shows no signs of quitting anytime soon. So, bring back those checks from the bottom of the wardrobe and rock it never before.

This list is not intended to be exhaustive in its scope. Fashion is limited only by your imagination and what you can think of. So this season let go of all inhibitions and have fun.

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