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Build Your Career at a Fashion Designing Institute in Delhi

You have to accept the fact that the fashion industry is one of the most competitive career options. Dozens of designers make their way into the market each day but only a few make it to the top. If you want to create your mark in this industry you need to have the positive attitude, creativity and a degree from a reputed institution. You might have come across dozens of advertisements for fashion institutes around the country but you need to make your choice carefully. A reputed fashion designing institute in Delhi would give you the perfect start to your career.

Be Part of Competition: You can study in some obscure institute and never really know about competition before you venture out looking for a job or think about starting your own venture. In Delhi you would be studying in a high competitive environment that prepares you for the toughest of situations that you are likely to face in the market. Also you would have some of the most creative minds studying alongside you and this allows you to gain lot of insights into the market and add to your knowledge about the latest trends in the industry.

Enhance Your Creativity: You may have the right set of creative instincts but this talent of your needs to be channelized in the right directions. You need to gather knowledge on the basis of the fashion industry, the different types of fabrics that are used in the contemporary fashion industry. A good college in Delhi would give you the right kind of exposure where you would know about the fabrics and style of different states in India and also major international fashion trends. When such a strong foundation has been laid you can experiment with your creativity and come out with designs and styles that meet the contemporary tastes of the market.

Ready InternshipYou are aware of the importance of internship in your career. If you get to work with an established designer or label it would add value to your CV in the future. This is where professional fashion institutes in Delhi offer you the edge. The city is the home to some of the top designers in the country and thus you would get the opportunity to work with some of the best. You also get the opportunity to establish strong contacts during this period and this would pay dividends for a lifetime.

A degree or a pg diploma in fashion designing from a reputed institute such as International College of Fashion can do wonders to your career. The institute has carved a niche for itself over the years and has ensured its students are a shade above the rest in the country. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and team of experienced faculty the institute has always offered the right kind of exposure to its students and shaped their career. Established designers and other successful people from the industry are invited to share their experiences with the students and answer to their queries.

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The Advantages of Enrolling In International College of Fashion

The world has become more fashionable over the last few decades. In the 21st century all of us desire to look and maintain ourselves as stunning in appearance as possible. The clothing and accessories industry has seen a huge boom during this period with people willing to experiment with different kinds of clothing materials and designs than ever before. In a fast growing economy such as India the growth in the fashion industry has been colossal to say the least. This has also created a huge space for budding designers to experiment with their creativity and create a name in this competitive industry. If you are planning to pick up fashion designing as a career option you need to enroll yourself in a reputed Fashion Design College in India.

Know The Pulse of The Market: Fashion designing is unlike history or mathematics where subsequent generations of students have learned and perfected the same subject matter. It is as fluid as a subject gets as what’s in fashion now would be history after a couple of years. To make a strong start to your career you need to know the pulse of the market. You need to know what currently excites people of different age groups and what the emerging trends in the market are. This is possible when you are in a reputed college that allows you to take part in workshops and fashion shows. You should also be willing experiment with the latest trends and give them your own touch so that they are distinctive. This becomes the biggest selling point in your CV.

Brush Shoulders With The Best: What are the chances of your walking into the office of a leading designer and seeking an internship? The chances are pretty remote but a good fashion design college would and help you find such dream internships. You would get a chance to work closely with the leading designers in the country. You would experience what goes behind making a quality designer label and also other intricacies of the industry. Such internships would allow you to bake your skills and also gather quality suggestions and feedback from people who have established themselves in the country. Such internships are also an ideal opportunity to find employment in this industry where making a strong start is very important.

There are hundreds of colleges in India that are offering you courses in fashion design. This is where you need to make the right choice and create a strong platform for yourself. A reputed institute will go much beyond classroom lectures and provide you with the much needed exposure in the industry. This is where International College of Fashion ( has become one of the first choices for aspiring fashion designers in India. The college offers you a wide variety of choice including PG diploma in fashion designing. It conducts regular interactive sessions with leading designers in the country and offers you a deep insight into the industry as you start sail for a long and successful career.

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What Can Make You Into A Successful Fashion Designer?

Does the fashion industry excite you? Are you interested in taking up fashion designing as a career? As a student you might be anxious when it comes choosing a career in the fashion industry. It is common as there are many myths associated with this career. Some people might also discourage you against walking this less walked path due to chances of failure. The truth is in the last two decades the fashion industry in India has witnessed a huge boom and there are plenty of career opportunities that await you. It is important that you make the right choices and have passion to make it big in this industry. Let us discuss what it takes for you to become a successful fashion designer.

Creativity: This might sound the most obvious thing when it comes to a career in fashion designing but it is worth discussing. You need to have a creative streak to your personality and look beyond the obvious in the world. To be a successful designer you would need to create something new that excites the consumers. To be a successful designer you would need to look beyond the obvious and come out with designs that match the tastes and needs of the consumers.

Knowledge of Industry : Creativity is one part but you would also need to know the finer things about this industry. If you enroll for a PG diploma in fashion designing you would acquire knowledge on different types of textiles, fabrics, color theory and patterns, fashion illustration, art, drawing, draping and grading of different kinds of clothes. You need to have adequate knowledge about the different kinds of fashion accessories.  All this knowledge is very important when you need to work in the industry. These would perfectly complement your creativity and help you explore new ideas.

Technical Knowhow: Like all other industries computers have also made their way into the fashion design industry and eased the works of the designers. There are a number of tools and application that allow you to design on the computers and to choose and match colors. To be a successful fashion designer in today’s world you would also need to have knowledge in these technologies. A good institute would also offer you hands-on experience on various types of sewing and cutting machines that are used in the industry.

Choice of Institute :  Last but not the least is the choice of institute. To make a perfect start to your career you need to enroll into a good fashion design college in India. It would give you the perfect exposure in the world of fashion and also earn you internship with top design houses and lucrative job offers with a high paying salary. International College of Fashion ( is one of the leading institutes for fashion design courses in the country. Their faculty has been drawn from the industry and bring years of experience to the table. They walk their students through the latest trends in the fashion industry and also train them in entrepreneurial skills.

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Choose the Right Fashion Design College in India

In the 21st century world there are few career options that are as much admired as a career in fashion designing. Ever since the Indian economy opened its doors two decades back this industry has registered a healthy rate of growth. Pursuing a career in fashion designing is looked up with much admiration and inspiration among the youth in India. With a market of more than a billion people it opens up many opportunities for designers in textile, accessories, jewelry, merchandise and even the entertainment industry. A great career starts in a great institute and thus you need to choose the right fashion design college in India.

Course Program

The biggest advantage of joining a reputed college is the fact that it offers you a chance to choose from a range of course programs that suit your likings and set a strong foundation for your career in the industry. From an MBA in Fashion Entrepreneurship to other short term courses students can gain advantages of specialized training in different fields of the fashion industry. In these courses students are taught the various fundamentals of the fashion design and technology that allow them to find fruitful employment in the fast growing industry.

Industry Exposure

A top rate fashion design college would have collaboration with top brands in fashion, entertainment industry and well established designer labels. Thus in a professional college you would get in-depth exposure into the industry during your study. You would be able to interact with the top names in the industry and get glimpse of this would in its full glitz and glamour. This also allows you to develop close relationship with fashion brands and labels thus facilitating the chances of quality internships. This kind of exposure lays strong foundations for a successful career in the industry much more than classroom lectures.

Rich Legacy

When it comes to fabrics, colors and design patterns India is the richest land in the world and a heaven for budding fashion designers. From soft cotton in the Maharashtra to the smooth silk of Assam and rich designs and colors or Punjab there is a lot of tradition that you would be able to borrow from. A reputed college would walk you through the rich heritage of India in terms of its textile, accessories and jewelry. You would pick up the intricate tricks of the trade and be able to blend this rich tradition with the contemporary design and style.

There are dozens of institutes in India that are offering various degree and diploma courses in fashion design. To make it to the top you need to choose the institution carefully. International College of Fashion ( located in New Delhi is one of the most sought after institutions in the country. It is rated as one of the best fashion design institutes in India with its students having proved their metal both nationally and internationally.  With a team of experienced faculty and guest lecturers they offered students the right platform over the years make a mark for themselves in the industry.

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Professional Courses in Fashion Have Become a Necessity

Fashion designing has gone through huge transformation in the recent years with a range of courses coming to the forefront. Students are now taking a professional approach to this industry and getting serious for it as a career. Gone are those days when fashion designing was seen as a passé for the rich and famous. With India opening its door to globalization western fashion has become a household name. Moreover with new ideas spurring up among the young generation aspiring to become a designer, it has created a new dimension of bend of Indian and western culture.

There is no denying the fact that there have been many opportunities along the way for individuals in this sector. By as the competitions is increasing and big brand making their presence felt with in the country, it has become imperative to have an avid approach towards this sector. The PG Diploma in Fashion Designing gives ample opportunity to any students to expand their wings of creativity and make it big in this industry. If offers various study programs to enhance the employments opportunities for students like being involved in retail merchandising, apparel retail brands, luxury brands, accessory labels or just ready to wear fashion industry. Any person aspiring to become a fashion designer must not take it as a part time profession as it involves rigorous hard work and a knack for creativity in developing new trends with a mixture of different color and textures.

These programs have been designed in such a manner that the students get accustomed to all the aspects of this industry, and shape them to take on all the day to day challenges face by many. A fashion designer needs to be equipped with the knowledge and a professional attitude so that it is easy for them to work in accordance of this sector. Just entering this arena without any professional skills can only retain you to a certain extent. This not only helps in creating creative ideas through technical interpretation but also enables a deeper link between the two entities.

It has been seen that the amount of exposure fashion industry is having in India it has led to a wide array of college of fashion coming to the forefront. This has also enabled many graduates from different industries trying their hand in fashion designing. These professional courses make it easy for any individuals to learn basic entities of fashion. Moreover they also offer a diversity of internship programs that help these students in developing skills. The holistic prospective ushered on students via these study programs is highly beneficial to complete an overall development process of a fashion designer. The concept of consumer engagement and delivering fashion trends that can spark a wave among consumers is highly vital. As it has been a common practice of undertaking seminars as well as discussion during the course of these programs where industry experts would share their ideas and interact with students so as to bring them up to date with the industry insights.

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The Future Prospects in Fashion Designing Courses

Successful fashions designers have been known to live in a aura of glamour and blitz, which has drawn the young generation towards it. This sector has always been known to be inclined towards the students who have a knack for creativity. Although these designers need a wide array of skills which includes drawing, conceptualizing, defining color and blends of textures, there is a technical aspect to it that needs to be undertaken via professional courses.

Over the years there has been a slew of fashion designing college in india as the country has opened its gates towards globalization. Gone are those days when this sector was perceived as a thing for the elite. Nowadays fashion and accessories is a thing of daily lives. This is due to the penetration of this sector as a viable career. It is often said that fashion designers need to develop the skills needed to succeed at a very young age, but with technical expertise at your helm via study programs you can easily make a mark in this industry.

There are many premier institutes that have come up across the country. Some of the most proficient designing institutes are situated in Delhi. It is vital to understand that these courses give a base platform to the students to expands their horizons and enhance their creative skills in fashion industry. Moreover they also allow for global exposure which is highly important for students. With many fashion conclaves happening in India and premier fashion shows also being held, the future prospects are highly optimistic for students. Those enrolled in various programs can opt for one to three years study course in accordance to their choice.

These institutes have also played a large role in defining the whole platform for students. In the recent past it has been seen that often institutes tie up with big brands or even fashion shows to showcase the talents among their students. This is considered to be best practice as it allows students to have a firsthand view of the nitty-gritty associated with this industry.

There are basically two parts associated with the overall programs which are subdivided into different semesters. Each and every semester corresponds to its own virtue enabling students to attain proficiency. While the creative part of the program is highly vital the management skills that are developed as also necessary. They not only help the students to build skills but also enable them to have open prospect for the future. It has been seen time and again that most of the students undertaking PG diploma in fashion designing go on to start their own brand in this field.

In order to make it successful financially, you need to have ample management skills which can only come after going through management study programs in fashion designing. The courses range from retail management to clothing merchandize. The future prospect for students looking for a career in this sector is highly optimistic and the exposure given by institutes has also helped students make a name for them.

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Eligibility for MBA in Fashion Designing

Fashion designing has gained huge momentum over the years and has become the core aggregator of apparel sales that involves all of the tasks necessary for creating an ecosystem of designer clothes and meeting the needs of the potential customers. There is no denying the fact that clothes have surely become the nee of the hour and hold a high status on the socioeconomic paradigm. In India Fashion designing as a full time career is no longer a passé and has become a mainstream sector which employees thousands of students each year.

While the enthusiasm is high among the students looking to enroll in this industry, there is very little information available to them on the pre-requisites of the fashion designing colleges in India. Students are often exposed to the creative merchandising / marketing, innovative fashion management practices, fashion forecasting and trends and business practices, but one has to have proper eligibility criteria beforehand. The course is generally two years duration and its syllabus is divided into four semesters. The minimum criterion for enrolling in any post graduate course is the following:

  • Minimum 50% marks at Higher & Senior Secondary level (10th & 12th)
  • Graduation with minimum 50%marks from a recognized University

Although there are different criteria for colleges in India and international college of fashion some criteria’s fall in accordance to the guidelines discussed earlier. Any and every student aspiring to get a post graduate degree or diploma in fashion designing must have a minimum 50 percent in their high school or any UGC degree. Another vital criterion is that the student need to have a degree from a well recognized university. Often it has been seen that many institutes offering these courses ask for test scores such as MAT and CAT. Although it is not necessary but sometimes it can have some additional affect on the admission of the student. The duration of the program is generally two years and is subdivided in four different semesters.

The management aspect of the course usually covers the technical aspect of fashion designing and students here can enhance their skill and abilities to take upon themselves various managerial responsibilities. This can be beneficial for students as it helps them in the long run of starting their own business. The courses in addition to that help the students expand their horizons by developing their creative skills and knowledge regarding various trends. This includes costing, presentation of designs, and marketing.

Fashion designing has attained new height over the years and there have been various fashion designing colleges that have come up across the country. Earlier students did not have ample knowledge regarding the perception of fashion and how to bring forth different colors and texture to draft a whole new array of creative ideas. But as these opportunities are coming in front the people they are getting more and more educated and global commercialization is also adding to that exposure to enhance their skills that are necessary to run a retail or online store in fashion management on their own.

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Premier Institutes Have Led The Growth in Fashion Industry

With the economic quotient looming a big question mark in India, it has become vital for students to look for other vocational studies that can pave path for a new career start. Gone are the days when engineering and medical were seen as the most fruitful courses for the young generations. Over the last couple of decades Fashion industry has seen a huge rise in the Indian market. There is no denying the fact that India has seen ancient traditional clothing sector, but the modern fashion has just arrived at its door step as the country has opened its door to the global ecosystem.

There were just a handful of designers within the country few decades ago which has changed over the years. With a spurt growth of fashion design colleges in India, the overall sector has become a viable choice for millions. As the students are getting much needed exposure in these premier institutes it is growing a crop of highly creative and enthusiastic designers who are bringing a new wave of styles to the country. In the late 90s the Indian economy had seen a huge boom with liberalization across various sectors .In the coming years fashion sector saw a much need boost across India.

One cannot deny the fact that any new sector needs vital resources for it to flourish. Earlier most of the student who wished to undertake a career in the fashion industry had to look towards west for better job prospects. But with many premier institutes opening up with in the country that offer pg diploma in fashion designing, these students have got a viable option.

Fashion as an industry has always been looked as a means of extracurricular activity. This is due to the fact that there were not many opportunities available with the students in the past. But the sector has seen immense growth over the years, to the extent that students now see it as a huge stage for them to make a mark of excellence. India has been known to be a country of vibrancy with different culture bringing together a range of traditional attires. Various platforms have also been provided to young designers to portray their creations which have also added to the overall development in the industry.

Students now not only get to intake the theoretical part of the education but many institutes now have tie-ups with leading brands and fashion shows where these students can portray their collection. This is a huge morale booster for the younger generation as it allows them to have a firsthand experience which is highly beneficial.

Fashion sector in India spans across a variety of concepts. It is not only about traditional culture but a mix of modern western concepts and cultural heritage. Weddings industry is also seen to be closely linked with the fashion sector due to the aura of designer clothes. The fact of the matter is that you need to have proper infrastructure in place in order to grow, and over the last couple of years fashion industry has attained some admirable heights in that aspect.

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Top Courses in Fashion Designing at International College of Fashion

The fashion industry is booming these days. Making your career in the market is a great idea. It offers safe and bright career opportunities. Today, various types of courses are offered in the field including long term, short term and distance. Education experts encourage youth to pursue the course in the fashion industry that provides comprehensive knowledge. They guide students for pursuing full time programs in the fashion field in order to find out secure and bright career opportunities. Here are some top courses to do from an international college of fashion.

BBA in Fashion Entrepreneurship

This is a highly respected program that is designed to provide talented and active fashion entrepreneurs. The program provides high level of understanding of the fashion marketplace both national and international level. It generates the quality of decision making and develop the creative skills. The program duration is of 3 years. It covers all types of knowledge of fabrics, style and culture. The course involves an internship with a reputed fashion house, export agency or fashion retail. It helps developing the confidence level of the students so that they can become a self-employed creative practitioner. There are around 8 semesters in the course. The last year study encourages students for working in an independent manner through a series of industrial projects which includes managing a business, making future predication, managing fashion events etc… After completion of the course, it becomes easy to enter to fashion houses, fashion retail chains and global entrepreneurship.

MBA in Fashion Entrepreneurship

This is an advanced version of BBA in Fashion Entrepreneurship. The course focuses on knowledge of business leadership in the fashion industry. It inculcates the quality of problem-solving. It helps to differentiate between managing start-ups and large organizations. Management of product development, how to launch a new product in the glamour market, how to start a fashion campaign, how to organize different types of fashion events etc… are hugely covered in the course. After finishing the BBA in Fashion Entrepreneurship, it would be good to consider further studies in MBA in Fashion Entrepreneurship. The course can be done by those youth who are looking for a bright career in the glamour industry after pursuing graduation in any stream. It is a 2-year full time program that needs regular attendance to understand the subject matter well.

PG Diploma in Fashion Designing

From a leading fashion designing college, one can pursue this professional program that focuses on developing new age fashion designers. It gives good knowledge of fabric, fashion culture of different counties in the past and the present, sewing, pattern making and digital pattern making. The course gives hands-on training more than theoretical. Expert fashion designers are invited to guide students live about new age fashion market and the demand. Of campus and on-campus interviews are organized for this 1-year professional degree. Student finds various types of work opportunities such as fashion consultants, designers, fashion retailers etc… They can setup their own organization because it is a complete creative course to do from a leading fashion designing college in India or any part of the world.

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