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Fashion design industry attracts thousands of individuals each year. Youngsters in India have developed a huge bent towards this industry that offers them immense chances of growth. The glitz and the glamour associated with the industry acts as the major pulling factor. However the fact remains only a handful among these thousands create a standing in the industry. With increased competition there is little possibility of getting a jump-start. This is where degree from a reputed college of fashion becomes vital for your success. At International College of Fashion we refine your skills that helps you sustain yourself in a competitive business market. As the top college of fashion studies in India we teach you about style and innovation that takes your career in this industry to the next level.

Style and Innovation:  The Indian fashion industry has grown in the last two decades and the young nation is willing to experiment with style and fashion like elsewhere in the world. The large middle class is opting for designer outfits and news trends make their way into the market each day. This creates a huge potential for young designers and marketers who are willing to walk the unknown path and bring in new trends into the market. As the leading college of fashion in the country we encourage our students to experiment with the creativity. Since perfect style and latest trends come with innovative ideas we have created a vibrant atmosphere in our institute where our faculty members are constantly encouraging the students to come out with creative ideas.

Beyond Basic Knowledge: Ever since our inception we have always strive to offer must more than basic knowledge to our students and this has helped us become the top college of fashion studies and entrepreneurship in the country. Our course program is a perfect combination of academic knowledge where you learn the basics and hands-on experience in the industry. We focus on offering our students early exposure into the industry by organizing a number of events and offering them quality internship opportunities. Our aim is to ensure that students leave about the true facets of the industry before they go our hunting for opportunities. We invite the leading names in the industry to come and share their experience with our students. This allows you to brush your shoulders with the best and get the real feel of the industry.

Wear Multiple Hats:  The fashion industry is vast and there are multiple hats that you can wear at the end of your program. Here are some of the roles in which our students have established themselves over the years –

  • Fashion designer
  • Illustrator
  • Fabric Procurement
  • Marketer for Large Brands
  • Fashion Consultant for Businesses
  • Production Manager
  • Designer In Entertainment Industry

Fashion industry is defined by the terms ‘creativity’ and ‘competition’ and our experienced faculty members always look forward to instilling the confidence in our students to help them deal with all situations that they encounter.

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