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How an MBA in Fashion Designing Can Turn It for You

The fashion industry in India is vast and full of opportunities for those who want to make a career in it. Ever since the Indian markets opened to the world fashion industry has been one of its biggest beneficiaries. Indian brands have gone global and established themselves in different markets. On the same note many international brands have made their way into India and increased the vibrancy in the industry. As a youngster with creative instincts the fashion industry offers you the perfect opportunity to have a successful career and establish yourself in the market. You need to opt for a reputed fashion designing college in India and choose a course program that offers you the edge. An MBA in fashion designing can turn it for you.

Why MBA in Fashion?
While there is no dearth of courses in the fashion industry an MBA in Fashion Designing prepares you well for the competitive nature of the industry. These courses focus on the business side of the industry and play a vital role in your success. These intensive courses prepare you for a wide range of job opportunities that include visual merchandiser, fashion consultant, stylist, illustrator, textile and sketch assistant and marketers. As mentioned earlier the fashion industry is vast and it isn’t limited to apparels alone. From footwear to jewelry and other accessories, the multi crore rupee market would offer you a number of career options and you can focus on a segment of your choice during this program.

Be Read for Challenges
Fashion design industry is full of challenges and the road to success takes you through trying moments in your career. These course programs prepare you for all kinds of challenges that you are likely to meet when you land in the industry. Different workshops and interactive sessions are conducted where you would brush your shoulders with leading names in the industry. This gives you a basic sense of the trends in the industry and how to exploit these to your advantage. As a student you would bring in your creativity and other skills to the institute and they would help you enhance these and overcome the shortcomings that you may have. Experienced faculty members spot your strengths as well as weaknesses and acts as your mentors.

There are dozens of colleges in India that offer you an MBA program in fashion designing and this calls for you to be extremely choosy. An institute like Intentional College of Fashion can offer you the edge. They offer a two year M.B.A. in Entrepreneurship that also include a Post-Graduation Diploma in Fashion Entrepreneurship. This is a well-defined course that has been prepared by people who have established themselves in the industry. This course program covers all aspects of the fashion industry right from procurement of raw materials to marketing the finished goods in the domestic as well as the International markets. The institute also offers lucrative internship opportunities as well as placements offering the perfect start to your career in this competitive industry.

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Eligibility for MBA in Fashion Designing

Fashion designing has gained huge momentum over the years and has become the core aggregator of apparel sales that involves all of the tasks necessary for creating an ecosystem of designer clothes and meeting the needs of the potential customers. There is no denying the fact that clothes have surely become the nee of the hour and hold a high status on the socioeconomic paradigm. In India Fashion designing as a full time career is no longer a passé and has become a mainstream sector which employees thousands of students each year.

While the enthusiasm is high among the students looking to enroll in this industry, there is very little information available to them on the pre-requisites of the fashion designing colleges in India. Students are often exposed to the creative merchandising / marketing, innovative fashion management practices, fashion forecasting and trends and business practices, but one has to have proper eligibility criteria beforehand. The course is generally two years duration and its syllabus is divided into four semesters. The minimum criterion for enrolling in any post graduate course is the following:

  • Minimum 50% marks at Higher & Senior Secondary level (10th & 12th)
  • Graduation with minimum 50%marks from a recognized University

Although there are different criteria for colleges in India and international college of fashion some criteria’s fall in accordance to the guidelines discussed earlier. Any and every student aspiring to get a post graduate degree or diploma in fashion designing must have a minimum 50 percent in their high school or any UGC degree. Another vital criterion is that the student need to have a degree from a well recognized university. Often it has been seen that many institutes offering these courses ask for test scores such as MAT and CAT. Although it is not necessary but sometimes it can have some additional affect on the admission of the student. The duration of the program is generally two years and is subdivided in four different semesters.

The management aspect of the course usually covers the technical aspect of fashion designing and students here can enhance their skill and abilities to take upon themselves various managerial responsibilities. This can be beneficial for students as it helps them in the long run of starting their own business. The courses in addition to that help the students expand their horizons by developing their creative skills and knowledge regarding various trends. This includes costing, presentation of designs, and marketing.

Fashion designing has attained new height over the years and there have been various fashion designing colleges that have come up across the country. Earlier students did not have ample knowledge regarding the perception of fashion and how to bring forth different colors and texture to draft a whole new array of creative ideas. But as these opportunities are coming in front the people they are getting more and more educated and global commercialization is also adding to that exposure to enhance their skills that are necessary to run a retail or online store in fashion management on their own.

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