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Talking about this week, yes it’s special. Infact, very special. The India Amazon Fashion Week is happening so who wants to attend the classes! Barely anyone! So we all headed up to the fashion week and attended almost every possible show we got to grab all of it.


The world out there is another dimension in itself where every character is unique and has its own style of complimenting the society. Every season, this week creates a lot of employment as well. It’s not only about hitting the ramp, but there are a lot of hopes, excitements, enthusiasm, creativity, efficiency, rebel and confidence. I am different and many more moods just appear together in this week.


The social media gets crazy with the postings and uploading. A lot of people, who cannot make up to the event, wait eagerly for the images to get uploaded on social media so that they can see their admirer in beautiful attires at the earliest. Every celebrity, entrepreneur, socialist, models, journalists and what not, you meet every possible person you ever wanted to meet out there.

The hard work of the designers shows the dedication of what people will like.


Ritika Raj


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Here comes October or I should say ‘Inktober’! In 2009 Jake Parker started Inktober, a popular annual celebration of ink drawing during the month of October. In 2014’s Inktober, over 100,000 inked images were tagged on Twitter by participating artists. Inktober continues to be a popular social media phenomenon in 2018, with people appreciating the positive drawing habits and creativity that the concept of Inktober brings out.



1) Make a drawing in ink (you can do a pencil under-drawing if you want).

2) Post it online

3) Hashtag it with #inktober and #inktober2018

4) Repeat

Note: you can do it daily, or go the half-marathon route and post every other day, or just do the 5K and post once a week. Whatever you decide, just be consistent with it. Inktober is about growing and improving and forming positive habits, so the more you’re consistent the better.



Vijaya Aswani is an illustrator who belongs to Bangalore. She is a great observer yet creates a pun in her every illustrated art. This Inktober, Vijaya participated in an exhibition in Bangalore where she came up with her creations like bookmarks, stamps, cards, and many more. Vijaya has an ability to just observe the people and illustrate its funny side instead of portraying them. She has her Instagram account named @spreefirit and owns a website with 6,850 followers following her.


She says that, ‘Spreefirit is the heart child of Vijaya. She expresses feelings and emotions through her weapons of mass creation viz. pencils and E-eccentric sense of humour.

Her aesthetic celebrates our idiosyncrasies and imperfections, making quirky drawings of feelings the real portrayal of humans, free from all existential dread.’


According to Vijaya, an illustration is a way to express oneself with a pun in it that makes it attractive and expressive. People like Vijaya Aswani have taken art to another level. Inktober is a time of year where all the ‘arty’ people participates and celebrates it with the INK.

Ritika Raj


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Our ICF orientation story began with the instant connection we had with our mentors and were immediately made comfortable. Everyone bonded over the fact that although ICF was a small campus, we were all just as lost and confused. It was fairly easy to make new friends during orientation because despite where we all came from, we were experiencing things we’ve never encountered before, together. Despite not getting a chance to get to know every single person at orientation at a personal level, we merely felt at ease when we later walked through campus and recognized those same friendly faces which we found kind and approachable.

Our first tryst with our future in the world of fashion started with a tête-à-tête with the Industry leaders, addressing our wondering thoughts on our careers in the fashion industry.

Excited about the experience, we stepped into the campus the next day greeted by the seniors, who were there to make our first day at the campus a flawless experience.

The entire week was well planned by our mentors to walk us through some Industry know-how, scenarios and networking with the professionals and our subject guides.

Day 1

Meena Balija

Ms. Meena Balija: Founder of Hand in Hand, visited as guest speaker for our first day of orientation week. We all were extremely delighted by her knowledge and thoughts. She very well explained how to start a business by pre-planning with the right resources. We all were very glad to have her gesture.

Day 2

We were blessed to have this day included in our orientation week. As it was Teacher’s Day we came to know about our college faculties better.

Altogether, it was a fun day with lots of dance, drama and determination.

Day 3

Praveen Tiwari

This day was more about interaction with our guest speaker and college faculties. Firstly, we had Mr. Shivraj, owner of Label AASK. He began the session by introducing himself and gave a brief on his label. Further up, we had an interactive session in which students asked questions which they had in their minds related to fashion and entrepreneurship.

Day 4

Vikas Malik

As we moved along time to our orientation week, it was more into creating enthusiasm. Firstly, we had Mr. Vikas Malik, the owner of label ‘House of Tara’, as our guest speaker today. He portrayed his journey in a very mesmerising manner that we all were charged with positive vibes. It will definitely help us to go through to all ups and downs in our entrepreneurial journey.

Next up, we had Mr. Praveen Tiwari, a weaving technologist, to introduce us to the textiles and how to identify them. Weaving was in the bloodline of their generations. He explained about Indian Handlooms and Power-looms with samples, he also introduced us to the varieties of textiles.

We enjoyed our orientation week. It was very learning and inspiring from all the guest speakers and faculties. Hope their words will be throughout with us in our own entrepreneurship journey as well.
Ananya Singh

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In the week of fashion’s orientation, the students are really excited to learn more and more! And like every year, ICF here gave it’s students a warm welcome. On the Monday of our orientation’s week, all the students went to Delhi Haat to learn, explore and find out what their stream of interest is. Students were really enthusiastic and curious to know about the product from the scratch till its final version. The outing was totally filled with explorations, observation and not to miss the shopping and food.


As they are the last generation of the 90s, they were supposed to give a presentation of their role models in fashion and were supposed to dress up like 90s. The fun part in the air of ICF was the appearance of students in 90s. They were literally in their role.


Manu Sachdeva

On Day 1, our newcomers met two renowned designers Manu Sachdeva and Bharti Mishra. Manu Sachdeva shared the journey of his designing career till now. The journey enlightened a lot about the struggle, hard work and the tasks the students will have to perform in their everyday life to grow in the fashion world. The session was really helpful for our students and even encouraged them a lot. Bharti Mishra, who is specialized in textiles, told them about the fabrics by relating the culture of India with the techniques and colors of our country.


Kriti Mehta

The second day was really enthusiastic and fun. Students met their own reality that how creative can they become and what can they do with their skills. Ms. Kriti Mehta, faculty of ICF, helped out the students to open up and to feel free with their ideas by a game named ‘GO ON’. The game was about to make something and hide it partially so that the second person continues it by creating something else. At the end of the day, they met a designer Mona Kapoor again with an interesting story.


Day 3 was fun to go out. Our newcomers went to the Doll Museum to explore the art in their surroundings with faculty with a heart of ‘let’s look something for fun’, Mrs. Sunita Chauhan. Apart from this, the guest speaker for the day was Ms. Oshana Kewal, Photographer and Multidisciplinary Designer. She graduated from NIFT Delhi in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in fashion communication. Ms. Kewal addressed the class with her experiences and gave a lot of tips regarding fashion.



Day 4 it was! This day was somewhere more special, as it was started by our Prof. Gulbash Duggal, again with a fun activity. The day went forward with a guest speaker  Mr. Mayank Sehgal, an ex-Pearlite, who has his own designer label. He explained a lot of interesting elements of the struggle of a designer’s life. The day ended well with a small talk by Mr. Vinod Kaul. He is a really experienced man in the industry and has worked with a lot of known brands like Louise Phillipe, FDCI, Benetton and more.

Day 5


The last day of the orientation week came up with a sunshine as the students got addressed by designers Ms. Sneha and Ms. Ankita. These designers ended up the orientation week with a bag full of knowledge for our newcomers.

We wish our newcomers all the very best for their journey with ICF and hope that they make the most out of the opportunities that they’re going to get in here and make ICF proud.

Ritika Raj
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Is design science? Can creativity be taught?

Fashion Design defines the very essence of creativity that adorns the wearer’s personality and represents it for the world to see. It is an area of interest for one and all… it the little prince and princesses; young professionals or the who’s who of the social circle and let’s not forget the new age fashionably dressed grandparents. Creating fashion requires a great deal of in-depth knowledge of the craft and the skill to reach the market.

subject close to one and all, big or small,  practice of intentional creation to enhance the world we live in, based on ideas and craft skills that reflects on the consumer’s buying behavior. Design development invites skill and creativity along with logical thinking, the social and physical comprehension, trade and business.

Thinking design encompasses an assortment of approaches that identify and solve problems through methodical understanding of the consumer’s social, economic, geographical and emotional status and positioning, paying attention to the core issue before stepping up to a plausible solution. Thinking design is the fore most step for the success of any creative work.

Designers often craft realistic yet innovative merchandise and services. That is why designer products are so special. Learning these traits is what makes the study of design so fascinating and the topic of interest in comparison to others. Learning of design is predominantly taught by intuitions, instincts and the design inclination, something we refer to as the designer’s signature style. As a design faculty I strongly feel the need of all the traits mentioned above to be honed by practice, training, and mentoring. All this is fantastic, but the question here should be… a designer must think or carries out the process through design and end product in support with of its marketability?

So let’s take another connecting issue into consideration here…..Is design science? Can creativity be taught?

Many in the design fraternity would have a no as an answer to these questions.  I think otherwise….the first step to design is the conceptualization; Concepts are based on research; Research is based on the values of the target market. The conclusions based on such research work by the designers, identify the consumer challenges based on the socio-economic and geographical status of the target consumers.

Although design is subject to change, depending on the four seasons, cultural back-grounds, occasions etc….let’s not forget that India constitutes of such vast cultural differences and the fact that these are celebrated across the country by all religions and communities; There is, however, the sense of longevity to the subject creating larger scope and challenges for the design professionals creating and selling designs for the potential market. Today design is deeply embedded in human psychology, science and technology – hand held by process and services rendered by the designer, married seamlessly with craft skills and understanding necessarily looked upon as an aftermath of design education.

Catering to the market scenario of the 21st century, the design education in India is stuck to the yester-years, barring the use of computer aided design and the social network to sell, which again is not utilized to its full potential.

Design aspirants of the 21st century must take a different route to the design thinking process that will take them through the nooks & corners of the consumer psychology supported by the theoretical exploration of the area as well as the practicality of creating a collection for retail (both physical as well as e-commerce). Traditional design activities have to be complemented with an understanding of technology, business, and consumer psychology.

Designers often take pride in their creative thinking and are non-appreciative to criticism at the initial stage of design conceptualization, even if it is cited in the right spirit. What they need to understand is to take these inputs as an important aspect of the research component of design thinking.

As design educators, It is time to think creatively towards the curriculum blueprint and deliver the subject to produce designers who can think creative both in terms of design and the fierce business of design in play. We too, like designers, believe the mantra of no criticism during ideation, and are unable to apply it to ourselves when it comes to changes in the curriculum and its delivery.

As mentioned earlier in my thoughts above; we have taken to the new technology to aid our learning and reaching to the target consumers. So we are now thinking design in the mid-20th century and delivering to the 21st century market….that too with half the knowledge the ever evolving technology. Things around us have changed, for good I know, but design now is more than appearance; it is about strategies, interaction and the ease of buying within the budgets. The brands today are more affordable than ever and have better penetration in the target market; simply because some of us have understood the concept of using technology to our designs to optimize the very definition of the business of design.

In India, we are known for our craft skills, taught through generations, from father to son – mother to daughter. Even today many alleys through the streets of the ever busy cities of India, will give you a glimpse of the artisans working in the small dingy rooms, creating some beautiful work of art….works that are often used by some of the design professionals of the country under their brand name…..the work that they sell at premium prices; a lot of these craftsmen work only for their personal necessity. We still have some villages in the north-east where the weavers weave only for their family.

Learning since then has moved out of these by lanes to the design schools across India, still with the pseudo thought process of following what is done, without experimenting and venturing into the unexplored world beyond the borders. Not that we have not reached out to the rest of the world per say, but do we teach the “HOW-TOs” in the classrooms?  Maybe we do, but in a different class of subject specialization, with examples that do give knowledge but loses our grip in the design industry; the industry we chose to pursue our careers in.

It is not easy for a design aspirant to stay close to their traditional crafts while developing their design skills for the global markets and their behaviors while understanding new technologies emerging from the rapid changes in design communication, materials, retail, quality etc.

We all agree to this but we also need to make room for changes in the design curriculum that we deliver to these aspiring designers. Many of the design training takes place in specialized schools of art and design, where there is no understanding of the need to broaden the education that makes you ready for the real world. In fact there are very few design institutes that offer specializations; In a general scenario, every student is weighed down with the core elements taught in a typical fashion design course with some electives approved by the academic boards.

Does every designer have to have the same depth of skill in drawing and product development or prototyping?

Designers are geniuses at their design skills, but where do they learn the skills to make the concept-to-consumer theory smooth to understand and functional where marketability is concerned? Do they know how to validate the designs?

There are some design schools that have developed cohesive programs, combining design programs with business. Many have fostered individual courses where students from mixed disciplines do industry based projects. These courses are very attractive and exciting, often generating valuable, practical results. These look like just the answer to the aspiring designers prayers, but these changes (though required and a welcome effort), are detached, there is a separate curriculum within a few scattered programs.

These are generally aimed more towards practice, not backed with the relevant theoretical inputs. Fashion Designers put together their collections for the people and yet are not trained to understand the mechanism of human behavior and their buying practices. The very aspect of concept to consumer has taken amiss from the design curriculum.

The dots connecting the development of design curriculum today is significantly dependent on the practitioner’s acumen. While many institutes are sensitive on the subject, the prospects of real advancement in design learning are limited till we are ready to create a curriculum that spells “PRACTICAL THEORY OF DESIGN”.

This might be obvious to some of you reading, but yet acceptance to the change is rare.


Associate Dean, ICF

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Develop Your Fashion Skills via Fashion Designing Colleges

In general, fashion designing guides awareness on building basis in phrases of conceptualization, studies, design sense and individual inventive expression. They are career centered and bring the enterprise into the study room each day, providing actual-international possibilities for enjoying and employment. It is really encouraged but now not required to have a bachelor’s diploma in fashion layout or fashion vending in case you want to end up an expert fashion-clothier. The extraordinarily proficient or extremely committed can start off at the lowest of the ladder as a style fashion designer and work their way up without a formal degree, but most producers, layout corporations, and garb groups search for college students with a bachelor’s diploma in a style-related difficulty. The cause the diploma is crucial due to the fact those programs educate college students about artwork records, textiles and fabrics, layout techniques and strategies that encompass laptop-aided layout, and business and advertising techniques that assist aspiring designers understand the economic aspect of design as nicely.

Various courses:

Proper degree software also permits aspiring designers to earn treasured experience earlier than they input the personnel and it manifestly helps them construct a nicely-rounded portfolio of their layout serve that normally facilitates exhibit the designer’s capability to capability employers. Faculties supplying particular fashion layout packages have improved dramatically as demand has expanded and in keeping with the country-wide association of schools of artwork and design, there are more than three hundred establishments that provide authorized diploma programs in artwork and layout and lots of these institutions have unique courses in fashion designing. The institute gives properly-tailor-made fashion design courses for students and specialists alike, who aspire to carve a gap inside the style commercial enterprise. The fashion designing college offers students a curriculum this is industry aligned and presents participants with the technical information and understanding to resolve components inside the style design and communication. The approach in the style designing publications that the institute gives is innovative, artistic, intuitive as well as technical in design.

Analyzing college details:

The fashion layout programmers educate students to use colorations, fabrics, and ornamentation to craft extraordinary style objects. Students can analyze recent style traits and learn about basic enterprise and merchandising concepts. The hands-on practice lets in students to use skills in deciphering and growing tasks within the unique regions of fashion and add extra price to their creativity. Fashion designing can be counted among the most demanding and exciting profession options that one could have. In India, the style has endured in view that a long time and is prospering for the reason that lengthy. However, within the contemporary instances, there are plenty of recent avenues and more modern potentialities that have unfolded for the children. A profession in fashion designing cannot be totally carried out with academics; instead, it needs inner talent and a deep ardor for fabric, hues, styling and designing. There is various fashion designing college in india at diverse degrees, along with the degree, certificate path, UG, and PG. One also can do specialization in one of the many fields which can be furnished in fashion designing.

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Choose Best Fashion Technology Colleges To Enhance Your Career

Fashion designing is one of the popular choices among the youngsters; of course it is an exciting career choice that helps to start career in bright manner. Widely most of them take this course to earn more money by creating clothing and accessories. The fashion technology courses highly help to understand about the ongoing fashion trends as well as aspirants study about the sketch designs and they select fabrics, styles, create prototypes etc. Choosing a career in fashion design is offer different benefits that also offer great opportunity to get higher salary range. Moreover, this course also allows you to create cutting-edge designs. Taking fashion designing course is also offer great opportunities to travel as well as exposure to fashion trends and ideas. There are different fashion technology colleges available that also offer different opportunities to the people. Those who need to develop their career in fashion designing they need to have high school diploma, it is the minimum requirement.

Fashion designing can be the demanding career option and now plenty of new avenues available for the youngsters. It is the ideal field that always offer improved job opportunities, it is perfect for those who have eye for style, fashion, creativity, trend etc. of  course a career in fashion designing cannot be achieved with academics, this also needs deep passion for colors, fabric etc.  Now you have great opportunities to take various fashion courses at various levels, the fashion designing course also deals with the garment manufacturing technology, textile design, development, apparel marketing, fashion design, presentation, accessory designing etc.

Career Opportunities:

Fashion designing offers great opportunity, if you take the fashion designing course from the well reputed institute you will find great job opportunities in different industry including

  • Garment factory
  • Cloth industry
  • Raw material
  • Designing
  • Textile industry
  • Weaving
  • Cloth printing

Salaries also varies based on the fashion house you join, even this also provided opportunities to earn the highest salary. On the other hand you can start your own fashion boutique that helps to generate more profits.

 Importance Of Choosing Best Fashion Designing Colleges:

  Choosing the best and effective fashion designing college is really important it help to learn new techniques in the pleasant environment that also allows you to know about the changing trends. There are fashion technology colleges available in Delhi but you need to choose best institute to take courses. It is really important for starting bright future in this fashion designing industry. Are you interested to enhance your career you can study at the best college of fashion, it is important. In Delhi you have great chances to choose outstanding educational institute, the choice of institute not only gives a peaceful and exceptional learning atmosphere it is essential for enhancing your innovative skills. In order to understand new designs in this fashion designing field you must prefer to take the course from International College of Fashion (ICF) it is really important to obtain profitable employment opportunities along with good salary packages. This institute offer smart way to complete your fashion designing courses without complications.

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Fashion Designing Courses: Why To Choose And Different Courses

Nowadays, the fashion designing has evolved into prosperous, global and multibillion dollar industry. It is growth is fuelling demand for the professionals who will think innovatively and originally about fashion and make sustainable and trendy design. The International College Fashion Designing is one of the most popular fashion institutes in India. The institute is started with aim to help students who wish the career in the field of fashion designing and since then this is gaining massive applause and recognition.

How to go about fashion designing and its courses is the worth question that each students require asking before taking the plunge into the globe of fashion designing. There is no doubt that field has enormous opportunities offered you can make and skill designing that could appeal the world. The fashion designing consist of vast number of the opportunities for those who are really ready to do plenty of work and hard working. The entire journey of the courses in fashion designing and equipped fashion designing institute that will impart the best quality education and essential know how about how to skill the killer design.

Why Fashion Designing Courses:

The fashion designing courses concentrates on building groundwork in terms of the conceptualization, design sense, individual artistic expression and digital sense. The International College Fashion ( is career focuses and brings industry into classroom ever day, providing the real world opportunities for the experience and employment.

  • The fashion design program, with focused approach and to close links with relevant industry players, will allow you to:
  • Receive specialized education in the fashion technology
  • Interact with the dedicated Fashion and Design academic faculty and professional faculty
  • Study about new trends & successful business models moving between fashion and design related industries and across segments, from luxury to quick fashion retailers
  • Visit best fashion and design companies such as factories, flagship stores and showrooms
  • Join international network made of the students and the alumni worldwide

Courses In Fashion Designing:

On the other hand, there are lots of courses available in fashion designing industry. The fashion designing courses are comfortable to study for both men and women. Compared to men, most of the women love to choose the fashion designing courses. The International College Fashion Designing institute offered courses in fashion designing such as

Learn the Business of Fashion:

  • M.B.A. in Fashion Entrepreneurship – 2 Yrs
  • P.G. Diploma in Fashion Entrepreneurship – 1 Yr
  • B.B.A. in Fashion Entrepreneurship – 3 Yrs

Future Opportunities Of Fashion Designing:

Of course, the fashion designing course is highly popular for all over the world. there are plenty of job opportunities available after completed fashioning designing degree. You can get the job opportunities for the following sectors

  • Costume design
  • Marketing
  • Accessory design
  • Merchandising
  • Styling
  • Forecasting fashion trends
  • Curatorial work
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The Best Institute To Start Your Career In Fashion Designing

All people are very lucky to enter program section of ICF. If you decided to continue your college, you can choose ICF where you will find lot of opportunities. They not only provide solid education in fashion business through offering courses in fashion designing, but also provide important hands on industry facts for students. Their students find chance to learn about business of fashion through combinational method of study as practical and academics experience. That is the main reason behind, ICF students can be expected to stand as top most in fashion designing.  They are ready to let you know about assisting way to you during exploring to college. As soon as possible, they will discover the principle of “college for fashion business”.

Complete Assistance For Students Regarding Joining Fashion Designing?

What is the procedure to enter fashion designing field is a common question among students before they are entering world of fashion designing. There is no query in the field that this has numerous opportunities. Beyond course’s plus points, a student can create and craft design. The world of fashion designing is not a simple thing and instead, it is a vast place for fashion designers and ready to avail lot of work and hard working. The complete travelling start with courses in fashion designing and as fashion designing institute is being present which could offer quality education and importance behind ways to craft killer design.

What are the Possible career Opportunities In Fashion Design Courses?

There are infinite career opportunities in fashion designing nowadays. You may admire at them and even surprise at the reason behind their familiarity. The common fact at that reason is, the current world is trying to work on new and creative ideas in everything like clothing and wearing. Those people who are highly demanding fashion designing course nowadays. These people can just discover their new world. They are not only finding chance at a company, but also can start their own business. The presence of more number of fashion designers in these days can earn millions and millions of dollars by investing their innovative ideas after completion of courses in fashion designing. The only thing needed is innovative mind and a real guidance to apply discover that creative ideas.

What Is The Highlight In Choosing ICF?

As there are various colleges for fashion designing course as for other courses, you may ask the fact behind choosing ICF. This institute was created with the main ambition as helping students to precede their career in the field of fashion designing by offering courses in fashion designing. As it was created with the consistent policy as to help students, it was specially recognized. The institute is known for its world class infrastructure and hi tech lab. This institute is teaching fashion designing for students with well experienced faculties. If you want to start your career through fashion designing, you can make use of ICF institute which is started with the same idea as your goal. With the complete course designed by experts, it is being much famous for quality education in the field of fashion designing courses.

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Benefits Of Studying Fashion Designing Course At Leading College

Fashion designing is one of the topmost and highly preferred fields that gain more popularity among young students because of its unbelievable growth. The most favorite and specialized industry helps young population to know about the latest fashion accessories and apparels in the present world. Along with this, it also brings students excellent career as well as employment opportunities.  For this reason, most of the students want to pursue the most outstanding and superior fashion designing course. There are many designing programs available, so you can choose the best one carefully. If you do not have enough idea regarding fashion designing courses, you can hire the best college of fashion, known as ICF. The most reliable and effective educational institution offers several study programs which make your learning task much simpler.  The best fashion designing course helps you to know all the fundamental concepts of fashion designing and its importance. These are the most essential skills that help you to build your career in this fashion designing field easily.

Popularity Of Fashion Designing

The valid certification not only brings you some useful benefits, but also allows you to get job opportunities in leading organizations. If you want to enjoy the convenience, you can choose the best college of fashion. There are lots of educational institutions offer fashions designing courses, but few of them do not satisfy your requirements. In order to avoid the inappropriate one, you can do internet surfing. It is a smart way to find out the most reputed and leading educational institute, which is popularly known as International College of Fashion( If you want to gather lots of interesting information regarding the best fashion design college, you can instantly visit the unique and reliable official portal, where you can gather useful details and understand the importance of choosing best fashion designing college. Along with this, you can check the fees, course duration and other information. These are the important aspects that let you to choose the best study program easily.

Build your career in fashion designing

The best and effective fashion designing course not only improves your creative skills and knowledge, but also allows you to know about the changing trends. These are the most useful and significant skills that help you to obtain a bright future in this fashion designing industry. If you like to obtain the benefits, you can study at the best college of fashion .  The most outstanding educational institute not only bring you peaceful and exceptional learning atmosphere, but also bring you an excellent chance to increase your innovative skills. The superior knowledge allows you to innovative lots of new designs in this fashion designing field. These additional skills help you to reach your individual goal within short time duration. Apart from that, you can also enjoy lots of profitable employment opportunities with good salary packages. These kinds of unbelievable benefits encourage several students to build their career in this ever growing fashioning designing industry. Therefore, choosing the best educational institution is a smart way to complete your fashion designing courses successfully and properly.

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