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Do Proper Research Before Choosing Fashion Designing College

The market for fashion products is growing at a brisk pace. In fact the clothes and accessories industry is among the largest in the country and is employing thousands of talented professionals in various roles ranging from designers and marketers to fashion illustrators. Some even end up in the media as columnist and fashion reporters. With the rising demand for fashion products, the industry requires thousands of young professionals every month. There is an increased interest in today’s youth to experiment with their creativity and create a space in this glamorous industry. If you want to be a part of this growing industry, you must enrol in a good fashion designing college in India. The choice is very important as it would have a huge impact on your career prospects.

Mark Your Steps Carefully
Do a Google search and you would come across hundreds of fashion training institutes in the country. Will all these colleges guide to a fruitful career? The answer is simply ‘No’. Like all other streams of education, fashion study has been commoditised. Most fashion designing colleges in India lack basic infrastructure, experienced faculty and exposure in the market to give wings to your dream. Hence you need to be extremely cautious and choosy while enrolling into one. Erring on your judgement can mean a career filled with struggle and mediocre job opportunities once you complete your course program. Here are three things that you must take note of while choosing a fashion designing college in India.

  • Placement Record – Needless to say the institute should have a good placement record. This is a stamp on the reputation of the institute and the comprehensiveness of their course program. In the age of the Internet, it isn’t difficult for you to find details of the jobs offers that students from the institutes have received in the past. Though it doesn’t guarantee you a good job once you complete your course, it definitely improves your odds to land up in a dream job.
  • Course Program – What are the courses that the institute is offering? A good fashion designing institute would offer you a wide selection of choice in terms of short and long term courses. Whether it is MBA in Fashion Entrepreneurship or Industry Program such as specialization in B2B Marketing, Building E Business or Fashion Styling. These programs prepare you for the challenges that lay ahead.

Location– This is one of the important things that you need to look out for. If you study in a college in a city like Delhi you would get immense exposure into the world of fashion designing and marketing. NCR is the hub of all big brands and online marketplaces that you can think of. You would study alongside the most creative minds in the country and this helps you grow as a designer or marketer. You would also be able to earn good internship opportunities that are as vital as classroom lectures and different projects that you work during the program.

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The Perfect Guide to Select a Reputed Fashion Designing College in Delhi

Fashion is a part and parcel of our day to day life. Following an increasing demand for designer apparels, there has been a high jump with respect to the attention being given to this specific career opportunity. Fashion designing as most other career need a degree and proper training to rightly show that you possess the basic knowledge for working in the domain that you have selected. For doing this you need to enrol yourself in a reputed fashion institute in Delhi.

A Guide to Help You Select The Right Institute

Selecting a fashion institute in Delhi can be a challenge provided you do not possess the right guide. Below are some useful tips which you can follow to find a solution to this problem. These are as follows,

  • Check The History– First and foremost step to find out whether you have selected the right institute is to learn about its history. It is good to discover whether the institute has produced great names within the fashion industry. The history will give you a clearer picture of what to expect from it.
  • Learn about the Eligibility Criteria– Another important point is to find out about their eligibility criteria such as whether they need any special qualifications. You should find out the admission requirement. Getting into a top fashion design institute can be a challenge. But if you are aware of exactly what you require and prepare in advance, you are likely to increase your chances.
  • Find out the Course Fee– Most importantly you should find out the course fee. You should find out as to whether you can actually afford it. If you wish to become a part of a top fashion designing school in Delhi, you should know what you require. This is so because you require to be prepared for sticking to the path that you choose.
  • Get The Views of Other People– Often the key to take a solid assessment is in getting the thoughts and views of others. Thus, if you desire in finding a career in the fashion world, you need to know that there are more people that may have experienced. A fashion school may have different things to say regarding the institute. By listening to others opinions you can select the finest school for yourself

The fashion domain is a demanding and highly rewarding path. It is amid the most glamorous, appealing and attractive career options today. If you truly have an affinity for originality, creativity and style, fashion designing is undoubtedly the right career for you. Here, it is definitely not enough just to sketch a design. It needs fundamental grounding on the right concepts and principles for being successful. Do some proper research and register in the best fashion institute in Delhi to gain knowledge in different aspects of this industry and get set to merge your marketing savvy and creative talents into an interesting and exciting career. Enter the world of fashion and create magic with designs, shapes and colours.

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fashion designing scope

Diversity of Fashion in Indian Culture and Future Scope- Fashion designing scope

Western countries are known for their fashion and lifestyle but in the last few decades India makes the remarkable growth in fashion industry. Indian fashion is one of the oldest fashion traditions because India is the country with very widespread diversity. Indian culture has lots of spirituals, festivals etc. so that the fashion of different cultures are also different. That is the reason that the India has the largest and most divestible fashion tradition. Hence the India has very good scope in fashion industry and it is very good career option for the students. Fashion designing courses can be opted either by completing school education or by completing graduation. There are so many institutes affiliated by state universities, private universities or govt. universities which offers professional course in Fashion technology.

The national capital of the India, Delhi is the center of the various arts, fashion and cultures because there are every kind of culture can be seen frequently either western culture or Indian vivid culture. In Delhi people from all around the India as well as from world are living together which results in exchange of culture and fashion. There are so many fashion institutes in Delhi which offers various courses in fashion technology. People from not only India but from all around the world comes to India to take admission in top fashion technology colleges. The main reason for coming to India is the vividness of Indian fashion so that the fashion designer enhance their diversity of thinking. For this Delhi is the first choice for the students because fashion institutes in Delhi are considered as one of the most promising fashion technology colleges across the globe.

Fashion designing scope

When we are talking about the Fashion designing scope and career prospects of this course then the fact you should know is that fashion is the one of the fastest growing industries across the globe from the last few decades. In the past fashion is only available for the high profile societies but now it is only history because in today’s world fashion becomes the one of the basic requirements of all the societies. Fashion designing courses are not only limited to the designing of jewelry and cloths but it is also covers the area of household decoration, interior design, leather manufacturing and design, textile design etc. International College of Fashion, Delhi offers courses in Fashion technology with different duration and certification such as 2 year MBA program in Fashion Entrepreneurship, 1 year PG Diploma Course and 3 years BBA program in Fashion Entrepreneurship. With years of excellence and quality education we are developing the students into a highly skilled professional which have ability to work within an organisation or they can works individually.

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What Can Make You Into A Successful Fashion Designer?

Does the fashion industry excite you? Are you interested in taking up fashion designing as a career? As a student you might be anxious when it comes choosing a career in the fashion industry. It is common as there are many myths associated with this career. Some people might also discourage you against walking this less walked path due to chances of failure. The truth is in the last two decades the fashion industry in India has witnessed a huge boom and there are plenty of career opportunities that await you. It is important that you make the right choices and have passion to make it big in this industry. Let us discuss what it takes for you to become a successful fashion designer.

Creativity: This might sound the most obvious thing when it comes to a career in fashion designing but it is worth discussing. You need to have a creative streak to your personality and look beyond the obvious in the world. To be a successful designer you would need to create something new that excites the consumers. To be a successful designer you would need to look beyond the obvious and come out with designs that match the tastes and needs of the consumers.

Knowledge of Industry : Creativity is one part but you would also need to know the finer things about this industry. If you enroll for a PG diploma in fashion designing you would acquire knowledge on different types of textiles, fabrics, color theory and patterns, fashion illustration, art, drawing, draping and grading of different kinds of clothes. You need to have adequate knowledge about the different kinds of fashion accessories.  All this knowledge is very important when you need to work in the industry. These would perfectly complement your creativity and help you explore new ideas.

Technical Knowhow: Like all other industries computers have also made their way into the fashion design industry and eased the works of the designers. There are a number of tools and application that allow you to design on the computers and to choose and match colors. To be a successful fashion designer in today’s world you would also need to have knowledge in these technologies. A good institute would also offer you hands-on experience on various types of sewing and cutting machines that are used in the industry.

Choice of Institute :  Last but not the least is the choice of institute. To make a perfect start to your career you need to enroll into a good fashion design college in India. It would give you the perfect exposure in the world of fashion and also earn you internship with top design houses and lucrative job offers with a high paying salary. International College of Fashion ( is one of the leading institutes for fashion design courses in the country. Their faculty has been drawn from the industry and bring years of experience to the table. They walk their students through the latest trends in the fashion industry and also train them in entrepreneurial skills.

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The Future Prospects in Fashion Designing Courses

Successful fashions designers have been known to live in a aura of glamour and blitz, which has drawn the young generation towards it. This sector has always been known to be inclined towards the students who have a knack for creativity. Although these designers need a wide array of skills which includes drawing, conceptualizing, defining color and blends of textures, there is a technical aspect to it that needs to be undertaken via professional courses.

Over the years there has been a slew of fashion designing college in india as the country has opened its gates towards globalization. Gone are those days when this sector was perceived as a thing for the elite. Nowadays fashion and accessories is a thing of daily lives. This is due to the penetration of this sector as a viable career. It is often said that fashion designers need to develop the skills needed to succeed at a very young age, but with technical expertise at your helm via study programs you can easily make a mark in this industry.

There are many premier institutes that have come up across the country. Some of the most proficient designing institutes are situated in Delhi. It is vital to understand that these courses give a base platform to the students to expands their horizons and enhance their creative skills in fashion industry. Moreover they also allow for global exposure which is highly important for students. With many fashion conclaves happening in India and premier fashion shows also being held, the future prospects are highly optimistic for students. Those enrolled in various programs can opt for one to three years study course in accordance to their choice.

These institutes have also played a large role in defining the whole platform for students. In the recent past it has been seen that often institutes tie up with big brands or even fashion shows to showcase the talents among their students. This is considered to be best practice as it allows students to have a firsthand view of the nitty-gritty associated with this industry.

There are basically two parts associated with the overall programs which are subdivided into different semesters. Each and every semester corresponds to its own virtue enabling students to attain proficiency. While the creative part of the program is highly vital the management skills that are developed as also necessary. They not only help the students to build skills but also enable them to have open prospect for the future. It has been seen time and again that most of the students undertaking PG diploma in fashion designing go on to start their own brand in this field.

In order to make it successful financially, you need to have ample management skills which can only come after going through management study programs in fashion designing. The courses range from retail management to clothing merchandize. The future prospect for students looking for a career in this sector is highly optimistic and the exposure given by institutes has also helped students make a name for them.

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Eligibility for MBA in Fashion Designing

Fashion designing has gained huge momentum over the years and has become the core aggregator of apparel sales that involves all of the tasks necessary for creating an ecosystem of designer clothes and meeting the needs of the potential customers. There is no denying the fact that clothes have surely become the nee of the hour and hold a high status on the socioeconomic paradigm. In India Fashion designing as a full time career is no longer a passé and has become a mainstream sector which employees thousands of students each year.

While the enthusiasm is high among the students looking to enroll in this industry, there is very little information available to them on the pre-requisites of the fashion designing colleges in India. Students are often exposed to the creative merchandising / marketing, innovative fashion management practices, fashion forecasting and trends and business practices, but one has to have proper eligibility criteria beforehand. The course is generally two years duration and its syllabus is divided into four semesters. The minimum criterion for enrolling in any post graduate course is the following:

  • Minimum 50% marks at Higher & Senior Secondary level (10th & 12th)
  • Graduation with minimum 50%marks from a recognized University

Although there are different criteria for colleges in India and international college of fashion some criteria’s fall in accordance to the guidelines discussed earlier. Any and every student aspiring to get a post graduate degree or diploma in fashion designing must have a minimum 50 percent in their high school or any UGC degree. Another vital criterion is that the student need to have a degree from a well recognized university. Often it has been seen that many institutes offering these courses ask for test scores such as MAT and CAT. Although it is not necessary but sometimes it can have some additional affect on the admission of the student. The duration of the program is generally two years and is subdivided in four different semesters.

The management aspect of the course usually covers the technical aspect of fashion designing and students here can enhance their skill and abilities to take upon themselves various managerial responsibilities. This can be beneficial for students as it helps them in the long run of starting their own business. The courses in addition to that help the students expand their horizons by developing their creative skills and knowledge regarding various trends. This includes costing, presentation of designs, and marketing.

Fashion designing has attained new height over the years and there have been various fashion designing colleges that have come up across the country. Earlier students did not have ample knowledge regarding the perception of fashion and how to bring forth different colors and texture to draft a whole new array of creative ideas. But as these opportunities are coming in front the people they are getting more and more educated and global commercialization is also adding to that exposure to enhance their skills that are necessary to run a retail or online store in fashion management on their own.

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Premier Institutes Have Led The Growth in Fashion Industry

With the economic quotient looming a big question mark in India, it has become vital for students to look for other vocational studies that can pave path for a new career start. Gone are the days when engineering and medical were seen as the most fruitful courses for the young generations. Over the last couple of decades Fashion industry has seen a huge rise in the Indian market. There is no denying the fact that India has seen ancient traditional clothing sector, but the modern fashion has just arrived at its door step as the country has opened its door to the global ecosystem.

There were just a handful of designers within the country few decades ago which has changed over the years. With a spurt growth of fashion design colleges in India, the overall sector has become a viable choice for millions. As the students are getting much needed exposure in these premier institutes it is growing a crop of highly creative and enthusiastic designers who are bringing a new wave of styles to the country. In the late 90s the Indian economy had seen a huge boom with liberalization across various sectors .In the coming years fashion sector saw a much need boost across India.

One cannot deny the fact that any new sector needs vital resources for it to flourish. Earlier most of the student who wished to undertake a career in the fashion industry had to look towards west for better job prospects. But with many premier institutes opening up with in the country that offer pg diploma in fashion designing, these students have got a viable option.

Fashion as an industry has always been looked as a means of extracurricular activity. This is due to the fact that there were not many opportunities available with the students in the past. But the sector has seen immense growth over the years, to the extent that students now see it as a huge stage for them to make a mark of excellence. India has been known to be a country of vibrancy with different culture bringing together a range of traditional attires. Various platforms have also been provided to young designers to portray their creations which have also added to the overall development in the industry.

Students now not only get to intake the theoretical part of the education but many institutes now have tie-ups with leading brands and fashion shows where these students can portray their collection. This is a huge morale booster for the younger generation as it allows them to have a firsthand experience which is highly beneficial.

Fashion sector in India spans across a variety of concepts. It is not only about traditional culture but a mix of modern western concepts and cultural heritage. Weddings industry is also seen to be closely linked with the fashion sector due to the aura of designer clothes. The fact of the matter is that you need to have proper infrastructure in place in order to grow, and over the last couple of years fashion industry has attained some admirable heights in that aspect.

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Top Courses in Fashion Designing at International College of Fashion

The fashion industry is booming these days. Making your career in the market is a great idea. It offers safe and bright career opportunities. Today, various types of courses are offered in the field including long term, short term and distance. Education experts encourage youth to pursue the course in the fashion industry that provides comprehensive knowledge. They guide students for pursuing full time programs in the fashion field in order to find out secure and bright career opportunities. Here are some top courses to do from an international college of fashion.

BBA in Fashion Entrepreneurship

This is a highly respected program that is designed to provide talented and active fashion entrepreneurs. The program provides high level of understanding of the fashion marketplace both national and international level. It generates the quality of decision making and develop the creative skills. The program duration is of 3 years. It covers all types of knowledge of fabrics, style and culture. The course involves an internship with a reputed fashion house, export agency or fashion retail. It helps developing the confidence level of the students so that they can become a self-employed creative practitioner. There are around 8 semesters in the course. The last year study encourages students for working in an independent manner through a series of industrial projects which includes managing a business, making future predication, managing fashion events etc… After completion of the course, it becomes easy to enter to fashion houses, fashion retail chains and global entrepreneurship.

MBA in Fashion Entrepreneurship

This is an advanced version of BBA in Fashion Entrepreneurship. The course focuses on knowledge of business leadership in the fashion industry. It inculcates the quality of problem-solving. It helps to differentiate between managing start-ups and large organizations. Management of product development, how to launch a new product in the glamour market, how to start a fashion campaign, how to organize different types of fashion events etc… are hugely covered in the course. After finishing the BBA in Fashion Entrepreneurship, it would be good to consider further studies in MBA in Fashion Entrepreneurship. The course can be done by those youth who are looking for a bright career in the glamour industry after pursuing graduation in any stream. It is a 2-year full time program that needs regular attendance to understand the subject matter well.

PG Diploma in Fashion Designing

From a leading fashion designing college, one can pursue this professional program that focuses on developing new age fashion designers. It gives good knowledge of fabric, fashion culture of different counties in the past and the present, sewing, pattern making and digital pattern making. The course gives hands-on training more than theoretical. Expert fashion designers are invited to guide students live about new age fashion market and the demand. Of campus and on-campus interviews are organized for this 1-year professional degree. Student finds various types of work opportunities such as fashion consultants, designers, fashion retailers etc… They can setup their own organization because it is a complete creative course to do from a leading fashion designing college in India or any part of the world.

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